Based on the service profit chain of hospital services in Marketing Analysis_1383

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Based on the service profit chain of hospital services in Marketing Analysis_1383

    Based on the service profit chain of hospital services in Marketing Analysis

     Abstract For the hospital, the patient's loyalty was due to in-house staff to provide them with a quality service results. Hospitals to for the service profit chain, each link to find

    solutions to improve patient loyalty, and ultimately the hospital's marketing objectives.

     Key Words service profit chain in patients with hospital marketing value

     Service Marketing time has come to upgrade service levels are the key to the hospital to obtain a competitive advantage. Service profit chain theory, the enterprise's business

    objectives and customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and enterprise internal service quality linked to advocacy by improving the enterprise's internal service quality, and fundamentally good service to find the hospital marketing solutions. In this paper, service profit chain theory, the study of hospital marketing responses to try to improve service marketing standards for hospitals to provide a new way of thinking.

     A service profit chain, the basic idea

     "Service Profit Chain" is a late 20th century, 90 by

    Heskett and other U.S. scholars put forward a description of the relationship between successful performance point of view, in a service organization, this point of view, fact-based,

which will eventually growth and profitability to measure [1].

     1.1 The service profit chain theory's basic view "service profit chain" that does not mean that the value of the price. High-value products and services can be high prices, may also be low prices. Customers receive the ultimate value in excess

    of the cost of service providers, which is profit condition. The realization of profits depends on the level of service prices, while the price is used to measure the value of the expected customer value. Between the value and cost of the "difference" represents a profit opportunity for service providers. Enterprises by making services more readily available, leaving people no price is too sensitive, thus increasing the profits [2].

     1.2 affect the profit and growth factors and mutual relations in accordance with service profit chain theory, profits and growth with the following elements there is a direct, solid contact: customer loyalty and customer satisfaction; transferring to customers the products and services; staff satisfaction, loyalty and productivity; staff

    to provide customers with "results" capability. In the service process, the relationship between them and the promotion of mutually reinforcing: (1) related to growth and customer loyalty. (2) related to customer loyalty and customer

    satisfaction. (3) the value of customer satisfaction and service-related. (4) The value of the services associated with employee productivity. (5) related to productivity and employee loyalty. (6) related to employee loyalty and employee satisfaction. (7) employee satisfaction with the work of the internal quality-related.

     The relationship between the above together to form a "service profit chain."

     2 based on service profit chain strategy for hospital services

     Hospitals to achieve business objectives, need to improve

    all aspects of hospital services. Specifically, from two aspects: on the one hand to improve the hospital's internal ring

     Territory, to improve internal service quality so as to enhance employee satisfaction, to better customer service; the

    other hand, developed for the customer to provide better services, develop lifetime customer value, to become a loyal customer.

     2.1 The increase in patient satisfaction is a subjective state of satisfaction. Marketing">Marketing in the hospital,

    patients feel satisfied with medical services was also established on the hospital services on the basis of expectations. If a patient's expectations must have been on the top three hospitals than two hospitals is high; on expectations of specialist hospitals on general hospitals than specialized departments is high; for high-fee service

    expectations will be higher than that of low-cost items; right

    income red envelope than on the doctor's expectations of doctors do not charge a high red envelopes.

     In medical services, patient satisfaction with the relevant activities include: (1) purchase: the purchase of medical supplies, such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, medical consumables. Purchased a different quality, advanced

    to varying degrees of medical supplies, the quality of services have different degrees. (2) the patient receives: first contact with the patient, such as ambulances to take patients home patients; the patients to the emergency room or clinic patients queue up to see a doctor. In addition to the old sick, the majority of new patients on medical evaluation of the quality of health care workers from contact with the moment has begun. Out-patient department of the Vaccine

    Immunol Taiwan, inquiries play a significant role in this

    regard. (3) clinical technology acts: on the out-patient,

    patient in force in the clinical examination, diagnosis, treatment processes, steps, etc. to the main biological purpose, through the medical treatment of the symptoms lifted.

