Property Finance Brochure

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Property Finance Brochure

    Property Finance Arrangers & Consultancy Advisory Services

    Specialists in Property Finance

    Commercial Finance - Mezzanine Finance

    Equity & Joint Ventures

    Structured Finance Investment

    Development - Bridging Finance

    Property Development

    Professional Arrangers of Property Finance for

    Europe and International Markets

    Property Finance is our business. Blending Together

    Complimentary disciplines, we offer you cost effective creative

    financial arrangements

    Ariel Finance Group Ariel Finance Group

    & Associates & Associates


    Property Finance Arrangers & Consultancy Advisory Services

    Property finance is may be very interesting and profit full business once the enterprisers has the needed financial power . Blending together complementary disciplines, we offer cost effective ,sectored banking services creative, property finance arrangements.

    Based on a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of property people and their industry, we are a company renowned for introducing financial solutions and maximising opportunities for property investors and developers alike.

    Ariel Finance & Associates enjoy an unrivalled position as a market player in finance for investment property with an enviable reputation for providing creative financial solutions for the property industry.

    Based in Central Tel Aviv , we have established our reputation internationally by our ability to achieve results. Over the past 18 years, working closely with British, European and International lending sources, we have forged lasting relationships at the most senior level.

    We originate finance for commercial and residential

    property investment opportunities. We have a

    simple way of working. First we meet with our

    clients to identify and analyse requirements and

    agree strategy. We then assist with the preparation

    of a thoroughly researched proposal. Finally we

    introduce the lender and negotiate terms, keeping

    all parties fully informed at all times. Throughout the transaction we are at your side. You will find us to be discreet and efficient, pro-active and creative. Combining, property, legal, banking, and accountancy skills where needed. Dr Williams & Associates provides a broadly based Investment Finance team,

    which enables clients to minimise cost and maximise borrowing. On behalf of UK and offshore clients, we have handled a wide range of loans for commercial and residential investment property. We begin with a careful assessment of the client’s requirement. We are assisted at this early stage by leading valuers’ desk-top opinions (at no cost to the client), taking care to preserve confidentiality for our clients. We consider a range of possibilities and permutations which take into account not only the most competitive interest rate but also that the loan structure meets our client’s objectives.

    However, our role is more than just negotiating with the right lender on the right terms -we follow through with commitment and tenacity, liaising with the lender, the legal teams and the valuer throughout the completion process, drawing on our long experience to progress the documentation to drawdown. Ariel Finance & Associates is a company established in 1997 and focuses on

    finance for property developers and investors through our wholly owned subsidiaries. Based in the city we are in direct contact with the banking community and easily access our clients in the Middle East , Asia , East Europe , CIEs Countries. Our executives cover the spectrum of banking, property, law and accountancy, placing us in an ideal position to review our clients’

    requirements and to prepare individual strategies to meet carefully defined objectives.

    Ariel Finance & Associates Ariel Finance & Associates


    Property Finance Arrangers & Consultancy Advisory Services

    We cannot do it alone; we therefore co-operate with a large panel of professional advisors including law firms, accountants and tax advisors, surveyors, quantity surveyors, architects, engineers, planning and environmental consultants .We also recognise that value is added by our clients’ own advisors and so work in close harmony with them to produce the ultimate financing solution.

    Ariel Finance & Associates originates property loans for developers and

    investors from 3, 500,000 to multimillion American Dollars in a discreet but sophisticated way. More than 50% of our business is transacted for existing clients.

    Ariel Finance & Associates through our mezzanine lending arm, provides the

    missing link, top-up finance, for property development, trading and investment. Our Associate is an ‘alternative lender’ and provides short-term loans in time-

    critical circumstances to overcome planning and other issues.

    Most people, especially "first time buyers", tend to

    think only in terms of approaching their own banks

    when it comes to arranging finance. We are

    independent and as such have access to all the USA

    as well as UK's and Europe commercial lenders.

    Knowing which lender to approach is the key as not

    every lender is interested in lending across the

    complete range of business sectors. They are competitive only in the sectors in which they are keen to lend. As we understand the requirements and criteria of individual lenders, we can offer you our specialist knowledge of the lending

market and it’s players, thus providing the best solutions and the most

    competitive package.

