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    Expertise in SAS and Business Objects suite of products. More than 8 project

    experiences of business intelligence and Business Analyst experience.

    More than 4 years of sales experience.

    Business Objects:

    ? Data Integrator expert.

    ? Has extensively worked on dashboards.

    ? Has exposure to Crystal Xcelsius.

    ? More than 7 years of experience in developing Business Intelligence solutions for clients

    in the Retail Sales, Finance, Healthcare and Insurance industries. Known to be a top

    end consultant who meets the client requirements for cost and delivery. ? Involved in training end users, business users and customers on how to create modify and

    interpret BO reports and WEBI reports.

    ? Extensive knowledge in Business Objects XI/6.x. This includes experience with

    Designer, Reporter, OLAP reporting tools. Good experience at generating Ad-Hoc

    Reports as per client requirements.

    ? Have expertise in creating complex reports by linking data from multiple sources. Have

    also got expertise in functionalities for BO like Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Master Detail


    ? Working Knowledge of Web Intelligence, Info View and Dashboard Manager.

    ? Experienced in Extracting data from Star Schema and snowflake schema. ? Strong skills in interfacing Business objects with Databases like Oracle, SQL Server and

    MS Access.

    ? Assist and manage the design, prototyping, development, testing, and production support

    of multiple universes.

    ? Expertise in the use of ETL tools. Worked on several transformations such as Filter

    Transformations, Joiner Transformations, Rank Transformations, Stored

    Procedure Transformations, and Expression Transformations in Informatica. ? Expertise in performance tuning for mappings dataflows and workflows in Data Integrator.

    ? Good knowledge of Dimensional modeling, Data migration, Data cleansing, Data profiling,

    ETL Processes, Data mining, Data audits and Web reporting features of data


    ? Data Modeling experience using ERwin.


    ? SAS9 certified Consultant.

    ? Expert in Data Mining techniques.

    ? Good understanding of regression and forecasting techniques.

    ? Extensively worked with BASE/SAS, SAS/ODS, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT,SAS/ETS,


    ? Understand how to load type-1, type- dimensions, fact and aggregate tables using SAS


    ? Good exposure to SAS/OLAP.

    ? Good understanding of SAS/Warehouse Management system.

    ? Knowledge of SAS/Macros.


    OLAP Business Objects XI/6.x/5.x, Web Intelligence 6.1a/2.7x/2.6,

    DATABASES Oracle 8i/9i, MS SQL 7.0/2000, MS-Access 97/2000

DATA MODELING Erwin 4.1/4.0/3.5


    Informatica PowerCenter 6.2/5.1.2/1.7, PowerMart 6.0/5.2/4.7.2, Data ETL Tools Integrator XI/, SAS Data Integration Studio 3.4





    Client: Citrix(online)

Duration: September 2008- present

Environment: Data Integrator, Business Objects XI(Business Objects Edge series)

Project description :the client is making a data warehouse as part of the reporting

    solution using Business Objects.


    ? As a Business Objects consultant, do an in depth analysis for the universes and

    the ETL processes for the client. Our task was to align the processes to optimize

    the overall query performance. For the ETL processes we needed to carry out an

    overview of the tasks that were done.

    ? Do the initial load of various dimensions and fact tables.

Client: SAS(D-wise)

Duration: August 2008-present

Environment: SAS, Excel, Data Integration Studio

Project description: The client needs to import the data from Excel, do an analysis of the

    same and then export it in the xml format to the SAS meta data server.


    As a SAS developer I am responsible for the whole process of ETL, meta data analysis of

    data from Excel to SAS. I am also coding business logic within the Data Integration studio.

    After the generation of the SAS targets, we are exporting them into Xml format for us to

    be able to communicate with the Metadata Server.

Client : Targeted Genetics, Seattle, Washington

Duration: May 2008-June 2008

Environment: SAS, SQL Server

Project description: The client needs to make a decision on whether to purchase SAS or

    SQL Server. The consultant was involved in helping the client make the call.

Role:As a senior analyst the role of the consultant was as following:

    ? Talk with the senior managers about their reporting requirements

    ? Develop an user matrix for the reporting features and how those reporting

    features shall be addressed by various reporting tools.

    ? Develop a consolidated decision matrix.

Client: MRSI

Duration: April 2008-May 2008

Environment: Data Integrator XI, Business Objects XI

Project description: The client is working in the field of medical claims and wishes to make

    a data warehouse and data marts for reporting purposes

Role: As an ETL developer, I was involved in the following:

    ? Setting up of Data Integrator environment

    ? Initial load of facts and dimensions As a report developer I was involved in the following:

    ? Making up of 2 universes

    ? Designing prototype reports for the client.

Client: Freshdirect, New York

Duration: December 2007-March 2008

Environment: Data Integrator XI, Oracle 9i

Project description:

    The project entailed translating the source system into a data ware house using the data

    vault methodology. The Data Vault methodology involves making hubs, links and satellites.