    At this point the patient is more concerned with the clinical satisfaction, and patient clinical satisfaction is the overall

    satisfaction with medical services, an extremely important part. (4) clinical emotional behavior: the emotional comfort of patients to the psychological purpose of sex-based, patient

    anxiety and anxiety in the understanding and medical personnel to ease and release under the guarantee. This includes feelings of anxiety patients showed understanding, not pity them. Sex is the emotional needs of all patients, but now

    there are many hospitals over-emphasis on technical behavior

    while ignoring the emotional needs of patients. (5) "sale" service: for some of the old sick or in need of referral of patients, the rehabilitation process of the delivery of

    patient follow-up services.

     2.2 for patients to find and create new value

     2.2.1 Conceptually, the process of medical care should the customer be respected as a process of development of the hospital customer satisfaction is a fundamental driving force.

    Customers must understand three aspects: (1) To understand the customer's content. Over the past is just referring customers to accept patients with medical services in hospitals in a market economy conditions, the meaning of customer service we

    need to warm the patient; a reference to the past, customers will realize that it is the patients outside the hospital, now has his own unit of employees is also a customer Each person's superiors, subordinates, colleagues are in customers, the

    value chain upstream, downstream, such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment dealers are the customers. In short, everything to please your customer service is. At work, not only to treat customers outside the hospital, but also to treat hospital staff, but also to treat medicines, equipment suppliers. Customers are respected, have a sense of honor, will become forever loyal to the hospital customers. (2) To understand customer value connotations. The meaning of customer value from the two component, one is for hospitals to

    create customer value, manifested in the reality of medical spending, life-long spending, demand contributions, profit contribution and so on. The other hand, the value created by the Hospital for customers, including access to customer

    benefits, to meet the customer's preference, in the physical, mental, environmental, safety, technical satisfaction. These two aspects are complementary and mutually constraining

    relationship. First, only the hospital to contribute to the customer so that they can benefit, only customer returns, provide income and benefits for the hospital. (3) Recognizing the importance of customers. The past, the customer is called God, a mere formality, respect, without the customer as a "god to" source of life, the hospital, the hospital's interest to customers, and employees pay the customers hair. Only to win customers, hospitals in order to survive and develop, awareness-raising actions in order to post sincerely do practical things for the customer; single-minded and good

    things, dedicated problem-solving to do with customers to

    establish long-term, mutual benefit, mutual benefit, mutual trust and cooperative relations.

     2.2.2 management, should focus on customers, care for patients, hospital management, health care is necessary to

    maximize profits for the purpose of customer, customer-

    oriented, integrated business strategy, technology strategy, quality strategy, marketing strategy; integration of human, financial, materials, information, technical resources;

    integrate various functions of the hospital organization, restructuring and reengineering business processes. First, the hospital development strategy to be customer supreme, care patients, health care. Building customer-oriented

    organization, the building of flat, efficient, capable of

    moments reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Formation organizational model, horizontal strengthen cross-

    sectoral and cross-functional communication, and promote

    coordination and cooperation within the hospital, so that

    internal customers in the service are met. To reduce vertical levels, the upper should be fully empowered to make timely resolution of issues raised by customers, customer needs are met quickly. Secondly, the hospital human resources management

    to customer demand, customer-oriented as the basic value

    orientation, customer needs to consider what kind of human resources services, how to provide this service, so that human resources from the "power center" to "Service Center" changes,

    develop customer-oriented human resources policy, which is reflected in all aspects of human resources functions, such as personnel recruitment, staff training, pay scales, career,

    reflected in the design of Deng Jun customer service, allow customers to benefit from the . In the performance evaluation on the weight of increasing customer satisfaction; in staff training to establish the concept of customer loyalty, customer service, and to master the necessary services, skills and abilities. Customer-centric process reengineering, design

    is more simple, more smooth, more convenient, more efficient business processes. So that customers and employees interact in the process to meet customer needs [3].

