Behavior-oriented teaching method in physics teaching in attempts_1178

By Ruth Phillips,2014-10-30 11:18
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Behavior-oriented teaching method in physics teaching in attempts_1178

    Behavior-oriented teaching method in physics teaching in attempts

     Summary With the continuous deepening of reform of vocational education, vocational institutions, training objectives change on traditional teaching had a tremendous

    impact. How to improve the overall quality of students, cultural knowledge, comprehensive capabilities; how to improve the professional competence of students, methods, capacity, social capacity; how to develop students to their own potential and ability to adapt to changes in the market are all in professional education and training institutions, an important goal of components. "Behavior-oriented" is a variety

    of vocational schools to improve the ability of students from Germany to introduce a teaching method. "Behavior-oriented"

    teaching method is based on teamwork approach to learning and guide students to take the initiative to complete classroom tasks, and ultimately reflected in the changes in the core competencies of students. This way of teaching fully reflects

    the student-centered philosophy of education so that students in the "work" learning by doing.

     Key words behavior guidance, group cooperation in key competencies

     I have tried in physics teaching "behavior-oriented"

    method, from which have been some insights. Through the "conduct-oriented" teaching methods can be an active classroom atmosphere to stimulate their interests and improve teacher-

    student relationship. Here's combination of its own in the "electromagnetic induction" in the use of "behavior-oriented"

    teaching a few observations.

     1, "act-oriented" teaching method in physics class in attempt to

     1, choose a good teaching content

     As the physical characteristics of their own class needs to choose according to their educational content more

    appropriate teaching methods. Thus, in the organization "act-

    oriented" teaching, we need under the laws of physics teaching, integrated students and teachers, my skills, and adhere to the principles of the easier issues first, there is

    the choice of fields of study to carry out the purpose of "act-oriented" teaching method. In my first use of "behavior-

    oriented" teaching, the choice of the instrument is relatively simple and few conclusions of the "Newton's Third Law", the

    students feel fresh, especially; second time I chose the compact logic strong "electric magnetic induction phenomenon ", the students dared to do, dare to say, happy to show. In addition, such as "Newton's Second Law", "parallelogram of forces Rule", "resonance", "closed circuit Ohm's law", "Lenz's law" and even courses such as Exercise can try to "act-

    oriented." Especially the first time the use of "behavior-

    oriented" method, select a good teaching content is particularly important.

     2, pre-class preparation

     Pre-class preparation stage is the "behavior-oriented"

    teaching the process of implementing a very important part. "Behavior-oriented" pedagogy emphasizes student-centered,

    teachers supplement, but not entirely laissez-faire self-

    learning, and only fully prepared to complete the teaching task in an orderly manner, pre-class preparation includes:

     A) carefully prepare lessons. The selection of teaching content, teachers must first: prepare teaching materials, writing lesson plans. "Behavior-oriented" physical education

    lesson plans require detailed, close and thoughtful. It is not only to consider the arrangements for teaching content and teaching methods of adjustment, more importantly, clear the status of teachers in the classroom, teaching ideas, student's

    "listening, speaking, reading, writing, doing" how to reflect and so on. Second: Preparation of students. Predicted level of knowledge of students, students in teaching or raise issues that may arise and to design emergency measures (more than

    encourage, even if the students an error). No. 3: Preparation of Teaching. "Behavior-oriented," the main objective of seven

    kinds of teaching methods, but not the seven kinds of teaching methods are suitable, it is necessary for teachers according

    to the teaching content and physical characteristics of teaching, choice, and even the creation of appropriate teaching methods. Teaching method is reasonable is a key to success in class.

     I am in the organization, "the phenomenon of

    electromagnetic induction," teaching, select the "experimental pedagogy" and "role-playing Law" (experimental teaching method does not belong to a seven kinds of teaching methods). Textbooks should be done through teacher demonstration experiments, students observe the experimental phenomena,

    teachers and students a common analysis, synthesis three experiments common to arrive at the conditions of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction four-step. I have in

    the organization of teaching process, and based on the

    characteristics of physical education and school conditions of existing facilities, demonstration experiment for students to become teachers in their own experiment, changing teachers and students a comprehensive analysis of a panel discussion for students to draw conclusions and elected by the group 2 Students play a teacher, and requested the site in 7 minutes, experiment, explanation, given the conditions of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.

     2) The screening equipment. Teachers must be based on

    their pre-class set of experimental methods or students with experimental equipment requirements need to be carefully carefully check each set of instruments, measuring instruments, including the systematic errors of adjustment, each set of experiments to be in class before the teacher to do it themselves time, to ensure that each set of experimental success.