    Role: As an ETL developer the following were the tasks assigned to myself.

    ? Make the initial load and incremental load data flows for the load of hubs, links

    and satellites.

    ? Help in scheduling of jobs and solving any errors that may come during the

    process of execution.

    ? Loading of large link and satellite tables using extensive SQL coding. Creation of

    artificial partition in the database using the “row_id” function within Oracle.

    All in all the developer populated more than 1000 hubs, links and satellites during the

    project. The developer was involved in more than 80% of the data flow creation in 2 of the

    4 months of his project execution.

Client : IMC Auto Parts, Los Angeles

Duration: June 2007- December 2007

Environment: Business Objects XI, Data Integrator XI, SQL Server 2005, I-series

Project description:

This task involves making a sales data mart from the IMC source data from I-series. Thereafter a

    daily sales report(a highly complex report) along with a set of 10 more reports were made as part

    of the project.


    ? Understood the reporting requirements by analyzing each report the client had given to

    the team.

    ? Designed a de normalized data mart for sales reporting (including conformed


    ? Designed two universes with features including aggregate awareness. Also used derived

    tables for ease of querying.

    ? Designed ETL for the initial and incremental load of dimensions, fact and aggregates.

    ? Designed a complex report that had more than 120 variables.

    ? Worked on 8 other reports as part of the project.

Client : East Texas Medical Center(Tyler, Texas). This partnership is being carried out in

    partnership between Fusion Consulting(Gold Partner of Business Objects) and

    Wayquest(Gold partner of Business Objects)

Duration: March 2007- June 2007

Environment: Business Objects XI, Data Integrator XI, SQL Server 20065

Project description:

    This task involves developing a data mart for the general ledger of ETMC. The candidate has

    been involved in developing a prototype data mart for ETMC in SQL Server 2005.



    ? Understood the reporting requirements by analyzing each report the client had given to

    the team.

    ? Bulk inserted the AS/400 tables into SQL Server.

    ? Designed normalized entities and populated them using hard coded SQL.

    ? Developed dimensions and populated fact and aggregates for a sub set of the companies.

    All the above steps were done by hard coding in SQL server.

    ? Developed data flows for populating the dimensions and the fact. Developed a

    consolidated income statement for all 33 companies. Drill down, drill through, group by

    parameters were developed and incorporated within the data mart.

Client: Conagra Foods, Omaha Nebraska

Duration : February 2007-March 2007

Environment : Business Objects 6.1, Microsoft Access, Oracle 9i

Project description:

The task involves working through the SAP(BW) materials hierarchy and the Wilkies system

    hierarchy and making a mapping logic between the two. The tasks also involve changing some

    Business Objects reports and universes. The task which had been allocated a time slot for 3

    months was finished in 3 weeks.


    ? Analysis of the Business Objects universe.

    ? Extensive analysis of the data to check where are the gaps in terms of the reporting


    ? Understanding of the SAP-BW product hierarchy and the Wilkies product hierarchy.

    ? Modeling of the product relationships using Microsoft Visio.

    ? Data analysis done using Excel and Microsoft Access.

    ? Working through the universe and removing duplicate relationships.

Client: WAMU, Seattle, WA

Duration: November 2006 February 2007

Environment: Business Objects XI, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i

Project description:

    The tasks involved were the development of a prototype for the client for the Debit transactions.

    Thereafter a first cut of the final product has been made along with certain target reports. The

    developer is in the process of making a metric universe, making metrics, analytics and

    customizing dashboards. All in all in the first 8 weeks the developer was involved in the

    production of a prototype and first cut of the final product.


    ? Development of the star schema and the required fact and dimension tables.

    ? ETL of the dimension and the fact tables using hard coded SQL. The SQL generation

    includes but not limited to the production of the date dimension and 4 other dimensions.

    Hereafter the fact was populated with the help of outer joins

    ? The aggregations were done in the fact. Extensive use was made of the case, Open

    query functionality while producing the fact.

    ? Production of the basic reports to meet the client requirements.

    ? Making a metric universe and production of the required metrics. Usage of those metrics

    within various analytics specified by the client.

Client: Mayo Clinic, Rochestor, MN

Duration: February 2006- October 2006

Environment: Business Objects XI, Data Integrator 11.5.1, SQL Server 2000, DB2 UDB 8.x

Project Description:

    This prototype project involves developing a prototype for the client for the appointment system.

    The consultant has been involved in the logical modeling sessions, source mapping and

    requirement gathering sessions. Through this process the consultant has developed a good

    understanding of the appointment process. All the above steps have been conducted using

    CIBER’s standard methodology.


    ? ETL for the dimension, fact tables and aggregate tables using Data Integrator.

    ? ETL of the staging area tables. The data mart was populated directly from the staging

    area for the purpose of the prototype.

    ? Conducting training sessions with the client to explain the process and the intricacies of

    Data Integrator and the universe creation process.

    ? Development of a semantic layer and making basic reports using WEBI.

