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buy / import; Buy Crude Glycerine South Korea

    buying details ; We want to buy Grude glycerine. Quantity: minimum 1 flexi 20mt' tank

company; M CORP

    tel; 82-2-3379661

    fax; 82-2-3370881

    Email / website;

buy / import; Buy Benzoic Acid

    buying details ; We are looking for Benzoic Acid Technical Grade min 90%, pls quote at cif bangkok.

    company; Unity Interbusiness Co., Ltd.

    tel; 66-2-8742388

    fax; 66-2-8742823

    Email / website;

buy / import; Buy Soda caustic

    buying details ; We are interested in: Soda caustic flakes, 10 mt quantity Please send us your best offer

    company; ООО Сибхимнефть

    tel; 3955) 61-47-01/ 61-47-10


    Email / website;

buy / import; Buy Bromine Chloride

    buying details ; Dear Sirs, About our request we need as follow: product: BROMINE CHLORIDE [cas number: 13863-41-7] quantity: 36 Mt for year 6.000 kg each two month please send me the your best quotation CIF GENOA (Italy) Thanks Bruna Merrino company; Chematek Spa

    tel; 39 06 77-590112

    fax; 39-02-9374435

    Email / website;

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