TEM 4 Writing Balanced View

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TEM 4 Writing Balanced View

TEM 4 Writing The Balanced View

    ; The balanced view 邹申 TEM4 语言技

    能训练指导》(第二版) P.124 (Note the

    difference between and and or.)

    The simplest composition plan will be as follows:

    1. Introduce the argument to the reader and

    state your own opinion.

    2. Tell reasons in favor of the argument. 3. Tell reasons against the argument. 4. Summarize the two sides. (Sometimes

    explain why you think so.)

Sample composition 1(TEM4 1995)

    On College Students Taking Part-time Jobs

    Nowadays it has become fashionable for college students to take a part-time job in their spare time. In my opinion, taking a part-job has both advantages and disadvantages as far as a college student is concerned.


    On the one hand, taking part-time jobs is beneficial to college students. By working part-time, those students living under economic pressure can more or less relieve the burden on their family. As we all know, many students have financial difficulties because they are from families with low income. Doing a job in their spare time enables these students to earn some money and at the same time gain some working experience. In addition, taking a part-time job can help the students know the society, sharpen their ability, cultivate their independence and sense of responsibility.

    On the other side, / However, doing a part-time job can also do harm to the students. For example, some of them may find it hard to concentrate on their study when they come back from their work. To make matters worse, some students give priority to their part-time jobs and thus fail to pass their examinations. Some students


    may fail to resist the temptations outside the campus and become too materialistic / Some students may lose self-control and focus on material things.

    To sum up, every coin has two sides

    doing part-time jobs has both merits and demerits for the college students. My suggestion to students with a part-time job is that study always comes first. (221 words)

Sample Composition 2

    Country Life and City Life

    Country life is delightful. The countryside is full of vegetation. The air is fresh and the water is clean. Birds fly in the sky and chirp in the woods. People may see horse grazing in the fields, cows enjoying a bath and ducks swimming and quacking in the river. In the tranquility, people may clearly hear the swishing of the fish. Though everything is wonderful in the beautiful sunrise or sunset,


    villagers have to lead a very simple life as the transportation system is not highly developed, and the evening life is far from being interesting.

     People living in cities have much to enjoy too. There are so many things in shop centers, and new buildings are erected every day. There are fine cars, and big thoroughfares are bright at night. There are concerts, movies and plays to attend.

    However, it is very doubtful whether city people are happier than those living in the country because cities are overcrowded and heavily polluted. For me, I prefer the serene and pastoral country life, though it may be inconvenient to communicate with the outside.

     All in all, both country life and city life have advantages and disadvantages. Which life do you prefer? Just make your own choice. / Which life would you like to choose? It just dedpends on yourself. (200 words)


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