How to become a more effective learner

By Lauren Mitchell,2014-06-27 20:07
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How to become a more effective learner

    How to become a more effective learner

Look at these ways of studying and learning. Tick ? the methods you currently use.

    Put an asterisk * next to methods you'd like to use in the future.

    Ways of studying 1 Ask your teacher questions when you don't


    2 Keep a vocabulary notebook and write example

    sentences, phonetics, and translations in it. 3 Write new words on a flash-card - English on

    one side, your language on the other. Learn

    three every day.

    4 Put lists of English words on your bedroom wall

     use headings, e.g. jobs. food.

    5 Regularly ask yourself 'How would I say that in


    6 Regularly review your vocabulary notebook and

    grammar notes.

    7 Review the grammar from the last lesson

    before the next lesson.

    8 Listen to the radio/music in English. 9 Read English graded readers. 10 Read websites/magazines/newspapers in


    11 Practise English with other people via email or

    the Internet.

    12 Keep a journal in English. 13 Write something in English everyday - e.g. your

    response to a newspaper article, or web-story. 14 Talk to other students in English outside of


    15 Use your MultiROM to learn and revise. 16 Buy a grammar practice book. 17 Use an English-English dictionary. 18 If possible, take a holiday in an

    English-speaking country.

    19 Share your tips on how to study effectively with

    other people.

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