     2.2.3 services, do their best to explore the lifetime

    value of customer service has become the world highlight the overall development trend of the times, update the service concept, the new service technologies, develop new service areas; build a new service system; the introduction of new service models. Building customer satisfaction, system

    engineering, to establish a scientific, comprehensive, standardized service system; rigorous, detailed and quantifiable assessment of the rules and regulations; incentives, harmonious, innovative operational mechanism. Each

    of the work force have to find out about changes in customer demand for the moment to meet the actual needs, the potential psychological needs, forecasting future needs. To maximize the lifetime value of customers to explore, in the customer's lifetime value to win the biggest profit. Priority to personalized service, for a very demanding customers to listen to complaints, flat grievances, Convenience gas; right to be hesitant to increase customer choice, enhance communication. Customers want to create demand for thrifty and guide

    consumption; right customers put up money to help solve the problem of poverty, reduction of costs. When the waiter set a good awareness of patient-centered yield benefits to

    customers, give customers the convenience to comfortably give

    customers to give respect for the customers, give customers the choice. Whether customers have to learn the views of right and wrong; whether customers should be careful to speak nicely did not sound gentle answer; regardless of customer complaints

    should correct the incorrect answer as soon as possible; in the service of good solutions to difficult problems, deliberately created difficulties is still smiling; eggs bones inside Jean's liking; 100 ask, do not bother to seriously A; been aggrieved to be patient. The patient satisfaction, the need do not need, happy as a measure of hospital scale, and

    all around the transfer of patients to provide patients with full, high-quality, low cost, convenient, and refinement of services [4].

     2.3 To extend the value of the specific patients are: (1) detailed-oriented services, such as one-stop services to

    hospital patients who are hospitalized have someone accompany the patient was discharged the responsibility of doctors and nurses sent to the gate; patient birthday, send flowers;

    patients discharged from hospital We call tracking return visits for advice and continue to provide help. (2) expansion of sub-acute, chronic, long-term care patients and so pay

    attention to special needs services, long-term care for senile

    dementia, long-term bed rest, limb paralysis patients. Now to the hospital for medical treatment of patients, incomplete it is obvious symptoms of the patients in the traditional sense, more and more sub-healthy people, even healthy people also

    went to the hospital. How to better understand the needs of these people to meet these needs, traditional medical services, encounter new problems. Not only that, even though the patient needs, but do not realize that there is no demand put forward to find out, and then to more effectively satisfy it. (3) The concern for creating most of the profits of a small part of the patient, each patient can not necessarily bring profits to the hospital, and some patients brought to the hospital a loss. We want to control for these patients in

    an appropriate ratio. Although most patients with less profits to create or not create profits, but they can enhance the popularity of the hospital, increase market share, help to enhance patient trust in the hospital and expand the

    visibility of the hospital and the hospital can cause an increase in intangible assets . (4) taking into account health insurance are not included in items such as skin care cosmetics, plastic surgery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, myopia surgery, dental treatment centers. (5) from time to time to invite patients to visit the families of patients, an affection of care to patients. Embodied the hospital humane, professional service concept. (6) the establishment of key customer profiles, strengthen customer relationship marketing,

    management, patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction analysis. (7) the use of various forms of media, health talks, clinics are to organize joint activities, service projects to health care promotion and publicity work. (8) To strengthen

    the management of customer service center, to provide consultation for patients prior to diagnosis, the patient after the integrated services. (9) through visiting customers visiting the market to actively expand the market and other means; strengthen cooperation with government health administrative departments, IESS, insurance companies, all kinds of public organizations, social groups and surrounding communities, various units of the relationship marketing. (10) the use of the advantages of the hospital to carry out

    extensive cooperation in medical technology projects, or other related projects co-operation. (11) the use of a database to collect and accumulate customer information, and conduct of information collation, summary and analysis, according to

    hospital location select the target customer groups, targeted for the relevant departments and sections to provide marketing information; do a good job of marketing health care workers and other personnel training, guidance departments to develop

    the marketing skills training, to improve full, full marketing level [5].

     3 Summary

     Service profit chain to corporate business objectives and customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and enterprise internal service quality linked by improving the enterprise's

    internal service quality, and fundamentally good service to find business marketing solutions. For the Hospital, be aware that customer loyalty is due to the internal service quality employee satisfaction providing quality services to their

    results, on this basis to strengthen the roots to make their own skill, do a good job on the external customer service, for service profit chain, each link to find a solution to improve customer loyalty, and ultimately the hospital's business



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