Colposcopy biopsy diagnosis of cervical disease, clinical analysis of 1943 cases of_4388

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Colposcopy biopsy diagnosis of cervical disease, clinical analysis of 1943 cases of_4388

    Colposcopy biopsy diagnosis of cervical disease, clinical analysis of 1943 cases of

     Key Words colposcopic biopsy diagnosis of cervical disease

     Colposcopy with vaginal cytology and pathological examination in cervical precancerous lesions and early diagnosis of cervical cancer has been affirmed. Colposcopy use amplification technology, comprehensive observation of cervical squamous-columnar junction and the transitional

    zone of the morphological changes in the cervical mucous membrane amplification, can be found cancer-related special-shaped epithelium,

    shaped blood vessels, to assess its lesion, lesion location to provide a biopsy specimen. Colposcopy for early diagnosis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and early cervical important adjunct diagnostic

    method to evaluate abnormal cervical smears and to further an important means of diagnosis. Now out-patient clinic patients by undergraduate

    cervical colposcopy and a biopsy after the results of 1943 cases of pathology to make a clinical analysis.

     A clinical data

     1.1 General Information from September 2004 to August 2007, out-

    patient clinic at the undergraduate, line colposcopy and biopsy, with pathological diagnosis were a total of 1943 cases, aged 20 to 74 years old, with an average 35.6 years.

     1.2 Methods

     1.2.1 The instrument adopts Shenzhen Golden Kuwait's vagina SLC-2000

    digital imaging system.

     1.2.2 Colposcopy indications refer to literature [1,2]: (1) had abnormal clinical symptoms, such as sexual intercourse bleeding or bloody

    vaginal discharge, etc.; (2), cervical erosion, or vegetation, etc.; (3)

    Pap smear ? level, but visual observation of suspicious lesion or above grade ?; (4) cytology-negative but clinical suspicious cancer; (5) has a family history of cancer.

     1.2.3 Colposcopy method 3d free gynecological examination before the examination, cervical treatment and sexual history. Check the steps [1,2]: (1) patients taking bladder lithotomy position, placing Vaginal Speculum cervix exposed, placed, when no lubricant, to prevent cervical injury,

    while observing the vulva, vagina; (2) with cotton balls graze to cervical lesions observed after the surface discharge; (3) coated with 3% acetic acid solution, the surface of the cervix were observed column at the junction of the cervix and cervical squamous epithelium have been shape and color; (4), Cervical smear with Lugar's iodine, according to the situation observed in the multi-point biopsy of suspicious sites, depth of about 2mm, placed in 10% formaldehyde fixed Across pathological


     1.3 Diagnostic Criteria

     1.3.1 Colposcopy in 1990 the Seventh World League of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy (IFCPC) recommended the term-based, that is,

    images of acetic acid colposcopy abnormal white epithelium, leukoplakia,

    point-like blood vessels, inlay, and special blood vessels and iodine-

    negative area, authenticity erosion, white rings, and white glands [3], the image regardless of minor and major changes. The compilation of statistics as a variety of abnormalities in patients with cervical image

    is taking images of high specificity, such as the same time, white epithelium, leukoplakia, and mosaic and so on, then the statistics obtained when the mosaic.

     1.3.2 cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) classification

    criteria according to literature [4,5], the CIN is divided into CIN ?

    grade, CIN ? level and CIN ? grade. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2 Results

     2.1 The pathological diagnosis in Table 1. Table 1 in patients with

    pathological results of 1943 cases of

     2.2 The results of colposcopy and pathological diagnosis of the image contrast in Table 2. Table 2 colposcopy images and pathological findings

     3 Discussion

     3.1 cervical cancer and CIN image of colposcopy colposcopy cervical

    cancer and precancerous lesions, the main observation of colposcopy abnormal blood vessels, such as vascular morphology and vascular changes in pitch, of which shaped blood vessels, mosaics and the point-like blood

    vessels as the main performance. Under article 34 cases of invasive colposcopy images, special-shaped blood vessels, mosaic, white epithelium, blood vessels each dot 79.4%, 44.1%, 20.6%, 17.6%, suggesting that invasive colposcopy images are mainly shaped vessel; nine cases of the

    original Bit cancer colposcopy images, white epithelium, point-like blood

    vessels, inlay, and special vessels each 55.6%, 44.4%, 33.3%, 22.2%, suggesting that carcinoma in situ, under colposcopy images are mainly white epithelium. 250 cases of CIN colposcopy images white epithelium,

    shaped blood vessels, inlay, point-like blood vessels, white ring white

    glands, white spots each 46.8%, 18.8%, 18.0%, 16.0%, 13.0%, 12.8%, suggesting that CIN colposcopy the main image to white epithelium.

     3.2 Other diseases, 150 cases of cervical condyloma colposcopy images, in addition to the naked eye obviously condyloma, there are 23.3% showed white spots, suggesting that the image of early colposcopy for cervical condyloma leukoplakia. 45 cases of cervical endometriosis with

    82.2% expressed as point-like blood vessels, suggesting that cervical endometriosis colposcopy images are mainly dotted vessels. 1413 cases of cervical inflammation of white epithelium, special-shaped blood vessels,

    point-like blood vessels, white ring white glands, each mosaic 32.5%, 9.6%, 7.2%, 5.2%, 1.3%, suggesting that inflammation may be manifested as a variety of cervical colposcopic images, but the most common in white epithelium. In addition, 47 cases of cervical condyloma merge cervical CIN

    ? grade, 21 cases of cervical condyloma merge cervical CIN ? grade, 4

    cases of cervical condyloma merge cervical CIN ? grade, suggesting that

    there is development of cervical condyloma cervical CIN possible.

     3.3 The shortcomings of colposcopy can not see inside the cervical

    lesions. Therefore, pairs of biopsy-negative patients with abnormal

    clinical symptoms, patients need to get cervical disease control Saogua seized in order to improve diagnosis.

     In short, under colposcopic cervical biopsy of suspicious lesions,

    combined with pathological examination can improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce the rate of misdiagnosis.


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