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AA Assured Access

    AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle AADC Area Air Defense Commander

    AAMDC Army Air and Missile Defense Command AAR Air-to-Air Refueling

    ABC Agent Based Computing

    ABC Air Battle Cell

    ABFC Assault Breach Force Commander ABN Airborne

    ABT Air Breathing Threat

    ACE Airborne Command Element

    ACES Active Capable Expendable Surveillance ACRS Area Covered Rate Sustained ACO Airspace Control Order

    AD Air Defense

    AD Airspace Deconfliction

    ADA Air Defense Artillery

    ADC Air Defense Commander

    ADOCS Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (USA, USAF, SOF)

    ADF Automatic Direction Finding ADF Autonomic Distributed Firewall ADS Advanced Deployable System

    ADS AUV Data Server

    ADVISR-T Advanced Video ISR Tool

    AEF Air Expeditionary Force

    AFATDS Army Field Attack Tactical Data AFC2TIG Air Force Command and Control Training and Innovation Center

    AFIWC Air Force Information Warfare Center AI Area of Interest

    AISR Airborne ISR

    ALAM Advanced Land Attack Missile ALMDS Airborne Laser Mine Detection System ALSE Aviation Life Support Equipment AMAT ASW Mission Analysis Tool

    AMCM Airborne Mine Countermeasures AMNS Airborne Mine Neutralization System AMTO Air/Maritime Tasking Order

    AMWC Amphibious Warfare Commander ANLAS Advanced Naval Land Attack System AO Area of Operations

    AOA Amphibious Operating Area

    AOA Analysis of Alternatives

    AOBSR Airborne Observer

    AOC Air Operations Center

    AODA Attack Operations Decision Aid APL Applied Physics Laboratory

    ARC Advanced RISC Computing

    AREC Air Resources Element Coordinator

ARG Amphibious Ready Group

    ARGUS Advance Remote Ground Unattended Sensors ASAS All Source Analysis System

    ASCM Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

    ASD Area Search Detachment

    ASN (RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Engineering, and Acquisition)

    ASP Ammunition Supply Point

    ASPO Army Space Program Office

    ASUPPO Assistant Supply Officer

    ASUW Anti-Surface Warfare

    ASW Antisubmarine Warfare

    ASWC Antisubmarine Warfare Commander ATI.ATR Artillery Target Intelligence - Artillery Target Report

    ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System ATARS Advanced Tactical Advanced Conventional Munitions System

    ATLoS Acoustic Transmission Loss Server ATF Amphibious Task Force

    ATO Air Tasking Order

    ATO/A Air Tasking Order / Air Combat ATR Atlantic Test Range

    ATRC Aegis Training and Readiness Center AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AW Air Defense Commander of Battle Force A2IPB Automated Assistance with Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace

    BAS Basic Allowance for Subsistence BCC Battle Control Center

    BDA Battle Damage Assessment

    BDASPT Battle Damage Assessment Support BDE Brigade

    BEZ Beach Exit Zone

    BE# Basic Encyclopedia Number

    BFTT Battle Force Tactical Trainer BG Battle Group

    BM-CD Bottom Mapping-Change Detection BPAUV Battlespace Preparation and Autonomous Undersea Vehicle

    BRITE Broadcast-Request Imagery Technology Experiment

    BTV Blast Test Vehicle

    BZ Beach Zone

    CA Combat Assessment

    CAAT Course of Action Analysis Tool CAC Computer Aided Classification CACU Computer Aided Classification Unit CAD Computer Aided Detection

    CADRG Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphic CADRT Computer-Aided Dead Reckoning Tracer CAL Critical Asset List

    CAOC Combined Aerospace Operations Center CAP Combat Air Patrol

    CAS Close Air Support

    CASCAN Casualty Cancellation

    CASCOR Casualty Corrected

CASREPT Casualty Report

    CAST Cooperative Agents for Specific Tasks CATF Commander Amphibious Task Force CCG3 Commander, Carrier Group Three CCIR Commander’s Critical Information Requirement

    CCTV - Closed-Circuit Television

    CENTCOM U.S. Central Command

    CETUS Composite Endoskeleton Test-bed Untethered Underwater Vehicle System

    CDCM Coastal Defense Cruise Missiles CDE Collateral Damage Estimate

    CDL-N Common Data Link Navy

    CDS Combat Direction System

    CDP Cumulative Detection Probability CFACC Combined Force Air Component Commander CHAT Conversational Hypertext Access Technology CHENG Chief of Engineering

