4_Study Guide

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4_Study Guide

Medieval Britain

After the Norman Conquest

    ; After William the Conqueror dies, his descendents rule under the feudal system put in



    ; Established in England under William the Conqueror

    ; Power was assigned and upheld through the exchange of land for services

    ; People were often born into positions and social mobility was fixed

    ; Social mobility: The ability to move from one position in society to another

Henry II

    ; Takes the throne in 1153

    ; At the height of his power, he controlled England, Normandy, and Aquitaine

    ; Gained control of Aquitaine through his marriage to Eleanor

    ; Sons: Two of their four sons survived to make a mark on history: Richard and John

Beginnings to a Legal System

    ; Henry II establishes permanent courts and travels around England acting as judge

    ; 1180: First legal textbook is printed and used by judges acting in Henry II’s name

    ; There is a struggle for power between the king in the church over whether or not people

    of the church are above the law

Thomas Beckett

    ; Son of a merchant who becomes chancellor to the king

    ; Henry II and Becket form a brotherly relationship

    ; King makes Beckett the Archbishop of Canterbury in the hope that he could have more

    control over the church

    ; Beckett and the Henry II have many power struggles

    ; Finally, Beckett angers the king so much that it leads to his murder

    Henry II's Legacy

    ; People are outraged at the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury (which is done in the

    church) and Henry is known for this deed

    ; In 1189, Richard seizes the throne from his father and Henry dies days later ; Richard (the Lionheart) goes off on the crusades and is captured

    ; John, his brother, seizes the throne and rules the country through force and lets the

    country fall to ruins

    Magna Carta (1215)

    ; The lords/barons rise up against John and make him sign a document called the Magna

    Carta, which would limit the power of the king

    ; When John dies, the barons ensure that his nine year old son will follow this document

    Hundred Years War

    ; (1337 1453 )

    ; Series of war with France

    ; The king of France (Charles IV) dies and the English King (Edward III) wants to seize


    ; Series of wars continue under French and English kings

    ; 1453: Treaty of Arras ends the war (French victory)

    Black Death (The Plague)

    ; Began in 1348 in England

    ; Half of England’s population is killed

    ; Symptoms:

    ; Fever

    ; Vomiting of blood

    ; Swelling of skin filled with pus and blood

    ; Pain

    ; Death