Classification system of nursing practice of conventional publicity and Discussion_3743

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Classification system of nursing practice of conventional publicity and Discussion_3743

    Classification system of nursing practice of conventional publicity and Discussion

     According to the 2001 Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, Medical Administrative work plan on 'to the community publicity ? , ? , ?

    grade nursing conventional' request, I hospitals in charges publicity, publicity drug prices, such as doctors and patient self-publicized

    electoral system, based on the in September 2001 launched the 'grading system of care and regular publicity' of the new initiatives, namely, the

    quality of care evaluation within the evaluation of the industry from being transferred to patients, society to participate in the evaluation of quality of care, and further standardize care and behavior. After practice, patients and their families, nurses and nursing management of

    the 'classification system of care and regular publicity' approach reflects good, now specific methods described below.

     An implementation methodology

     1.1 'publicity' pre -

     1.1.1 Nursing Department of the hospital-wide 517 beds in January

    ~ August inpatient care classification status of sounding survey to find out the monthly number of days hospitalized cases and the proportion of all levels of care and basic nursing passing rate.

     1.1.2 seminar organized at different levels, in the ideological consensus, changing concepts, challenges, and 'grading system of care and regular publicity' after the introduction of the potential difficulties and pressure to give adequate estimates for countermeasures, developing


     1.1.3 the establishment of grading standards for nursing assessment and evaluation to develop grading care plans and evaluation form. According to level of nursing care and to develop appropriate care and the implementation of the classification plan, head nurse responsible for checking and assessing the implementation of the Plan, supervise the implementation of nursing classification and quality assurance.

     1.2 Classification care routine publicity publicity contents

    Shanghai Guardian Medical Administrative (1999) No. 182 issued by 'conventional care' in the ? , ? , ? grade corresponding to the

    indication care, care requirements and charges [1] . Approach taken is to set up columns in each ward publicity and use of media to social


     1.3 advertise to patients admitted to hospital missionary nurse to the patient or family care and general content of information classification and to inform the patient care level; in sabbaticals advertise on the forum.

     1.4 Nursing Department of grading the quality of care to implement three quality control management, and that the head nurse a good job of

    measures to implement the customs; Section Nursing a good job of quality control; Nursing Department of random spot checks and examination of

    patients with the quality of care and listen to feedback.

     1.5 after 6 months of publicity, health care organized by the Department to listen to different levels of feedback from patients or their families to design a questionnaire with an open manner to the hospital stay was 5 d ~ 10 d of the 514 cases of hospitalized patients to investigate . Also questionnaires were designed for nurses and nursing managers survey, shown in Table 1, Table 2, Table 3.

     2 Results

     From Table 1, Table 2, Table 3 shows, patients, families, clinical nurses and hospital administrators to the 'publicity' and initiatives to reflect better the content and standards of patient care that the publicity has increased transparency and safeguarding the legitimate

    rights and interests of the patients ; clinical nurses believe that 'publicity' on nursing work of a certain amount of pressure on nursing staff self-conscious pursuit of quality of care, turn pressure into motivation to optimize their care and behavior; hospital administrators think that this work truly reflects the patient-centered management

    concept to meet the health care market. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     3 Discussion

     3.1 From a management mechanism to standardize classification of nursing care and regular publicity through a system of 'publicity'. Care needs will be made public specifications, so that the norms and responsibilities of nursing in the patient and the general public to be

    implemented under the supervision of, a mechanism to strengthen the management. Its value lies in the transformation of management. The past, 'management' of the concept of 'control' as the first, 'control' is re-

    emphasized that the higher the lower tube, a tube 1, this kind of

    management to enable the hospital to effectively improve the primary health care level, but this management resulting mandatory, non-

    consciousness, passive phenomenon revealed from time to time. After being made known the contents of the different levels of care, so that the management from the direct management requirements for the next shift patients to care, the demand for care, direct request, weakening the conflict between management and nursing staff, and strengthen awareness

    and market awareness of patients, reflecting of the management mechanism is a major development.

     3.2 Deepening the management of patient-centered care and regular

    publicity hierarchical concept of the direct beneficiaries of the system

    of patient care and publicity will be required, nursing standard operating procedures, care and responsibility explicit, clear and to be accountable to patients and to ensure that patient supervision. Through the publicity highlights the nursing work 'patient status', highlighting the nurse's target is that the patient, the patient is the first experience of nursing, the first witness, the first evaluator. Publicity would guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of patients as the core of the concept

    of hospital management, so that patient-centered real purpose of being

    reflected in the hospital services.

     3.3 Optimization of nursing from the hospital in January 2001 to 8

months of grading nursing case study shows that failure to implement the

    publicity, the hospital-based care qualification rate has reached 97.5% of the nursing staff, the feeling has been very easy, and then the pressure and difficulty engaging in too much publicity, fearing publicity, the patients ask for more, higher, more difficult to cope with, will not bring passive. At different levels of the seminar, we use learning to understand the rules of market economy and analysis of economic situation and trends in the hospital system to form a consensus on hospital development through

    competition, so that we all feel the quality of care is the hospital's comprehensive competitiveness an important part. The implementation of publicity, enhance the quality of care for nursing work pressure, work for the care of 'integrity' the construction of a high standard of hospital services is to build brand, is the nursing work force in the market to adapt to the test. Improve nurses to accept the new situation and new challenges of the initiative and self-consciousness, turn pressure into

    motivation, enhance the sense of quality, optimize the care and behavior, to ensure quality of care. The past six months, has not taken place due to grading the quality of care is not in place due to complaints, patient satisfaction has also increased.

     3.4 revealed that the hospital remaining weaknesses in the classification after the implementation of care and publicity, service standards and the hard problem of insufficient staffing is reflected. As part of the ward number of clinical nurses in short supply, for nursing

    quality assurance bring some difficulties and how to arrange a more rational nursing human resources, to achieve a reasonable supplement, and coordinate care costs, nursing care and quality assurance all three

    charges and the relationship between to be further explored.

     4 Summary

     'Grading system of care and regular publicity' from the management mechanism to further standardize the clinical care practices to ensure that the quality of care is a new attempt, but also to be continuously improved in practice.


     [1] Liu health care routine Shanghai: Shanghai Science and Technology Press ,1999.2-4 * reposted elsewhere in the paper for free

    download http://

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