    CID Combat Identification

    CIE Collaborative Information Environment CINC Commander in Chief

    CJTF Commander Joint Task Force

    CLA Contact Localization Accuracy CLF Commander Landing Force

    CM Collection Management

    CM Counter Measures

    CMA Collection Management Authority CMTC Critical Mobile Target Cell

    CMWC Commander Mine Warfare Command CAN Center for Naval Analyses

    CNA Computer Network Attack

    CND Computer Network Defense

    CO Commanding Officer

    COA Course of Action

    COABS Control of Agent Based Systems COAMPS Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System

    COBRA Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis [System]

    CODEL Congressional Delegation

    COE Common Operating Environment

    COI Contact of Interest

    COMCMRON Commander Mine Countermeasures Squadron ComE Compare to Expectation

    COMEX Commencement of the Exercise COMMS Communications

    ComS Compare to Standard

    COMOPTEVFOR Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force

    COMPTS Components

    CONOPS Concept of Operations

    CONUS Continental United States

    COP Common Operational Picture

    CORRUS Correlation Using SEI

    COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf

    CPC Current Planning Cell

CPM Chokepoint Monitoring

    CPS Current Planning Shell

    CPT Collaborative Planning Tool

    CRC Control and Reporting Center

    CRD Capstone Requirements

    CRN Contact Reference Number

    CROP Common Relevant Operational Picture CRRC Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft CS Case Studies

    CSAR Combat Search and Rescue

    CSNP Causeway Section, Non-Powered CSS Coastal Systems Station

    CST COP (Common Operational Picture) Synchronous Tools

    CTDL Common Tactical Data Link

    CTF-12 Commander, Task Force Twelve CTII Combat Track II

    CVBG Carrier Battle Group

    CWC Composite Warfare Commander

    CWT Collaborative Workflow Tool (IWPC)

    C2 Command and Control

    C2PC Command and Control Personal Computer C2/COMM Command and Control Communications C3 Command, Control, and Communications C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence

    C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, &


    DAADC Deputy Area Air Defense Commander DAL Defended Asset List

    DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access DARPA Defense Advance Research Projects Agency DAS Dynamic Attack Section

    DBC Dominant Battlespace Command

    DBO Dynamic Battle Order

    DCA Defensive Counterair

    DCAG Deputy Carrier Air Group Commander DCGS Distributed Common Ground Station DCP Data Collection Plan

    DCP Distributed Collaborative Planning DC&A Data Collection and Analysis DD Destroyer

    DET Detachment

    DEW Directed Energy Weapons

    DGPS Diffential GPS

    DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

    DICASS Directional Command Active Sonobuoy System DID Defense in Depth

    DIDSON Dual Frequency Identification Sonar DII Defense Information Infrastructure DIM Daily Intentions Message

    DIME Diplomatic Information, Military and Economic

    DIOP Data Input/Output Port

DISRM Dynamic ISR Management

    DLQ Deck Landing Qualification

    DMPI Desired Mean Point of Impact

    DOD Department of Defense

    DOTMPLF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership, Personnel, and


    DPG Deliberate Planning Group

    DRMS Distance Root Mean Square

    DREAM Directed Radio Frequency Energy Assessment Model

    DREN Defense Research and Engineering Network DS Direct Support

    DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System DSP Defense Satellite Program

    DTF Digital Target Folders

    DTL Dynamic Target List

    DTM Dynamic Target Manager

    DTMS/PTW Dynamic Target Management System/Precision Targeting Workstation

    DTP Dynamic Target Planner

    DTQ Dynamic Target Queue

    DTS Dynamic Targeting Section

    DV Distinguished Visitor

    D3A Detect, Decide, Deliver, Assess D&S Deployment and Sustainment

    EA Effects Assessment

    EAP Experiment Analysis Plan

    EBO Effects-Based Operations

    EBP Effects-Based Planning

    ECOA Enemy Course of Action

    ECOM Estuarian and Coastal Ocean Model EDIP Experiment Design and Implementation Plan EEI Essential Elements of Information EFW Embedded Firewall

    EHF Extra High Frequency

    ELINT Electronic Intelligence

    EMC Execution Management Control

    EMCON - Emission Control

    EMI - Electromagnetic Interference

    EMPS Enhanced Mission Planning Sub-System EMV - Electromagnetic Vulnerability EMW Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare

    ENDEX End of Exercise/Experiment

    ENTR Embedded National Tactical Receiver EO Electro-Optical

    EOB Enemy Order of Battle

    EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal

    EODC Explosive Ordnance Disposal Coordinator EODMU Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit EO/IR Electro Optical and Infra Red

    EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System ERGM Extended Range Guided Munitions ESG Expeditionary Strike Group

ESG Expeditionary Sensor Grid

    E-Stk Electronic-Strike

    ETCTL Emerging Time Critical Target List ETF Electronic Target Folder

    ETL Emerging Target List

    EMCON - Emission Control

    ETO Effects Tasking Order

    EW Electronic Warfare

    EXPLAN Exercise Plan

    E2E End to End (Testing)