    Ariel Finance & Associates deal solely, with senior lending managers, who

    because of their own personalised lending discretion's are able to make their own decisions with minimum decision makers involves .

    Our companies are innovators who combine property financing techniques with specialist skills in banking arrangements, structures and taxation . We are proud of our reputation, achieving results on time, every time. We value highly our strong, enduring relationships with the major lending institutions. "No" is not a word we readily accept. Whether your requirements are large or small, simple or complex, discuss them with us we may reject your project but not your business. We are sure that you will respect us by rejecting your project and save your funds for better options after all your success is our benefit . Our approach to the traditionally staid world of business finance is refreshingly different. Our view is that Finance is a business service albeit the most vital component towards the success of any growing organisation.

    Your business will need financial advice and access to

    innovative and competitive finance products throughout its'

    lifecycle - from start up through the growth phase and on to

    potential disposal. The shape, size and dynamics of your

    business will not always conform to the established models of the high street banking organisations who themselves are becoming ever more selective with cumbersome, centralised decision making structures. This is where we can make a real difference.

    As an established and respected organisation we have invested heavily both in time and information technology to build strategic relationships with over 200 world lending organisations. This allows us to cater for every type of mainstream or niche financial requirement and levels of status and associated risk. Coupled with the most aggressive interest rates, flexible terms, financial products and attitudes to lending that sit outside the norm, we can virtually guarantee a solution to meet every need and within a timeframe that makes the difference.

What we offer:

    We provide free and impartial advice on the most cost effective and appropriate form of finance to suit your business requirements. Whether you require business venture / start up finance, funds to purchase and develop property, bridging loans, asset and vehicle finance or cash flow improvement services we guarantee to have a solution to meet your needs.

    Fully Managed Service…...

    Managing you business is tough enough without having to devote valuable time to the administration associated with applying for and securing business finance. Following initial consultation we will handle every aspect of the application process right up to the transfer of funds or delivery of the asset being financed.

    Our Experience......

    Our team of Business Finance Consultants are mature and experienced professionals each with management experience across many sectors of the market. Each has undergone rigorous training and certification in business finance. Whatever, your current business issues be assured that our team will have worked these through on many previous occasions.

    Our Philosophy and Values ... …

    We provide the highest standards of professional advice and services to all our clients. We invest time to fully understand your business and future objectives and will produce financial solutions in line with these objectives. We work hard to become a friend and respected business partner of all our clients.

Adverse Credit Status...

     We work with literally hundreds of different lending organisations who cater for all sectors of the market and all levels of business status and credit risk..

    The Next Move......Our advice is free so whatever your financial requirement we advise contact us before any act or step in your project .

Why choose Ariel Finance & Associates & Why we need to be your first choice

    for finance.

    1. Fast & reliable response

    We understand the need for a quick decision and a speedy completion and we are geared up accordingly, provided we are supplied with accurate information.

    2. A flexible approach

    We do not adopt the narrow and blinkered view of some inflexible financial institutions.

    3. Flexibility

    Flexibility is our trademark and we are constructive in our approach. Every case put to us is dealt with on an individual basis. If an application does not fall exactly within our criteria do not feel inhibited about telephoning or sending email for an in principle discussion.

    4. Competitive Terms

    We offer a premium package and our interest rates and charges are significantly lower than those charged by other lenders we do fight for our clients ;

    5. Substantial resources

    Many financial advisers frequently complain that the demand for business substantially exceeds available resources - WE HAVE NEVER REFUSED A CASE FOR LACK OF FUNDS WE HAVE MULTI-MILLION POUNDS and Euros FUNDS available in our lenders to be lend .

    Ariel Finance Group & Ariel Finance Group &

    Associates Associates



    Property Finance Arrangers & Consultancy Advisory Services

    Substantial funds are available for residential development and bridging funding with up to 85 % of costs possibly available. Provided the security offered stands up to a professional valuation and the borrower can show how the loan will be repaid on maturity, an offer is usually arranged and can be issued within days .

