November 2009 - Tower City, North Dakota -- Home of the ND State

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November 2009 - Tower City, North Dakota -- Home of the ND State ...

    November 2009 Another month has come and gone! As each month goes by, winter gets a little closer every day. The

    Council would like to remind you to please read through the “Winter Survival Tips” printed in this

    newsletter. Hopefully, with all residents cooperating, this winter snow removal season will go


The Council has made the decision to purchase a box blade for use on city streets. We are hoping that

    if the box blade is used frequently enough on the roads that the roads will not get into the condition

    they have been the last few months. Again, your patience is key. The blade will be operated by one of

    the Council members as their schedules allow.

A huge thank you to the group of people who organized and stdecorated for the Halloween Party on October 31! Special

    thanks to our local photographers for capturing all the fun on

    film! Another thank you to all who brought their favorite apple

    recipes to share and for the pumpkin carvers who brought their

    pumpkins for all to see! The party was well attended with

    plenty of pizza, candy and prizes for all!

Awards went to the following people. Each winner received


    Best Costume Tess Salberg as the “Old Lady Who Lost Her Kitty”

    Biggest pumpkin Colton Wetch Best apple recipe Sam Richman for his homemade caramel apples

    We encourage you to contact a Council Member with your questions or concerns.

    Scott Salberg, Mayor 749-2679

    Theresa Tallackson 749-2503

    Jon Unger 749-2741

    Adam Walburn 749-2574

    Ken Wobbema 749-5155


     All residents are welcome to attend!

    The December 2009 City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 7th at 7:00 PM.

    Please contact Scott Salberg, Mayor, at 749-2679, or Jenni Richman, City Auditor, at 749-2343, if you

    would like to add an item to the agenda.

The city council would appreciate all residents cooperating with the following snow removal


*Be kind to your neighbor. Please do not place your snow on your neighbor’s property

    or city owned property. Please keep your snow on your property.

*Please remove vehicles from boulevards within 24 hours of a snow

    fall. Proper snow removal cannot be completed with vehicles blocking city boulevards.

*Please take the time now to remove vehicles, trailers and any other

    equipment from city boulevards while weather still permits.

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

    Sleigh Ride

    Saturday, December 12th

    Tower City Community Hall

    Pizza & pop will be served at 12:00 Noon!

    Santa Claus will be arriving at the Community Hall in

    the afternoon!

    (This annual event is hosted by the Tower City Community Club)

    ndWednesday, December 2

    7:00 PM

    Community Hall


    All Tower City residents are welcome to attend!

    Come find out what the Community Club does to support our local


Hunting season is here! The city council would like to take this time to remind all residents that there is

    no hunting allowed in the city limits. Please, for the safety of our residents, remind family or

    friends who may be hunting in the area and not aware of this ordinance, to stay outside the city limits

    while hunting. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

    8:00 10:00 AM

    thWednesday, November 11

    Tower City Community Hall

    Veteran’s Eat Free!

    stWater rates increased on November 1, 2009. The rate was $4.85 per 1000 gallons of water, but has

    increased to $5.32 per 1000 gallons. You will notice the difference on your bill you receive towards

    the end of November. If you have any questions, please contact a City Council member or the City


    Christmas Lighting Contest

    The city will be hosting a Christmas lighting contest this year. No registration is necessary. All homes

    in Tower City will be in the contest. The council will do the judging on Saturday, December

    th12, by driving through Tower City to find who has the best Christmas light display. Did we mention

    that there is a $50.00 prize for the winner? Start decorating everyone!

Jenni Richman, City Auditor 749-2343

    City email:

    City website:


Drop box: Water bill payments may be placed in drop box on South side of hall.

    (Unofficial minutes will be amended or approved at the next regular City Council meeting held December 7th)

    The City of Tower City minutes for the meeting held Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 7:00 PM. Council

    members present: Scott Salberg, Adam Walburn and Theresa Tallackson. Guests: Deputy Dan

    Hermann, John Stanley, Brett Besette and Vicki Gabriel. Absent: Ken Wobbema and Jon Unger.

Mayor Scott Salberg called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

The city council reviewed the minutes from the October 5th meeting. Adam Walburn made a motion to

    approve the October 5th minutes as reviewed. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried.

Auditor’s Report: October financial statements and bills were reviewed. Adam Walburn made a motion to

    approve the October bills. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried. Council reviewed the ten past due

    accounts in the amount of $1368.57.

Bills paid:

    Cass Rural Water $821.45 City of Fargo $14.00

    Valley Auto Parts $23.94 City of Buffalo $58.00

    Barnes Rural Water $1252.00 Times Record $84.48

    Jenni Richman $11.77 Jenni Richman $415.57

    Xcel Energy $30.30 Xcel Energy $43.33

    Alltel $15.73 John Blaskowski $54.62

    BNSF Railway Co. $1546.94 Otter Tail Power Co. $747.13

    Suzette Trenda $138.52 City of West Fargo $140.00

    Railroad Management Co. $90.75 Inter-Community Telephone $221.96

    Sam Richman $10.00 Tess Salberg $10.00

    Colton Wetch $10.00 Matt Hoyt $554.10

Department Reports:

    Adopt-A- Community: Deputy Dan Hermann reported that three calls were made to Tower City in October.

    Sewer: Cell #3 was drained this week after the lagoon sample was approved by the ND Dept. of Health.

    Streets: Richard Kresse has bladed the roads once, but the rain has delayed any further blading. Scott bladed

    the roads this weekend with a box blade being borrowing from RDO Equipment. Theresa Tallackson made a

    motion to purchase the box blade from RDO Equipment in the amount of $2000.00. Adam Walburn

    seconded. Motion carried.