    FACSFAC Fleet Air / Area Control and Surveillance Facility

    FASM-M Fleet Air Support Munition Mine Application

    FBE Fleet Battle Experiment

    FCS Future Combat System

    FCTCPAC Fleet Combat Training Center, Pacific FFLD Friendly Force Laydown

    FFTTEA Find-Fix-Track-Target-Engage-Assess FID Fidelity

    FIWC Fleet Information Warfare Center FLIR Forward Looking Infrared

    FLS Forward Looking Sonar

    FM-CCF Fire Mission Call for Fire

    FNMOC Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center

    FOB Forward Operating Base

    FOTC Force Over-the-Horizon Track Coordinator FPC Future Planning Cell

    FRAGO Fragmentary Orders; Tasking Orders FRD -- Fired

    FSCL Fire Support Coordination Line

    FSW Feet Salt Water

    FTI Fast Tactical Imagery

    FTP File Transfer Protocol

    FYDP Future-Years Defense Program

    F2T2EA Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, and Assess (kill chain)

    GAT Guidance, Apportionment, and Targeting GCCS-M Global Command and Control System - Maritime GCS Ground Communications

    GDAIS General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems GFE Government Furnished Equipment

    GIG Global Information Grid

    GISRC Global Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Capability

    GLOBIXS Global Information Exchange System GPS Global Positioning System

    GSTF Global Strike Task Force

    GUI Graphical User Interface

    G&I Guidance and Intent

    HABD Helicopter Air Breathing Devices HARM High Speed Air Radiation Missile HC Hardened Client

    HEC Helicopter Element Coordinator

    HERO Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance

    HFSP High Frequency Sonar Program HITS Hostile Forces Integrated Targeting Sub-System

    HMMWV High Mobility MultipurposeWheeled Vehicle HPM High Power Microwave

    HPT High payoff Target

    HQ -- Headquarters

    HSI Hyper Spectral Imagery

    HSS Health Service Support

    HSV High Speed Vessel

    HTTP Hyper Text Transmission Protocol HVT High Value Target

    IA Image Analyst

    IBAR Integrated Battlespace Arena (a facility at NAWC -WD China Lake) IBCT Interim Brigade Combat Team

    IBS Intelligence Broadcast System ICAPS II Integrated Carrier ASW Prediction System II ICSF Integrated C4I System Framework ID Identification

    IDM Improved Data Modem

    IDS Identification Sensor

    IFF Identification Friend or Foe IKA Information and Knowledge Advantage IMINT Imagery Intelligence

    IO Information Operations

    IP Internet Protocol

    IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace IPC Initial Planning Conference

    IPL Image Product License/Library IPT Integrated Process Team

    IRAIR Infrared (from an) Aircraft IRC Internet Relay Chat

    ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network ISG Information Superiority Group ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

    ISRM ISR Manager/Management

    IT Information Technology

    ITA Inner Transit Area

    ITD Integrated Topside Design

    ITL In Theater Logistics

    IWC Information Warfare Commander IWPC Information Warfare Planning Capability IWS Information Work Space

    I&W Indications and Warning

    JAG Judge Advocate General

    JAOP Joint Air Operations Plan

    JASSM Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile JATF Joint Automated Targeting Folder JCPT Joint Collaborative Planning Tool JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition JDCAT Joint Data Collection Analysis Tool JDN Joint Data Network

JDTL Joint Dynamic Target List

    JECG Joint Exercise Control Group

    JEFX Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment JET Joint Execution Tool (USAF)

    JEZ Joint Engagement Zone

    JFACC Joint Force Air Component Commander JFC Joint Force Commander

    JFI Joint Force Initiative

    JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander JFMCC Joint Force Maritime Component Commander JGAT Joint (Combined) Guidance, Apportionment, and Targeting

    JGL JFACC Guidance Letter

    JHU Johns Hopkins University

    JIACG Joint Interagency Coordination Group JIBP Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace JIM JTF Integration Matrix

    JIP Joint Interactive Planning

    JIPTL Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List JISC Joint Information Superiority Center JISR Joint Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

    JIVA Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture JI&I Joint Interoperability and Integration (USJFCOM J8) JMCIS Joint Maritime Communication and Information System

    JMOP Joint Maritime Operations Plan

    JMS Java Messaging Server

    JMPS Joint Mission Planning System

    JPSD Joint Precision Strike Demonstration JOA Joint Operations Area

    JOAF Joint Operations Area Forecast

    JOC Joint Operations Center

    JOCG Joint Ordnance Commander’s Group

    JOPES Joint Operations Planning and Execution System JP Joint Publication

    JPC Joint Planning Center

    JPN Joint Planning Network

    JPOTF Joint Psychological Operations Task Force JSAF Joint Semi-Automated Forces

    JSHIP Joint Shipboard Helicopter Integration Process JSIPS-N Joint Services Image Processing System Navy

