Dear Guest

By Eddie Reed,2014-12-31 22:30
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Dear Guest

Dear Guest:

     Welcome to XX Hotel! We are most delighted to have you with us .In order to make your stay more convenient and more comfortable; we’ve listed those following items for your reference:

    1. Hotel Service Directory which is placed on the dressing table in your

    room which would be helpful for your stay here, so please take a few

    minutes to read it carefully.

    2. You are sincerely advised to put your valuables and cash in the

    safe-deposit box which is available free of charge and put in the

    wardrobe. The hotel is not liable for the lose of personal valuables and

    cash in your room;

    3. For room service is available in the western-style restaurant of the

    lobby. From 07:00 to 23:00 ,please dial “6108”: From 23:30 to 02:00,

    please dial “6106”;

    4. We have 43 TV channels, including 4 English Channel such as CNN,

    HBO, ESPN, World, and other Chinese channels.

    5. For internet service, you may have those choices:

    If you have got a lap top computer with you, you can get the access of

    the net service through the ADSL line or the phone line in your room;

    You can also go to the hotel lobby (1st floor), there is a charged

    internet service with computer available in the business center; 6. If there’s anything for the laundry just leave your clothes in the

    laundry bag and then fill the laundry list, our staff will offer the

    laundry service for you.

    7. There are also some details of telephone service, if you want to dial

    the international call, you can dial 9 + country code+ area code+ the

    number which you want. If you want to dial the local number, you can

    dial 9+the telephone number you want. If you want to dial house call,

    you can dial the room number directly.

    8. For money exchange service, you may go to the cashier counter in the

    hotel lobby. At present, we can only provide four kinds of currency

    exchange such as USD, HKD, EUR, and JPY. If some special

    currency exchange service needed, we will help you to go to the bank

    beside our hotel. For details, please dial “6106”.

    9. According to the agreement, your room rent, local call costs and your

    laundry costs will be covered by XX Company, so any other incidental

    expenses will be paid by yourself. We would be grateful if you can

    deposit some money beforehand at the check-in time or tell us how to

    settle the bill directly. We provide the following free service items you

    may need in our hotel;

    (1)Free one bottle of milk;

    (2)Free two small bottles of mineral water;

    (3)Free local daily newspapers.

    10. For information enquiries about the hotel service items, please dial

“6116”; if you have any complaints, please dial “6106”.

     On behalf of the staff and management, we wish you can enjoy your stay at XX Hotel ------your “Home Away From Home”

     The Hotel Management

    th The 19 of Aug, 2007

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