College Life

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College Life

College Life


    by Betty Liao







    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character descriptions:

    (G)George He majors in Environment Science. His roommates are Ken and Tida. They have a bad relationship. He thinks happiness is more important. His girlfriend is Mancy. (K)Ken He fools around all the time. He doesn’t know what kind of life he wants. He hates studying and doesn’t like to be blamed.

    (T)Tida He doesn’t want to spend time making friends with Ken and George. He likes to communicate with others by computer. Computer is his life.

    (M)MancyShe is George’s girlfriend. She doesn’t have her own ideas. She wants to be with George all the time. Because of the reason, she ignores Annie’s feelings.

    (A)Annie She is Mancy’s good friend. She likes Mancy. She is very weird so she hates Mancy’s friends. She wishes Mancy and George to break up. But she doesn’t like her evil thinking.


    There are three roommates who have a bad relationship, but a motorcycle accident changes their lives…..


(In Girls’ Dorm)

    M: I like to eat noodles at Hung-Lin because everything’s so cheap there.

    A: I know your favorite food is noodles because you can eat it as much as you can. So your lunch is noodles, and dinner noodles, too. You always say, “Annie, let’s go eat at Hung-Lin. (They walk

    hand in hand.)

    M: We’re friends. Our friendship will last forever. (They look at each other, and cross their fingers.)

    OS: Contrary to the girls, Tida, Ken and George have a bad relationship. They don’t like each other.


(Boys’ Dorm)

    Mancy and George go to the room with laughter.

    M: What’s the most important thing for you?

G: Happiness. I think happiness is the most important thing in the world.

    M: Wow….I like your point. When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. But when you’re

    sad, you’re the only one that’s sad.

    T: Be quiet, OK? I can’t concentrate on playing the computer games. Oh! I lost.

    K: It’s too lousy for me to fall asleep.

    (George and Mancy just keep talking.)

    M: George, you’re so humorous.

    T: (hits the desk) No more talking.

    (At the same time, Ken runs out of the room by slamming the door loudly.

    Annie calls Mancy.)

    M: Hello, this is Mancy.

    A: Mancy, it’s Annie. Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you for an hour. What happened?

    M: I’m sorry, Annie, I forgot our appointment. Now I’m with …George…..

    A: It’s okay, but I hope you can spend some time with your friends.

    M: I know. Next time we’ll go out to have fun together.


(In class)

    K: Sorry, I’m late.

    (Everyone laughs at Ken because he looks funny.) K: Why did you lock me out? I could’t take my book bag, or change. I told you that I was just

    going to the toilet for a minute.

    G: Oh. It’s not my fault. I went out first, you can ask Tida. T: I didn’t hear what you said. I just concentrated on my computer games.

    K: Come on! Are you kidding? I’m not happy about that. Please don’t do that again.

    T: Oh…OK.

    A: Hey, Mancy. How was the movie yesterday? M: Hmm…I’d like to see the movie, but I had a date.

    A: Who was with you? George?

    M: Yes….

    A: Mancy, I’m so disappointed that you fell in love with George, and you forgot me. You said we

    were friends forever. But ….now George is all your life.

    M: No matter what you said, we are friends forever. A: I don’t think so.

    K: Hey, Tida, George and Mancy are glued together all day. I think they come to our room too

    often to bother me doing homework.

    T: I agree with you. I can’t play my computer games well.

    (The bell is ringing. Everyone is out of class.)

Scene ?

    (On the road)

    M: Where are we going?

    G: We’re going to a nice place. I have a big surprise for you. You’ll be very interested in it.

M: Wow, I’m so excited. But you’re riding too fast.

    G: That’s OK.

    Oh, no! ( George and Mancy have a motorcycle accident.)


(In the hospital)

    M: Are you OK?

    G: Oh…I’m OK. Don’t worry. How about you?

    M: Just a little hurt.

    G: I’m so sorry.

    M: No, don’t say that.

    G: But the surprise ….

    M: That’s OK. We can go to that special place next time. The doctor said we can leave. Can you

    walk by yourself?

    G: Maybe I need a walking stick.

Scene ?

(In the boys’ dorm)

    K: What happened to you?

    G: I had a motorcycle accident.

    T: Are you OK?

    G: I’m fine, but it hurts a lot..

    K: How did it happen?

    G: When I was making a turn, I was riding too fast, so I skidded.

    T: Oh. Why did you ride so fast?

    G: Because I like the feeling of riding motorcycles fast. That’s so exciting!

    K: But it’s dangerous. You might get killed.

    T: Yeah, Ken’s right. Safety is the only way to go home. G: Well, I’ll be more careful in the future. Thanks for your advice.

    T: You’re hurt. How are you going to class later?

    K: We can help him go to class.

    T: That’s a good idea.

    G: I really appreciate your help. In the past we had a bad relationship, but now we’re good friends. K: Yeah, I should find something meaningful to do, and make my life happy like yours.

    T: I think that I should open my mind, then life will be happier than before.

Scene ?

(In the girls’ dorm)

    A: Oh, my…Are you OK?

    M: I feel just a little painful.

    A: Can you forgive me that I misunderstood you?

M: I've already forgiven you. Anyway, we’re best friends.

    A: Thanks, I’ll treat you to dinner….

    M: Really? Where will we go?

    A: Hung-Lin, of course.

    M: Oh, no!

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