    JSOTF Joint Special Operations Task Force JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System JSOW Joint Stand Off Weapon

    JSWS Joint Service Work Station

    JTA Joint Tactical Action

    JTAA Joint Tactical Action Area

    JTAT Joint Terrain Analysis Toolkit

    JTCB Joint Targeting Coordination Board JT&E Joint Test and Evaluation

    JTF Joint Task Force

    JTFEX Joint Task Force Exercises

    JTT Joint Targeting Toolbox

    JWCS Joint Warfighter Counterfires System JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

    JWIS Joint Weather Information System KK Knowledge Kinetics (also K2)

    KM Knowledge Management

    KMO Knowledge Management Officer/Organization KTS Knots (Nautical Miles per Hour) K2 Knowledge Kinetics (also KK)

    LAM Loitering Attack Munition

    LANTIRN Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night

    LASM Land Attack Standard Missile

    LAV Light Armored Vehicle

    LAWS Land Attack Warfare System (USN, USMC) LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion

    LCS Littoral Combat Ship

    LEAPS LOCAAS Engagement Analysis Program and Simulation LBL Long Base Line

    LGB Laser Guided Bomb

    LHD Landing Ship Helicopter Dock/Amphibious Assault Ship

    LIO Littoral Intercept Operations

    LMRS Long Term Mine Reconnaissance System LNO Liaison Officer

    LOC Line of Communication

    LOCAAS Low Cost Autonomous Attack System LOE Limited Objective Experiment

    LPD Amphibious Transport Dock

    LRLAP Long Range Land Attack Plan

    LRS Littoral Remote Sensing

    LST Landing Ship Tank (former amphibious support vessel)

    LVS Logistics Vehicle System

    MAAP Master Air Attack Plan

    MAC Media Access Control

    MAGTF Marine Air Ground Task Force

    MAOT Maritime Asset Optimization Tool MARSUPREQ Maritime Support Request (also MSR) MASINT Measures and Signals Intelligence MBA Model Based Analysis

    MCC Maritime Command and Control

    MCC Maritime Component Commander

    MCM Mine Countermeasures

    MCWL Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory MC02 Millennium Challenge 2002

    MDA Mine Danger Area

    MDR Medium Data Rate

    MDS Mission Design Series

    MEDAL Mine Warfare and Environmental Decision Aids Library/GCCS-M Segment

    METOC Meteorology and Oceanography

    MGAT Maritime Guidance Apportionment Targeting MHC Coastal Mine Hunter

    MIC Maritime Intelligence Cell

    MICO Maritime Interface Control Officer

    MIDB Modernized Integrated Database MILC Minelike Contacts

    MILDEC Military Deception

    MIO Maritime Intercept Operations

    MIPR Military Interdepartmental Procurement Request mIRC shareware Internet Relay Chat (for Windows) MISE Meyer Institute of Systems Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School

    MIUGS Micro-Internetted Unattended Ground Sensors MIW Mine Warfare

    MIWC Mine Warfare Commander

    MLO Mine-Like Objects

    MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket

    MMAP Master Maritime Attack Plan

    MMS Marine Mammals System

    MMTI Maritime Moving Target Indicator MNCO Maritime Network Control Officer MNS Mine Neutralization System

    MOA Military Operations Area

    MOC Maritime Operations Center

    MOD Maritime Operations Directive (formerly Joint Maritime Ops Plan JMOP) MODAS Modular Ocean Data Assimilation System MOE Measure of Effectiveness

    MOP Magnetic Orange Pipe

    MOP Measure of Performance

    MOS Military Occupational Specialty MPA Maritime Patrol Aircraft

    MPF Minefield Planning Folder

    MPP Maritime Planning Process

    MPS Maritime Planning Shell

    MRN Mine Reference Number

    MSEL Master Scenario Events List

    MSIC Missile Systems Intelligence Center MSN Mission

    MSR Maritime Support Request (also MARSUPREQ) MTA Mine Threat Area

    MTE Moving Target Exploitation

    MTI Moving Target Indicator

    MTO Maritime Tasking Order

    MTP Mission Data System Tactical Processor MUSE Multi-User Shared Environment MUST Multimission UHF SATCOM Terminal

    MWMF Microsoft Windows Media Framework M&S Modeling and Simulation

    M&S Monitoring and Surveillance

    NALE Naval Liaison Element

    NAR Notice of Ammunition Reclassification NAT IPT Naval Afloat Targeting Integrated Process Team

    NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization

    NAV Navigation

    NAVAID Navigation Aid

    NAVAIRSYSCOM Naval Air Systems Command

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