Motor Vehicle Care - Clean Water Campaign Program Elements

By Yolanda Diaz,2014-06-17 01:33
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Motor Vehicle Care - Clean Water Campaign Program Elements ...

Tips for Preventing Water Pollution: Cobb County CONTACT:

    Kelley O’Brien

    Focus On: Vehicle Maintenance 404-463-3259

Keeping Vehicles Maintained Without Going Down The Drain

Motor oil, metals and other debris are washed on to the street, down a storm drain or drainage ditch every time it rains.

    Leaks from vehicles or spilled fluids should be cleaned up as soon as possible. This is one way to be a solution to water


Small amounts of motor oil can harm streams, rivers or lakes without being poured directly into the water. Used motor

    oil can soak into the ground, where it slowly mixes with rainwater leaching through the ground. Treatment facilities

    have difficulty cleaning this contaminated water enough for human consumption. According to EPA studies, pouring

    only one gallon of used oil on the ground can ultimately cause one million gallons of water to become undrinkable.

Oil, as well as oil filters, can be recycled at local automobile service shops (please call ahead before arriving to see if

    motor oil is accepted there). The oil, which remains in drained filters, and the steel comprising the filter housing are

    valuable resources that are too often thrown away. Ninety percent of used oil filters, found in one year in landfills in the

    U.S., equal 17 million gallons of oil and 160,000 tons of steel going to waste. This is enough to build over a dozen new


Rags used for cleaning also cause water pollution. If you have a spill or leak under your vehicle, use kitty litter or

    sawdust to absorb the oil. Sweep up the material and put it in the trash, away from exposure to moisture.

There are more tips available on home auto maintenance at A list of locations where

    vehicle fluids and filters can be recycled is listed on Here are a few locations in Cobb County:

    Municipal Location Cobb County Recycling Drop-Off Site

    1897 County Service Parkway

    Marietta, GA 30090

    Phone: (770) 528-1135

    Materials Collected / Services Offered: Used Motor Oil, Car Batteries, Used Tires (note), Newspaper, Cardboard,

    Mixed Paper (note), Telephone Books (note), Computer Paper, #1 Plastic (PETE) (note), #2 Plastic (HDPE Colored)

    (note), #2 Plastic (HDPE Clear) (note), Aluminum Cans, Tin or Steel Cans, Ferrous Metals (Steel,Iron), Brown Glass,

    Clear Glass, Yard Waste, White Goods (Non-Reusable Large appliances), Magazines and Catalogs, Brown Paper Bags,

    Nonferrous Metal, Christmas Trees, Green Glass, White Office Paper, Mattresses, Leaves, Tree Trimmings, Brush,

    Grass Clippings, Weeds.

    Web site:

    Chain Locations Advance Auto Parts


    Jiffy Lube

    Napa Auto Parts

    Pep Boys


    Chain Locations (cont.) Precision Tune

    Tune-Up Clinic

    Valvoline Instant Oil Change


    Locally Owned Stores Premier Auto

    1280 Powder Springs Road

    Marietta, GA 30064

    Phone: (770) 428-2520

    Materials Collected / Services Offered:

    Used Motor Oil (note), Antifreeze, Car Batteries, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid

Dalton Automotive

    21 Barn Street

    Smyrna, GA 30080

    Phone: (770) 427-0996

The Clean Water Campaign is a cooperative, multi-agency public education initiative spearheaded by 20 local

    governments in metro Atlanta and managed by the Atlanta Regional Commission. Its mission is to build awareness of

    water quality problems and solutions in the Atlanta region. For more information about the Clean Water Campaign,

    contact Kelley O'Brien at 404-463-3259.

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