? Optimizing the semantic layer for ease of use by the end users.

    ? Making of metric universes and declaring classes and objects within the same.

    ? Making metrics as per the client requirements.

    ? Developing jobs for incremental load, type-1 and type-2 dimensions, error tracking and

    job logging within Data Integrator. This was done for Phase-2 of the project. The

    candidate developed a template that could be replicated for incremental and full upload

    jobs with/without input timestamps. Extensively used table comparison, history preserving,

    map, key generation, query and validation transforms for the same.

    ? Developed the incremental load strategy without the use of MAP_CDC transform.

    ? Populated tables in the data warehouse using the incremental load strategy.

    ? Investigated and implemented various new features of Data Integrator such as Metadata

    Exchange, Meta data reports, audit functionality and debugger.

    ? Worked with Universe Builder to expedite the universe development. st? Have done an initial load of 44 tables for data warehouse and data mart for the 1 phase

    of the project within a short period 3 weeks.

    Client: AFLAC, Columbus, GA

Duration: November 2005-February 2006

Environment: Business Objects 6.5.1, Data Integrator, ERwin, Visio, MS SQL Server

Project Description:

    The project involved generating reports from the relational databases that were used to capture

    data for e-mails and website access. In due course of the task the consultant was required to

    understand the end user requirements and carry out the appropriate tasks.


    ? Understand the end user reporting requirements. In this task extensive co-ordination with

    the Business Analysts was done.

    ? A comprehensive data model based on star schema from the relational model was

    developed. The consultant was involved in design of the dimension, fact and the

    aggregate tables.

    ? From the relational tables the dimension, fact and the aggregate tables were populated

    using Data Integrator. During the course of this task, extensive parsing of the data was

    done since the data in one of the data sources was in a highly de normalized form.

    ? Extensively used Table Comparison, Key generation, Look up, Lookup_ext, index and

    substring functions in Data Integrator.

    ? Initialization scripts for the Full and incremental load were written.

    ? Universe based on the data mart was developed and the objects used for reporting were


    ? Documentation of the whole process was done.

Client: Cingular Wireless

Duration: August 2005-October 2005

Environment: Business Objects 6.5, Oracle 9i, TOAD, Windows NT, PL/SQL, Teradata

Project Description:

    The project involves working on developing and modifying the free hand SQL reports for the

    client’s inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable and shipping reporting systems. Many reports that were worked upon had data coming from multiple data providers, viz. Oracle,

Compass and WMS. The project entailed adding the location information and checking the

    reports for correctness and validity.


    ? Understanding the intricacies of the schema for Inventory, Accounts Payable and

    Purchase order. Understanding the joins between various tables and the problems and

    issues that may arise thereof.

    ? Understanding the SQL code and flow of data in each of the reports.

    ? Identifying which data providers in a particular report need to be modified in a particular


    ? Developing strategies to work with Oracle 9i, Compass queries and WMS queries.

    Applying the necessary modifications in each report. Changing the original SQL code

    where necessary.

    ? Linking the multiple data providers to give the necessary output.

    ? Developing documentation to improve upon the present reports to better serve the client


    ? Testing of the modified reports to check whether they give the required output.

    ? Documenting the improvements possible in present reports.

Client: George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Duration: June 2003- June 2005

Environment: BASE SAS, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, SAS V8.2, Enterprise Miner


Project Description:

    The projects involved working with Customer relationship data and understanding the

    effectiveness of the mailing campaigns. On another project we looked at the prevalence of the

    disease codes across United States. I also worked on a forecasting assignment involving Coke

    bottle sales and the sale seasonality.


    ? Understand the source data from Excel using pivot tables.

    ? Use the Enterprise Miner to perform regression, decision trees and neural network


    ? Use Base/SAS to perform forecasting analysis



    ? Extensive use of SAS/ODS to convert reports from html to pdf.

    ? Extensive use of functions within SAS such as SUBSTR, INDEX.

    ? Worked with importing flat files in various formats into SAS datasets

    ? Extensive use of DATA_NULL_ for debugging.

    ? Understand how to load type-1, type-2 dimensions, fact tables and aggregates tables

    using SAS DI.Understood how to do an initial and incremental load using SAS.

    ? Developed an understanding of SAS/ Warehouse Management to develop drill downs,

    schedule reports.

    ? Developed basic understanding of SAS/EIS to develop various kinds of reports.

    ? Used @Risk software to understand the risk profile for various clients.

Other clients include Riggs Bank, Calvert Foundation, Citibank and University of Maryland and

    Crompton Greaves(India).

Sales experience:

    Sales Manager, Philips India Limited.

Was involved in commercial sales of lighting fixtures in India for a period of 4 years from 1996-

    2000. Coordinated and worked with a sales force of more than 10 people in metros such as Delhi

    and Mumbai.


    ? Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from George Washington University

    [Specialization in Business Intelligence and Supply Chain Management].

    ? Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering.

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