    Commercial & Residential Mortgages

    ; Commercial & Residential Loans

    ; Bridging Finance

    ; Investment & Development Finance

    ; Property Development

    ; Equity Finance & Mezzanine Finance

    ; 85 % Property Development Finance

    ; Mezzanine Finance for Property Development

    ; Senior Debt Finance for Property Development

    ; Bridging Loan Finance for Property Development

    ; Joint Venture 100% Finance for Property Development

     Our minimum Loan Size is:

    Minimum 5.000,000 for any application ; A Hotel Development

     ; Commercial Investment

    International market (no maximum) ; Residential Investment

    Ariel Finance Group Ariel Finance Group

    & Associates & Associates


    Property Finance Arrangers & Consultancy Advisory Services

Commercial Mortgage

    This is the commercial property loan for your companies needs. ; if you are looking to buy property, extend or develop your own business

    premises for owner occupation and;

    ; you want a flexible, tailored way to structure your commercial mortgage

    loan finance

    Commercial Mortgage - Key features and benefits

    ; Tailor your commercial mortgage loan to your needs.

    ; Select a mortgage repayment period between 2 and 20 years. ; Select a fixed* or variable rate mortgage the choice is yours.

    ; Choose to pay mortgage interest either monthly or quarterly. ; Choose to take capital repayment holidays for all, or part of the first 24


    ; Choose to defer up to two commercial mortgage , credit lines or

    structured loan repayments in any year**. .

    ; Easy and straightforward to arrange.

    ; A quick response to your lending requirements.

    ; Re financing

    Professionals Commercial Mortgage

    Professionals Commercial Mortgage could be the right solution for you: ; If you are a firm of established solicitors, accountants or set of barristers'

    chambers and you need finance to buy or develop premises for

    occupation by your practice.

    Professionals Commercial Mortgage - Key features and benefits

    ; Borrow up to 85 % of the professional valuation or the purchase price,

    whichever is lower (subject to status).

    ; Repay the loan over periods of between 2 and 20 years.

    ; Competitive interest margins and fees negotiated on a case-by-case basis. ; Interest only option for first two years of the loan.

; Option to defer up to two months’ payments each year.Interest rates


    ; Each facility is considered on an individual basis.

    ; Variable Rate you pay an agreed interest rate margin, which is added

    to the Bank of England Base Rate or LIBOR (London Interbank Offered

    Rate). This allows you to benefit if interest rates fall, but could leave you

    exposed to increased repayments if rates rise.

    ; Fixed Rate you pay a fixed payment so that no matter what happens to

    the Base Rate or LIBOR, you can be sure of the amount of your

    repayment for periods of up to 10 years*.

    ; * If the loan is repaid early, then an early repayment fee will be payable.

    Ariel Finance Group Ariel Finance Group

    & Associates & Associates


    Property Finance Arrangers & Consultancy Advisory Services

Property Development Finance

    This is the property development loan for you:

    ; if you are looking to finance residential or commercial property

    development either through renovation, extension or construction and

    you are

    ; a limited company

    ; a sole trader or partnership .

    Property Development Finance Key features and benefits

    ; Loan funds available to cover the purchase of land, infrastructure, site

    costs, build costs and even marketing costs.

    ; Funds drawn down as and when you need them for your property


    ; Variable rate finance options (agreed at the outset).

    ; Loan Interest payable monthly or quarterly.

    ; Flexible loan repayment periods to suit your circumstances.

    ; Easy and straightforward to arrange.

    ; A quick response to your lending requirements.

    Investment Property Finance

    To assist with the acquisition or retention of office, retail, industrial, leisure or

    residential investment properties.

    We consider investment property proposals where there is an opportunity to add value above and beyond the initial purchase price by a combination of one or more of the following:

    ; Intensive management - improving the rental income stream by letting

    voids, reconfiguring accommodation and letting, progressing rent

    reviews, renegotiating leases, etc.

    ; By procurement of an alternative planning permission, effectively

    utilising the running rental stream to buy time/service interest whilst

    the planning process is followed.

    ; By breaking up the constituent parts of the investment into elements to

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