Early Stage Company of the year

By Judith Morris,2014-01-06 18:44
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Early Stage Company of the year

    Innovative Green Product, Service or Process

    This award recognizes a Chamber member company (in good standing) that has implemented an innovative green product, service or process; has created an environment that fosters and encourages creative green thinking; and whose experience has been shared with, and can benefit, other businesses or the greater community.

It will be presented at the Charlotte Chamber’s Northwest Chapter’s Green Conference on

    October 21.

    The judges will review the impact of the nominated product, service or process in comparison to other, similar green approaches in the market. They will also evaluate the quality, impact and overall creativity.

    For nominees to qualify the product, service or process must have been implemented between January 1 and December 31, 2009.

    The application can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed. Please put to the attention of Blair Stanford at Our mailing address is 330 South Tryon Street,

    Charlotte, NC 28202. Our fax number is 704-338-5468.

All applications are due no later than June 30.

Nominee Information (Please complete all fields)

    Nominee (Company) Name: Nominee Address:

Company or Solution Website: Phone:

    Product/System/Solution Name: Cell Phone:

Primary Contact Name: Email:

    Parameter Description Award % Judging Only Required Executive Summary Provide an executive-level summary outlining the situation,

    business need/problem, and the innovative green solution.

    This will provide context and high-level background for the

    detailed sections in the remaining sections of the application.

    Response: 300 words (max)

    10% Business Need, How did you determine the need for the new product/service

    Opportunity, or or process?


    Response: 300 words (max)

    Parameter Description Award % Judging Only 50% Innovative Concept Share the innovative green concept. Explain how it was

    and Implementation successfully created and implemented. Include overall its effect upon the environment. It can be an innovation in the

    operation process itself or in materials, method, management or procurement that improves the business process and benefits the environment. The method must not merely be an idea that has merit and may be successful in the future. It must be a proven success in terms of measurable

    improvements to environmental quality or long-term

    environmental benefits.

    Response: 400 words (max)

    30% Culture How is the organization committed to creating an environment that encourages the generation of new and

    innovative green concepts? Consider programs and policies

    that have been established to facilitate green idea generation, degree of staff involvement in the green idea generation process, and management attitude toward green ideas raised. Response: 200 words (max)

    10% Community Impact Share the community impact of the green generation in promoting change and improvements, not only within your organization, but also in the community. Community contribution particularly looks at how the nominated green

    innovative method has benefited or created an impact on your customers, business partners and the general community.

    Response: 200 words (max)

    All applications are strictly confidential.

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