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Midterm Study Guide


    ; The style of the exam could include: matching, multiple choice, true/false, and short


    ; While you should study the following topics, keep in mind that I may also ask you to

    make connections across time periods

    ; Know the general chronology of British history; don't get caught up on dates! I will never

    ask the dates of someone's lifetime, but I do expect you to know the approximate dates of

    major events

Week I Introduction

    ; Know is the difference between Great Britain, the UK, the British Isles, England, and the

    British Commonwealth

Week II Anthropology and Geography

    ; Know the difference between society and culture and their relationship

    ; You should be able to identify the following features on a map:

     Surrounding bodies of water

     Major rivers (Thames and Severn)

     Political boundaries

    Other major features: Scottish Highlands, Ben Nevis, Loch Ness, channel tunnel, London

Week III Prehistoric, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon Britain

    ; Be able to identify: Skara Brae, Stonehenge, the Boudiccan Rebellion, Hadrian's Wall,

    Three Realms of Britain, Venerable Bede, King Alfred, Doomsday Book

    ; Know about the Roman invasion and retreat from Britannia

    ; Know how Anglo-Saxon Britain was formed and the impact of the following Viking


    ; Know the events leading up to the Norman Invasion in 1066.

Week IV Medieval Britain

    ; Be able to describe feudalism and the relationship between land and power

    ; Know Henry II and his/his family's legacy

    ; Be able to identify: Magna Carta, Hundred Years War, Black Death, War of Roses,

    Chivalry, King Arthur

    ; Know what the Crusades were and the motivation of knights to fight in them

     ththWeek V 16 and 17 Century Britain

    ; Know why the Church of England was established and the event leading up to its


    ; Be able to identify: King Henry VIII, Field of Cloth of Gold, Laws in Wales Act, New

    World, Oliver Cromwell, The Great Fire of London, Bill of Rights, Succession

    ; Know about the highlights of Queen Elizabeth's reign (there are numerous)

    ; Know what the Gunpowder Plot was and how it impacted modern Britain

    ; Know about the general relationship between kings and Parliament during this time

     ththWeek VI 18 and 19 Century

    ; Be able to identify: Jacobites, Sir Robert Walpole, Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812,

    Queen Victoria, Potato Famine, British Empire

    ; Know what the Seven Years War was, who it was fought between, and how it ended ; Know about the positive and negative aspects of the Industrial Revolution ; Know about the causes of the American Revolution

    ; Know about the Great Exhibition and what the exhibition intended to show to the British

    people and the world

    ; Know how the Indian Mutiny broke out

     thWeek VII 20 Century

    ; Be able to identify: Home Rule Bill, Women's Social and Political Union, Blitzkrieg,

    Winston Churchill

    ; Know the benefits that were gained through labor strikes

    ; Be able to explain the relationship between Ireland and the British Government during ththe 20 Century

    ; Know about British involvement in World War I

    ; Identify what Women's Suffrage was and what women were trying to obtain in the early th20 Century

    ; Know the causes of the Great Depression after World War I

    ; Know about British involvement in World War II

    ; You should be able to describe the Battle of Britain and the Blitz

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