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iPad vs HP Slate


    Referred to as the iPad Killer, The HP Slate is considered by many to be the most serious competitor to

    Apple's iPad.

The device is one of several expected tablet devices running versions of the Windows operating system

    to be introduced this year, but analysts believe the HP device to be the one in the best position to take on

    the iPad. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed of the HP device at the Consumer Electronics Show

    (CES) and both HP and Microsoft have gone all out in promoting the device as their answer to Apple's entry into the category.

    The design of the Slate is slightly smaller than the iPad (the Slate has an 8.9 inch display, while the iPad's display is 9.7 inches). The Slate, on the other hand offers connectivity options that the iPad doesn't attempt. The Slate offers connectivity through both USB ports and SD card slots, while the iPad is restricted to its 32-pin connector and any available adapters that may be made compatible with the device. The HP Slate also features the ability to pair with an HD TV. One area where the iPad decidedly outpaces the Slate is battery life. The Slate claims that it lasts 5+ hours, while, according to early tests the iPad 10 battery lasts more than 12 hours. released battery/

    Another significant feature of the Slate is that it offers not just one, but two cameras -- one forward facing and one rearward facing. The HP device operates on a version of Windows 7 optimized for tablet devices

    and includes a custom touch user interface overlay created by HP. The Slate has more of the characteristics of a netbook crammed into the footprint of a tablet. Some consumers may find that the features offered by the Slate address the shortcomings of the iPad in a satisfactory manner, however, others may find that the more netbook-in-a-tablet approach fails to deliver the usability that Apple's device promises. The release date of the HP Slate has yet to be announced, so a more thorough comparison of 13 the two devices will have to wait. released battery/

     ;Side by Side Comparison

    The HP Slate will cost $549 in its most basic form. It is powered by a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor with UMA graphics and includes an accelerator for 1080p video playback. The unit comes with 32GB of flash storage, while the $599 version will offer 64GB. 1GB of non-upgradable RAM is built into the unit. The battery of the unit is claimed by HP to last 5 hours. An SDHC slot, two cameras, a USB port, a SIM card

slot (for optional 3G connectivity) and a dock connector are featured on the


    In contrast, the basic iPad costs $499. It is powered by a 1GHz Apple A4 Processor. It has a 1024x760 display and comes with wither 16, 32 or 64 GB of Flash memory. The battery is rated at a maximum of 10 hours. Inputs and outputs of the iPad include a headphone jack, microphone and Dock connector. 16

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