Final ARRA Carryover FY10 Option B - ARRA CArryover Option B

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Final ARRA Carryover FY10 Option B - ARRA CArryover Option B

ARRA Carryover Report: Option B

    Under the

    American Recovery and

    Reinvestment Act of 2009

    (Title I ARRA)

     Local Education Agency:

     Title I Coordinator:

     Print Name Signature

     Date Submitted:


    Due November 22, 2010

    Option B can only be completed if the LEA has:

    ; Calculated the equitable share for services to private school eligible students for

    two years.

; Through consultation with private school officials, the decision was made to

    maintain the amount for two years to provide services to private schools eligible

    students. (Consultation must have occurred before school started)

    ; All unexpended Title I ARRA funds reserved for services to private school

    participants would remain categorically and not be put back into the “pot” for


    ; Any carryover funds that were reserved for non-equitable services (i.e.

    administration) that the LEA expects to add to the allocation worksheet for schools

    or district wide reservation must complete Table V before moving the funds to an

    equitable category.

    ; Documentation must be available during monitoring to support this option. Complete

    this report to inform MSDE about the amount of FY10 ARRA carryover and its

    proposed use.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that changes fiscal and/or programmatic within Activities/Categories

    may trigger a need to request a budget amendment. If this is the case, please

    submit budget amendment request and all supporting documents to the Director of

    Program Improvement and Family Support Branch. Budget amendments must be

    approved before funds can be expended.

Table I FY10 TITLE I, Part A ARRA CARRYOVER ( as of September 30, 2010)

An LEA may, under Section 421(b) of the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA)(20 U.S.C. ? 1225(b)),

    carryover any unobligated Title I, Part A ARRA funds to the subsequent fiscal year.

1. Total amount of Title I, ARRA FY10 allocation: $ ________

2. The final amount of Title I, ARRA funds the school system will carryover: $_________

3. Exercise 15% Waiver Option: Yes No



Table II Carryover Required to Remain in the Category Option B

    Carryover in any of these categories must remain in the category if the original requirement has not been met.

    Activity/Category Amount carried over in this category

     1. Parent Involvement (If the 1% requirement has been

    expended, any funds beyond the 1% requirement need not be reallocated or reported in this category.)

     Parent Involvement was reserved under ARRA Yes No

     If yes, were all the funds expended Yes No

     If No, the amount must be reported and remain in this category.

    Table IV line 2 must show at minimum the amount reported.

    2. School Improvement Initiatives - Choice and SES N/A Waiver is in Place

3. Professional Development for LEA in Improvement (If the N/A Waiver is in Place

    10% requirement has been expended, any funds beyond the 10% requirement need not be reallocated or reported in this category.)

    4. Equitable Share for Private School Participants Carryover

    under this category for year two. Other Title I ARRA carryover

    will not be subject to recalculation of equitable share.

    However, if the LEA has carryover from a non-equitable

    reservation in FY10 and plans to move the funds (or part of the funds) to schools, those funds are subject to equitable share and

    Table V needs to be completed for that amount of funds only.)

Table III Use of ARRA Funds Option B

Please indicate the method the LEA has selected to distribute Title I ARRA carryover funds.

Check One

     1. PER PUPIL ALLOCATION: Distribute all FY10 Title I ARRA carryover funds to participating

    areas and schools in accordance with allocation procedures (rank order by percent of poverty

    and PPA equal or in descending order).

    (Complete and submit the Title I ARRA carryover allocation worksheet Option B and Tables I, II,

    and III)

    Option B school information and student numbers (public) in the allocation worksheet needs to

    match the Attachment 7 FY11 allocation worksheet.


    If the LEA has added additional Title I schools using Title I ARRA funds they need to also be in

    rank order and pick up where Title I Part A ended.



     2. SCHOOL SYSTEM RESERVATIONS: Designate FY10 Title I ARRA carryover funds for

    particular activities/categories that could best benefit from additional funding.

    (Complete and submit Tables: I, II, III,IV, and (V if applicable)

     3. COMBINATION: School systems may also select to allocate FY10 Title I ARRA carryover

    funds via a combination of per pupil allocation and school system expenses in Table IV.

    (Complete and submit the Title I ARRA carryover allocation worksheet Option B and

    Tables: I, II, III, IV,(V if applicable), and VI

    Option B allocation worksheet school information and student numbers (public) need to match

    the Attachment 7 FY11 allocation worksheet.

    Table IV FY10 ARRA Carryover Reservation Option B

    Total dollar amount DETAILED BUDGET

    of the carryover DESCRIPTION (including

    going into this how, where, and for what

    activity/category for purpose funds were reserved)

    the 2010-2011

    school year

    District-wide Title I Instructional Program(s) 1. $

    Reservation 34CFR Sec. 200.64,

    and District-wide Professional Development

    (Not to include required PD for low

    performing schools)

    34 CFR Sec.200.60,

    Sec. 9101(34) of ESEA

    Parent Involvement 2. $

Administration 3. $

School Improvement Initiatives 4. $

    - Choice and SES

Support to Low Performing Title I Schools 5. $

    Sec. 1116 (b)(4) A-B of ESEA Local

    discretion. This reference describes required technical assistance.

Services to Neglected Children 6. $

Services for Homeless Children 7. $

    8. $ Incentives for Title I Teachers (Local


    9. $ Total Carryover Reservations



    Option B Table V Calculation of Equitable Share Only if any portion of FY10 Title I ARRA carryover is from a non-equitable reservation (i.e. administration) that will be redirected for

    allocation to schools or district-wide reservations.

    A B C D E


    X = Amount of carryover Proportion of Proportional carryover funds from Reservation for monies available for administration that the private school equitable services to LEA will redirect to participants from private school allocation for schools Table 7-9 FY11 participants

     Master Plan


    Table V I Carryover for Allocation to Schools Option B

    Complete to determine the available funds to distribute to schools in the Option B Allocation Worksheet.

    Total ARRA Carryover: Table I, line 2 1. $

    Equitable Share Carryover: Table II line 4 2. minus $

    Carryover Reservation: Table IV line 9 3. minus $

    If applicable :Table V column E 4. minus $

5. TOTAL Carryover Funds available to allocate equals $

    to schools (PPA) Report on the ARRA

    Carryover Allocation Worksheet for Option B *

    *If the LEA applies different PPA amounts to schools, the amount must always be applied

    in descending order.

Report Submission:

The Title I ARRA Report (Option A, B, or C) must be submitted in hard copy with original

    signature on the cover page. Also submit electronically to Maria E. Lamb via her Management Associate Sharon Williamson.

    Maria E. Lamb, Director

    Program Improvement and Family Support Branch

    Maryland State Department of Education

    200 West Baltimore Street

    Baltimore, Maryland 21201

    Telephone: 410-767-0286

    Sharon Williamson



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