What Women Want - This purpose of this research is to identify the

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What Women Want - This purpose of this research is to identify the




    This survey was designed to record the attitudes of women and their experiences towards career barriers that hinder them from reaching their full potential in the business industry. This research forms part of a Masters Degree Dissertation entitled, “What Women Want”.

    A further objective of this research is to identify the needs that women have in relation to their careers. It sets out to identify what aspects of work are important to women and will attempt to establish trends as to why women leave organizations when they do.

    Thank you for taking time to answer this questionnaire. General closed and open questions regarding various aspects of work and work-life are posed. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please return completed questionnaire by return email (preferred method of receipt) to: or by fax: 011 352 4482. Your participation in this study is highly appreciated, completely voluntary and there are no foreseeable risks associated with it. All answers will be treated as strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported in the dissertation anonymously. If you have questions at any time about the survey or the procedures, please feel free to contact me on: 082 4989721 or by email,


    Name: Age:

    Occupation: Length of Service: (job title or (in organization) area of specialization)

    Type of Gender: Industry

    Educational Matric 3-year Post Tertiary Qualification Other Qualification Degree/Diploma (Honours/Masters/Doctorate) (Mark with an X)

    Email address Telephone no. Are you married or in a relationship Yes No Do you have children Yes No

    Ages of children 0-3yrs 4-7 8-12 13-18 No. of children in these categories.

    No. of people in Ethnic Group African Coloured Indian White (For statistical your household purposes only)


SECTION A: Your Current Employer / Company

Please indicate your degree of agreement/disagreement with each of the following

    Mark with an X). questions. Please indicate a response for each item (

    Answer the following questions in relation to YOUR current employer/company or business unit

Q Questions: Strongly Disagree Neither Agree Strongly NoDisagree Agree or Agree . Disagree 1. Women are under-represented in top, senior

    and middle management levels

2. Women DO receive the same salaries as men

    that perform the same jobs

    3. Opportunities for promotion and

    advancement are afforded equally to men

    and women

    4. I believe women are as capable as men of

    serving in senior executive positions.

5. I believe that the same amount of respect is

    afforded to both men and women at work

    6. There are certain occupational categories that

    are still predominantly male dominated

    7. Women who are turned down for managerial

    positions, are equally or more educated than

    the men that are currently holding those


    8. Women usually reach supervisory, middle or

    junior management positions then get stuck


    9. The percentage of women promoted into

    positions of middle and senior management is

    lower than that of men promoted into these


    10. Women are usually denied executive

    positions due to the limited leadership and

    management skills learned in entry-level or

    junior management positions.

11. Women are usually over-represented in junior

    management and semi-skilled areas of work


SECTION B: Your work Preferences

The following questions relate to your work preferences answer them in relation to what is

    important to YOU as an individual.

    On a scale of 1 to 5, where one is extremely important and non-negotiable and 5 is unimportant, please rate the following work practices and policies.

    Q. Question: 1 2 3 4 5 NO. Extremely Important Averagely Less UnimportaImportant important important nt 1. High salaries (Market Related or higher) 2. Seniority or status (positions of


    3. Work arrangements to assist in

    balancing family and other


    4. Freedom and the creative platform to

    do things your way

    5. Skills development and opportunities for

    personal development

    6. Mentorship programmes 7. Child care facilities at work 8. Understanding and consideration to

    attend to children and family


    9. A supportive and challenging work


    10. Working within close proximity to home 11. Having the opportunity to do some of

    your work from home

    12. Being measured on results not on hours


    13. Flexible working hours 14. Maternity leave to be shared with

    spouses with benefits

    15. Training and Development programmes

    designed for women

    16. Equal access to secure, well paid jobs 17. Equal representation in management

    and leadership arenas

    18. Respect and an environment free of


    19. A satisfying job 20. The ability to achieve work-life balance


     SECTION C: Your Perceptions of Women in General

The following questions pertain to women in general. Please indicate your answers in relation

    to what YOU THINK are important or relevant to MOST women or women in general.

Q. Questions: Answers No. 1. What is the ONE most pressing

    challenge affecting women at work? 2. With reference to your answer in Q1.

    above, is this issue currently being

    addressed by management/unions/other

    interests group in your business area? 3. With referenced to your answer in Q2.

    above, why do you believe that this is

    being/not being addressed? 4. If they were given the opportunity to

    choose, do you think that women would

    elect to stay home and raise families or

    pursue careers? 5. What do you perceive to be the main ______________________________________________________ reason/s why women leave their jobs? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 6. What is the ONE MOST important thing

    that companies/employers can do to

    ensure that women remain in the


SECTION D: You, Your Partner and Your Career

This part of the questionnaire is related to the levels of support you require/receive/do not

    receive from your partner or spouse in relation to your career.

    Q Questions: Strongly Disagree Neither Agree Strongly No. Disagree Agree or Agree

    Disagree 1. Advancing your career is dependant on the

    support you receive from you spouse/partner

    2. Your partner assists in childcare/family responsibility chores

    3. Your job is equally valued (or higher) to that of you spouse’s


     SECTION E: General and Additional Comments

Please share any additional comments and or thoughts that you may that you feel may add

    value to this study and the advancement of women in the workplace.



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