     3, the procedural arrangements for classroom teaching

     After a full detailed pre-class preparation, classroom

    teaching can be performed according to plans to start. The Lesson of the teaching process are: a teacher under the auspices of the team by experiment, analysis of experimental phenomena causes, given the conditions of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, the team came to power display,

    teachers explain the various groups and summarized for

    Comments . The course of the student playing the teacher, students not only mastered the operation of the experimental methods and attention, but also in the language, division of

    labor collaboration, team participation, self-confidence,

    cultural qualities and so on have been full of exercise, but also active in the classroom atmosphere. The third team's elementary school teacher in the classroom to explain not only the language is very concise and very humorous, attracted students from time to time bursts of enthusiastic applause. The fourth team can design their own experimental methods, methods, and innovative and experimental phenomena clearly attracted the other team's curiosity and desire to compete.

    Evaluation of each team's "teaching process," after, another important aspect is the general phenomenon of various types of experiments, combined with analysis of students who come to the conclusions textbooks - as long as the magnetic flux

    through the closed circuit changes, in the closed circuit on the would have induced current.

     Second, "behavior-oriented," Physics Teaching Experience

     "Behavior-oriented" method is not a specific teaching method, but a self-judgment students will have the ability and responsibility to conduct the teaching of the guiding ideology, is a variety of ability-based teaching methods

    collectively. "Behavior-oriented" teaching the most

    fundamental core of the student-centered, through the active

    involvement of students get direct experience, raise observe things, analysis and problem-solving abilities. "Behavior-

    oriented" teaching methods to promote the teaching philosophy: teaching in the form of student learning, rather than their teachers; the effectiveness of learning is that student behavior change. To this end, teachers must:

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     1, update the concept of

     In traditional teaching, "teacher's mouth is a source of knowledge, and knowledge streams continuously flow out from the teacher's mouth, the students acquire knowledge, like streams, like Mu Cao", a teaching philosophy attaches great importance to imparting knowledge to the neglect of the "human" development, focusing on the outcome of teaching

contempt of teaching process. "Behavior-oriented" teaching

    requires the "student-centered" and its learning method from the traditional acceptance of learning into creative learning, teacher-led instruction from the traditional role of the

    organization into a leader in teaching and learning activities to guide or host , teaching goals shift from the traditional knowledge and to teach students professional abilities. In order to smooth implementation of the "behavior-oriented"

    teaching method, teachers first concept to change, the students learn their own partners, need to put aside the past, the kind of superior shelf, take the initiative to eliminate students with psychological problems.

     2, establish a new type of teacher-student relationship

     A new type of teacher-student relationship is a

    prerequisite for action-oriented teaching. "Behavior-oriented"

    teaching and traditional teaching there is a clear difference between the status of teachers, teachers from the original

    "missionary, Tuition, FAQ," for the elderly into a model democracy, affable host of equality.

     For the "experimental pedagogy" and "role-playing Law," I

    think teaching in the classroom, teachers can better manage the whole process of teaching, ability to maintain high

    student interest in learning, should pay attention to the following three aspects:

     1) do a good job pre-course counseling

     Teachers do host is "behavior-oriented," a key feature of

    teaching, teachers in teaching activities in the process is to

    guide those who lead role in more reflected in the next lesson. How to stimulate students interest in learning how to make the teacher assigned students to complete the task, the key is pre-class counseling, pre-course guidance is actually a

    prelude to classroom teaching, also known as second class by class front-line counseling is not only the full exchange of feelings between teacher and student , but also a good student can learn to learn better, give full play to their talents, but also to help poor students learn to improve performance, and gradually catch up. Counseling focuses on inspiring students in pre-class intelligence, efforts to improve the students to analyze and solve problems. The Lesson is to

enable students to teachers to complete the teaching content

    to play "teacher" demonstrate and explain the success of a direct impact on classroom teaching effectiveness. In order to help the team, student representative to the successful completion of the task, I put together several small teachers

    and explore how teachers prepare lessons, how to lecture. If the second experimental analysis more difficult, teachers need to guide the team members attention to what is the relationship between current and magnetic field? Circuit current changes will lead to a small coil of what changes? At the same time encourage them to innovate. In addition, many times with several elementary school teacher went to the laboratory simulation test operation, found an immediate solution to the problem, it is "experimental pedagogy" in the concrete implementation of an important part.

     2) How to Host a teacher

     "Behavior-oriented" teaching method to adopt a student-

    centered teaching organizational forms. The role of teachers has been a fundamental change, that is the protagonist of the traditional teaching organizational leadership into the guide teaching and learning activities, the host. In this new teaching model, teachers should pay attention as the host: a review of lessons do a good job, leads to a new subject;

    stressed that the mission statement, clearly the teaching of this course the purpose and content of teaching; to each team's performance convergence is good, teaching and learning atmosphere in class, active in various aspects of teaching

    should be compact and smooth.

     3) do a good job evaluation

     In the classroom, students develop a good plan in accordance with, the required sub-team experiments, came to

    power after the show and can not explain the teaching and learning this end, as the teaching activities of the host, the students must do experiments to demonstrate the evaluation, the final arrive at the conclusion of this lesson. Good Comments can stimulate students interest, integration of teacher-student relationship is conducive to "act-oriented"

    teaching further.

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