Project BAILEY ROAD PARK BAND SHELTER Owner Town of Cornelius

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Project BAILEY ROAD PARK BAND SHELTER Owner Town of Cornelius




    Quotations Due:

    Thursday May 7, 2009

    3:00 pm

    C/O Troy Fitzsimmons

    Cornelius Parks Arts Recreation Culture (PARC) Department

    USPS Mail: P. O. Box 399

    Ground delivery: 21445 Catawba Avenue

    Cornelius, North Carolina 28031

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    The Town of Cornelius, herein referred to as “Town”, is soliciting interested vendors for providing janitorial supplies at its park facilities and Town Hall. Qualified vendors must be able to provide an

    array of common janitorial supplies as specified in the Scope of Work. The Town will select the

    lowest responsive/responsible bidder and anticipates starting services around July 1, 2009.

    Incomplete or late submittals will not be considered. Questions may be forwarded to Troy

    Fitzsimmons, Park Superintendent, at 704-892-6031 x163.

Scope of Work:

    The scope of work (SOW) applies to park facilities and Town Hall janitorial supplies necessary to

    maintain these facilities.

    I. Janitorial supplies most commonly ordered by the Town are:

    Description Used in (# of dispensers)

    paper towel 8"x800' controlled

    hard roll towel Parks paper towel dispensers (10)

    cloth quality paper roll towels Town Hall kitchen dispensers (2)

    paper towel 9x9 multifold to fit

    Town Hall restroom dispensers Town Hall restroom dispensers (4)

    toilet paper 3.875"x1,000' 2 ply Parks restroom dispensers (23)

    toilet paper premium 2-ply standard

    roll Town Hall restrooms

    sanitary napkin wax paper liners Parks

    Town Hall and Parks Rexan boxes

    can liners black 43x48 22 mic and BRP football

    can liners clear 33x40 16 mic Parks recycling cans

    can liners brown 33"x40" 16 mic Parks trash cans and restrooms

    Town Hall office trash cans and

    can liners white 23x33 15 gal restrooms

    urinal screen w/ non-para block Town Hall

    foam dispenser soap Town Hall and Parks (24)

    EP neutral disinfectant Town Hall and Parks

    non-corrosive toilet bowl cleaner Town Hall and Parks

    graffiti remover Parks

    glass cleaner Town Hall and Parks

    stainless steel cleaner Town Hall and Parks

    aerosol disinfectant Town Hall and Parks

    bleach Parks

    disposable latex gloves Town Hall and Parks

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    II. Ordering and Delivery

    a. Town will order supplies on an as-needed basis, but generally once a month.

    b. Vendor will furnish and deliver supplies to Town Hall within three (3) business days of


    c. Vendor will deliver and place ordered items into designated janitorial closets at Town


    d. Any special orders requiring a longer delivery time frame will be negotiated between

    the vendor and Town, but common supplies as specified in Section I will need to be

    delivered within the three (3) day time frame.

    e. All prices submitted on Attachment A - Janitorial Supplies Bid Proposal will include all

    costs for order processing, shipping, handling, delivery, other surcharges, etc. Only

    the price quoted plus applicable North Carolina sales tax will be paid by the Town.

    III. Product Dispensers

    a. The Town already has product dispensers for soap, toilet paper, and paper towels in its

    parks and Town Hall.

    b. Vendor will inspect each dispenser to determine if their product will properly function in

    the available dispenser. Vendor may call to arrange a meeting with PARC staff to

    assess the dispenser available.

    c. If an existing dispenser will not properly function with the vendor’s proposed product

    then the vendor will furnish and install the appropriate dispensers, at vendor’s expense,

    if awarded the contract.

    d. Dispensers that may need to be replaced are noted in Section I along with the number

    of dispensers.

    IV. Can Liners

    a. Dimension and thickness of can liners represent the minimum acceptable size and

    durability of can liners the Town will accept.

    b. If the vendor does not provide the same type of liner then the vendor may propose an

    alternative that exceeds, but closely represents the minimum specifications required by

    the Town.

    V. “Green Products”

    a. The Town promotes environmental stewardship of its parks and desires to provide

    “green products” where ever practical. </