Part II Translation Practice

By Michelle Johnson,2014-11-26 10:17
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Part II Translation Practice...

Part II Translation Practice



    mountain, hill

    borrow, lend

    take, bring, fetch sheep, goat


    Close the door behind you.

    Chair days

    Lie on ones back/ stomach. To wear ones Sunday best Fools paradise

    Like priest, like people Sail ones own boat


    parent ticket

    shoe habit

    wheat farmers

    street sense

    life work

    smog fighters

community gossips


    back and forth

    right and left

    old and new

    rich and poor

    track and field

    sooner or later

    one and the same

    rain and shine

    North, south, east and west Food, clothing, shelter and transportation

    Hot and cold water

    Iron and steel works

I 根据上下文辩明词义;


    1. He is working in the factory. 2. He is working a machine. 3. He is working at English. 4. The ship is working eastward. 5. The gears work smoothly.

6. My watch doesn’t work.

    7. The screw worked loose.

    8. Will these methods work?

    9. The yeast has begun to work.

    10. Electric computers work quickly and accurately.


    1. Soams shook her hand and went downstairs. 2. He never read a book in his life and still writes a schoolboy hand.

    3. It would be like trying to make the hands of clock move backwards to its ticking.

    4. Mr. Hunter suddenly failed, and all hands in the mill were turned off.


    1. He likes maths more than physics.

    2. Dont treat me like a guest.

    3. In the sunbeam passing through the window there are fine grains of dust shining like gold. 4. Like knows like.

    5. The two buildings are very like.

    6. Like charges repel; unlike charges attract.

    7. Like enough, the ship will arrive in the port tomorrow.


    1. He is the last man to come.

    2. He is the last man to do it.

    3. He is the last person for such a job. 4. He should be the last (man) to blame. 5. He is the last man to consult.

    6. This is the last place where I expected to meet you.


    1. The hearing aids are operated from batteries.

    2. The doctor operated on the patient for a tumor. 3. The frontier forces had to operate against the invaders.

    1. The custom had its spring in another country. 2. His mother died of difficult labour. 3. Don’t do your own thing, or you will meet with


    4. The elevator girl reads books between


5. With old plaster-casting, the bone takes longer to

knit and crippling effects from muscle inactivity


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