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    3 Ways to Wow Your Boss——

    How to Succeed at Work

    Qualities of Great Employees

    Mar 1, 2010 Katherine Melvin

    She said the words bosses long to hear - he shows up, digs in, and follows through. Those words make a manager's heart go pitter pat.

    With that recommendation, the internal job applicant was one step closer to being hired. In one short sentence, the manager made clear that this is an employee who is reliable, willing to work hard, and able to stick with a project through to completion. By committing to doing these three simple things, any employee can wow their boss.

    Show Up - Successful Employees Do Their Best at Work

    Successful employees make it a habit to show up physically and mentally. They come to work

    ready to work. Life and personal issues can be distracting; but while they are on the job, good employees stay focused. It doesn‟t matter if an employee sits in a cube near her manager, in

    another building, or across the country.

    Successful employees make sure to work, and work hard, when they say they are not just when the boss is looking. Employees should be available and easy to contact. Whether it‟s by walking across the hall, cell phone, e-mail, or instant message, bosses want to know employees can be reached when needed. A focused, consistent, and strong work ethic demonstrates to a manager that an employee is a serious worker and someone who can be trusted.

    Dig In - Great Employees Become the Go-To Person

    Excellent employees roll up their sleeves and dive in. They get to work. They aren't afraid of difficult assignments or of accepting challenges. If grunt work needs doing, successful employees get to it. They don't hesitate to kick off their heels to tackle a pile of filing if everyone else is too busy. They develop the reputation of being a can-do, go-to person. When given a project, a great employee makes sure it gets completed and submitted on time. They save the boss the step of coming back to check progress or, worse yet, be forced to send a reminder. A habit of excellence lets a boss know when assigned a project, even a difficult one, the hard working employee will “get „er done.”

Follow-Through - Good Employees Deliver Completed Quality Work

    In this “it‟s not my job” world, having an employee who takes ownership of a problem beginning to end will wow a boss like nothing else. A successful employee uses follow-through to push forward and through an issue all the way to resolution. They deliver. If a particular situation is complicated and onerous, they take the time to talk to co-workers who may have already worked a similar issue or know someone who has and who can help.

    Great employees use the resources around and within the company to increase the potential for a successful resolution. They use challenges to strengthen horizontal relationships and to builds bridges between groups. They take advantage of opportunities to network. They understand that while it may be difficult, working on a problem until it's resolved is a win-win situation that can lead to a key learning experience and enhanced visibility within the organization. Bosses, like staff, are busy. For every e-mail an employee receives, she receives three. Good employees help to take the pressure off. They tackle work head-on. Great employees apply the wow factors - they show up, dig in, and follow-through. Bosses relax, and an employee's stock rises, when the boss knows an employee is a person she can count on.

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