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AA Assured Access

    AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle AADC Area Air Defense Commander

    AAMDC Army Air and Missile Defense Command AAR Air-to-Air Refueling

    ABC Agent Based Computing

    ABC Air Battle Cell

    ABFC Assault Breach Force Commander ABN Airborne

    ABT Air Breathing Threat

    ACE Airborne Command Element

    ACES Active Capable Expendable Surveillance ACRS Area Covered Rate Sustained ACO Airspace Control Order

    AD Air Defense

    AD Airspace Deconfliction

    ADA Air Defense Artillery

    ADC Air Defense Commander

    ADOCS Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (USA, USAF, SOF)

    ADF Automatic Direction Finding ADF Autonomic Distributed Firewall ADS Advanced Deployable System

    ADS AUV Data Server

    ADVISR-T Advanced Video ISR Tool

    AEF Air Expeditionary Force

    AFATDS Army Field Attack Tactical Data AFC2TIG Air Force Command and Control Training and Innovation Center

    AFIWC Air Force Information Warfare Center AI Area of Interest

    AISR Airborne ISR

    ALAM Advanced Land Attack Missile ALMDS Airborne Laser Mine Detection System ALSE Aviation Life Support Equipment AMAT ASW Mission Analysis Tool

    AMCM Airborne Mine Countermeasures AMNS Airborne Mine Neutralization System AMTO Air/Maritime Tasking Order

    AMWC Amphibious Warfare Commander ANLAS Advanced Naval Land Attack System AO Area of Operations

    AOA Amphibious Operating Area

    AOA Analysis of Alternatives

    AOBSR Airborne Observer

    AOC Air Operations Center

    AODA Attack Operations Decision Aid APL Applied Physics Laboratory

    ARC Advanced RISC Computing

    AREC Air Resources Element Coordinator

ARG Amphibious Ready Group

    ARGUS Advance Remote Ground Unattended Sensors ASAS All Source Analysis System

    ASCM Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

    ASD Area Search Detachment

    ASN (RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Engineering, and Acquisition)

    ASP Ammunition Supply Point

    ASPO Army Space Program Office

    ASUPPO Assistant Supply Officer

    ASUW Anti-Surface Warfare

    ASW Antisubmarine Warfare

    ASWC Antisubmarine Warfare Commander ATI.ATR Artillery Target Intelligence - Artillery Target Report

    ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System ATARS Advanced Tactical Advanced Conventional Munitions System

    ATLoS Acoustic Transmission Loss Server ATF Amphibious Task Force

    ATO Air Tasking Order

    ATO/A Air Tasking Order / Air Combat ATR Atlantic Test Range

    ATRC Aegis Training and Readiness Center AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AW Air Defense Commander of Battle Force A2IPB Automated Assistance with Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace

    BAS Basic Allowance for Subsistence BCC Battle Control Center

    BDA Battle Damage Assessment

    BDASPT Battle Damage Assessment Support BDE Brigade

    BEZ Beach Exit Zone

    BE# Basic Encyclopedia Number

    BFTT Battle Force Tactical Trainer BG Battle Group

    BM-CD Bottom Mapping-Change Detection BPAUV Battlespace Preparation and Autonomous Undersea Vehicle

    BRITE Broadcast-Request Imagery Technology Experiment

    BTV Blast Test Vehicle

    BZ Beach Zone

    CA Combat Assessment

    CAAT Course of Action Analysis Tool CAC Computer Aided Classification CACU Computer Aided Classification Unit CAD Computer Aided Detection

    CADRG Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphic CADRT Computer-Aided Dead Reckoning Tracer CAL Critical Asset List

    CAOC Combined Aerospace Operations Center CAP Combat Air Patrol

    CAS Close Air Support

    CASCAN Casualty Cancellation

    CASCOR Casualty Corrected

CASREPT Casualty Report

    CAST Cooperative Agents for Specific Tasks CATF Commander Amphibious Task Force CCG3 Commander, Carrier Group Three CCIR Commander’s Critical Information Requirement

    CCTV - Closed-Circuit Television

    CENTCOM U.S. Central Command

    CETUS Composite Endoskeleton Test-bed Untethered Underwater Vehicle System

    CDCM Coastal Defense Cruise Missiles CDE Collateral Damage Estimate

    CDL-N Common Data Link Navy

    CDS Combat Direction System

    CDP Cumulative Detection Probability CFACC Combined Force Air Component Commander CHAT Conversational Hypertext Access Technology CHENG Chief of Engineering

    CID Combat Identification

    CIE Collaborative Information Environment CINC Commander in Chief

    CJTF Commander Joint Task Force

    CLA Contact Localization Accuracy CLF Commander Landing Force

    CM Collection Management

    CM Counter Measures

    CMA Collection Management Authority CMTC Critical Mobile Target Cell

    CMWC Commander Mine Warfare Command CAN Center for Naval Analyses

    CNA Computer Network Attack

    CND Computer Network Defense

    CO Commanding Officer

    COA Course of Action

    COABS Control of Agent Based Systems COAMPS Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System

    COBRA Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis [System]

    CODEL Congressional Delegation

    COE Common Operating Environment

    COI Contact of Interest

    COMCMRON Commander Mine Countermeasures Squadron ComE Compare to Expectation

    COMEX Commencement of the Exercise COMMS Communications

    ComS Compare to Standard

    COMOPTEVFOR Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force