    Planning & Zoning: Adam Walburn made a motion to approve John Stanley’s request to install a fence on

    the east side of his house with the understanding that the fence must be installed the appropriate distance off

    the property line. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried.

Theresa Tallackson made a motion to approve John Stanley’s request to build a 24x28 garage onto his

    house. Adam Walburn seconded. Motion carried.

    Forestry: Theresa reported that twelve new trees were planted by the Forestry Board. The Forestry Board has

    researched the purchase of BINGO equipment, but found it too expensive to purchase at this time.

    Old Business:

    Junk and abandoned vehicles: The largest offender of junk/abandoned vehicles has complied with the city and cleaned up their vehicles within the stated amount of time.

    Severe weather siren: Scott will get information about the existing siren from Mark Johnson at the November


Fire Dept. meeting.

    Halloween party: The party was a success! Theresa Tallackson made a motion to give $10.00 each to the winners of the Halloween Party’s best costume, best apple recipe and biggest pumpkin contest winners.

    Adam Walburn seconded. Motion carried. Best costume: Tess Salberg. Best apple recipe: Sam Richman. Biggest pumpkin: Colton Wetch.

    Veteran’s Day breakfast: Breakfast will be held from 8:00-10:00 AM at the hall. Theresa will contact Joanne

    Wetch to see if she would be interested in helping organize the breakfast.

    Brett Besette property: Brett has had the basement of the house filled in.

    Generator: The generator is installed, but the natural gas has not been hooked up yet.

New Business:

    Bonfires/loud parties in backyards: A resident has a concern about the loud parties/bonfires in their neighbor’s backyard. The council suggested they speak to their neighbor or contact the Sheriff’s Dept. if they

    want the issue resolved.

    Abandon Church St. at Michigan Ave. hearing: Adam Walburn made the motion to approve the adoption of Resolution No. 09-01 that declares the city of Tower City’s intention to vacate/abandon that portion of stChurch Street located between Block 14 and Block 15 of Ellsbury’s 1 Addition. Theresa Tallackson

    seconded. Motion carried.

    Loan to purchase generator: Theresa Tallackson made a motion to apply for a $15,000.00 loan from the

    First State Bank of North Dakota (Buffalo) to purchase the generator from Hope Electric. Once the loan is

    secured, the City Auditor is given permission to pay the bills received from Hope Electric and Keith’s

    Heating and Air Conditioning. Adam Walburn seconded. Motion carried.

    Bridge inspection: Paul Tinjum has given Scott a name of someone from the County to contact who may be

    able to inspect the bridge.

    Snow removal: Richard Kresse has agreed to do snow removal for 2009-2010.

    Christmas candy for Sleigh Ride: Adam Walburn made the motion to purchase candy, apples and peanuts thfor the Sleigh Ride to be held on Saturday, December 12, in the amount of approximately $200.00-$250.00.

    Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried. City Auditor will purchase supplies. Christmas lighting contest: Theresa Tallackson made a motion to host a Christmas lighting contest with a

    $50.00 prize for the best Christmas light display. Adam Walburn seconded. Motion carried. No registration thwill be required. The council will judge the lights on Saturday, December 12.

    Recycling program: Adam Faul, Valley Radiator, currently has a recycling program in Valley City. Theresa

    will find out more details prior to the December meeting.

    Treadmill donation: The council would like to thank the person willing to donate the treadmill to the hall, but

    the council will have to decline the offer at this time.

    Gravel reimbursement: Theresa Tallackson made a motion to refuse Jeff Goehring’s request to be

    reimbursed for gravel he had Richard Kresse place on the city street near his home due to the fact that no

    prior authorization was given by the city council to purchase the gravel. Adam Walburn seconded. Motion

    carried. Theresa will contact Jeff. ndBroadway St. and 2 St. repairs: Richard Kresse will repair. thNext meeting: Monday, December 7, 2009 at 7:00 PM.

    Adjourn: Adam Walburn made a motion the meeting at 8:30 PM. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion


Respectfully submitted,

    Jenni Richman Scott Salberg

    City Auditor Mayor


(Unofficial minutes will be amended or approved at the next Park Board meeting held November 10th)

    The minutes from the Park Board meeting held on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 7:00PM.

    Pesent: Scott Tichy, Travis Besette, Dawn Schnase and Kathy Walburn.

President Scott Tichy called the meeting to order at 7:05PM.

    ththPark Board minutes from September 8 and September 29 were distributed. Dawn Schnase made a

    motion to approve minutes. Travis Besette seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    Old Business:

    Budget update: 2010 Budget was submitted to Cass County.

    Grant update: No new update.

    Mailing Address: The Park Board mailing address will be PO Box 14, Tower City.

    Winterize bathrooms: Lynn Schneekloth will winterize the park bathrooms this fall.

    New Business:

    Open position: Amy Milbrandt expressed that she would be interested in joining the Park Board.

    Travis Besette made a motion to appoint Amy Milbrandt to the Park Board. Dawn Schnase seconded

    the motion. Motion carried. One open position still remains on the Park Board.

    Budget: Discussed the need for a computer program to help keep the budget in an organized manner.

    Park Board Manual: One new manual will be needed. Travis Besette made a motion to purchase one

    new Park Board Manual. Dawn Schnases seconded the motion. Motion carried. Kathy Walburn will

    order the additional manual.

    Future Planning: The Park Board would like to start discussion on a 5 year plan for the park, that will

    include improvements and projects. Input from the public is encouraged. The future planning meeting

    is tentatively scheduled for January 12, 2010.

    Next Meeting: November 10, 2009 at 7PM

    Dawn Schnase made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40PM. Travis Besette seconded the motion.

    Motion passed.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Kathy Walburn Scott Tichy

    Secretary/Treasurer President


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