Living the Sixth Sense of Business

By Julie Greene,2014-09-10 21:35
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Living the Sixth Sense of Business

    Living the Sixth Sense of Business

    ABC Core Competencies

    The behaviours and values that everyone is expected to display in their day-to-day work

     Committed to Service Committed to Service

    Excellence and Added Excellence and Added ValueValuebyby

     Continually Striving to Continually Striving to

    Working CollaborativelyWorking CollaborativelyImprove and InnovateImprove and Innovate across the Businessacross the Business

    and displayingand displaying whilewhile

    AchievingAchievingPersonal CredibilityPersonal Credibility ResultsResultsand Impactand Impact

    with the with the

     outcome ofoutcome of

    ABC Role Specific Competencies

     Key behaviours and skills which are common to a number of roles across the organisation depending on the role accountabilities. Managing Client Relationships Effective People Management and Motivational

    Leadership Applying Knowledge and Skills to Deliver Client Insight

     Thought Leadership Business and Commercial Acumen

     Strategic Visioning and Implementation Delivering Successful Projects

     Working Effectively in Global and Multi-Cultural Environments


What are competencies?

Competencies are a mixture of knowledge, skills and attitude which provide a clear description in simple language of what a person needs to

    be able to do to carry out his or her job effectively.

They can help to:

    - enable individuals to understand more clearly what is required of them

    - become more aware of their strengths and development needs

    - enable to organisation to ensure that it has the right people doing the right jobs

Core competencies

    These are behaviours and values which we expect everybody to display. They are vital to maintain and build our business; they are important in establishing how we work together, how we treat and respect each other. Five core competencies have been identified:






    For each of these competencies we have identified clear indicators of what is expected, what outstanding performance would look like and how we would recognise poor or unacceptable performance.

    By establishing these indicators employees and managers will have a common understanding of what is expected. This will not only help us to improve the way we do business but will also ensure greater fairness and consistency for assessing individual performance.

Role specific competencies

In addition to these competencies, there are also role specific competencies. These are competencies of which some will apply to you and

    some will not it depends on your role.

     In the performance review process, individuals will be asked to choose a number which are most relevant or important to them and

    agree these with their line manager. These will form part of the appraisal discussion.

     Each role specific competency is split into different levels which reflect the degrees of expertise in their particular area.

    Core Competencies Definition Page

    Committed to Service Excellence and Added Value Proactively meets and exceeds the needs of both internal and external customers, going 4


    beyond expectations.

    Working Together across the Business Contributes effectively to organisational vision through teamwork, employing open 5

    communication channels and sharing information to achieve a common objective.

    Builds support, commitment and respect from others by demonstrating professionalism, 6 Making a Positive Impression and Impact integrity and expertise.

    Achieving Results Drives self and others to achieve results and surpass goals by setting high standards of 7


    Continually Improve and Innovate Goes the extra mile to develop self and innovatively create competitive advantage. 8

    Role Specific Competencies Definition Page Managing Client Relationships Identifies and builds an active network of internal and external relationships/accounts, 10

    managing delivery, retention and growth.

    Applying Knowledge and Skills to Deliver Client Insight Makes use of varied information sources and analytical skills to create insights tailored to 11

    the clients’ needs.

    Demonstrates understanding of the business and commercial environment to exploit 12 Business and Commercial Acumen opportunities and promote profitability.

    Delivering Successful Projects Participates in and/or leads successful projects, including the ability to balance conflicting 13

    priorities and manage resources.

    Working Effectively in Global and Multi-Cultural Demonstrates understanding and respect of other cultures to work in partnership to 14 Environments enhance client solutions and achieve best value for clients.

    Effective People Management and Motivational Establishes expectations, accountabilities, purpose and vision, and creates an 16 Leadership environment where others can achieve optimal performance

    Actively leads and promotes a culture to turn today’s possibilities into tomorrow’s Thought Leadership 17 capabilities

    Creates the future direction for the company, drives the business forward to achieve long Strategic Visioning and Implementation 18 term goals and effectively ensures achievement of business results



    Committed to Service Excellence and Added Value

    Proactively meets and exceeds the needs of both internal and external customers, going beyond expectations

Expected Higher

    ; Takes a proactive, positive interest in clients’ needs and business and industry / ; Always aims to exceed clients’ expectations and anticipates clients’ needs

    function ; Explores new ways of working that offer a better service to clients ; Actively works in partnership with clients to achieve their aims; adopts their vision ; Uses experience and knowledge to anticipate issues / obstacles ; Initiates client contact and develops rapport to build and maintain long term client ; Prepared to challenge the requests of the client when own experiences / relationships knowledge supports an alternative solution ; Consistently produces a high quality of professional work ; Is able to say ‘no’ for the right reasons

    ; Responds to queries / requests promptly; provides ongoing and accurate ; Uses lateral thinking to enable client to see the broader feedback context / fresh perspective ; Ensures requests are followed through to completion; responds even if answer is ; Recognises the changing nature / needs of customer businesses and devises not immediately available approaches to exceed their needs ; Clarifies client needs and manages client expectations; does not make ; Encourages others to go beyond internal and external client expectations assumptions

    ; Is dependable; client knows the results will be produced / delivered

    ; Views own output from client’s perspective

    ; Recognises that every client is different, looks at each project / task with a fresh


    ; Obtains both internal and external client feedback and actively uses this to form

    improvements to service

    ; Fails to respond promptly to client requests Negative