Proposed Change to provision of Finance and Operations Provision ---

By Joel Turner,2014-08-08 07:35
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Proposed Change to provision of Finance and Operations Provision ---


    Job Title: Chief Accountant

    Responsible to: Director of UCCF: The Christian Unions

    Responsible for: Assistant Accountant, Accounts Clerk

    Liaison with: Directors, Trust Board, Heads of Functions especially Head of Development,

    Research Division, IFES, and other office and field staff as needed.


    Overall Purpose: The purpose of this role is to give strategic oversight to the financial aspects of

    UCCF’s finances, income and expenditure, as well as overseeing the accountancy

    needs of the Fellowship. The role is expected to pro-actively seek to support the

    Development (Fundraising) Team in particular in order to; give good supporter-

    relations to those who financially support the fellowship and; give good income

    analysis to guide future fundraising plans. The role will mange the Accounts Team,

    creating a team culture that is professional, customer service focussed, flexible and

    capable. The role will be invited to attend certain meetings of the Trust Board and

    Executive Team in order to help the fellowship balance the monetary and ministry

    aspects of the work.

    Nature and Scope: As this role is involved in senior decision making the post-holder is required to be a

    believer in Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord and God and be in good standing with their

    local church. They are required to sign assent to the Doctrinal Basis, to participate in

    UCCF collective worship and prayer and to model Christian discipleship in public and

    private life.


    Principal Accountabilities

    1. Strategic Financial Management

    1.1. To initiate the provision of strategic financial policy advice for the whole Fellowship. 1.2. To implement financial policy.

    1.3. To manage assets and finances across the Fellowship

    1.4. To forecast expenditure and income in order to strategically plan for expenditure and income trends that

    will affect the Fellowship short, medium and long-term.

    1.5. To oversee the other aspects of the accountancy function: the annual budget; management accounts;

    year-end, consolidation (including UCCF’s research division), and statutory accounts.

    2. Accountancy

    2.1. To undertake payroll, including maintaining records in line with statutory changes and date submission.

    Cooperating with Personnel in these tasks so that all aspects of payroll and employee rights-related

    statutory changes are dealt with.

    2.2. Undertaking other statutory tasks including contact and liaison on matters as PAYE, VAT, Corporation

    tax and responding to National Statistics (including compilation of all matters concerning employer’s

    responsibilities for submission of returns).

    2.3. To forecast expenditure and income in order to strategically plan for expenditure and income trends that

    will affect the Fellowship short, medium and long-term.

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2.4. To clear travel claims and monitor expenditure in this area

    3. Staff Management

    3.1. To take an active role in the wider UCCF management team, working closely with the other Team

    Leaders in Oxford, seeking ways to manage the staff team in Oxford well, and to respond collectively to

    the needs of the fellowship as a whole.

    3.2. To supervise the Assistant Accountant as they implement accountancy functions and financial

    administration. Undertaking sickness and holiday cover where appropriate for the Assistant Accountant,

    or pro-actively finding alternative cover.

    3.3. To either supervise the Accounts Clerk, or supervise the Assistant Accountant supervising the Accounts

    Clerk, as they undertake inputting, database, banking, ledger posting and supplier paying/reconciliation

    duties. Undertaking sickness and holiday cover where appropriate, or pro-actively finding alternative


    4. Financial Administration

    4.1. To oversee financial administration: cheque and BACS payments.

    4.2. To undertake contact and liaison with bank managers on all matters concerning mandates, facilities and


    4.3. To maintain and innovate computerised accounting packages and other programmes in order that

    accountancy duties can be fulfilled promptly and accurately, and so that development (fundraising) tasks

    can take place and be analysed, and so that day-to-day controls can be reviewed and monitored. 4.4. Liaison with UCCF Research Division and IFES about Service Level Agreements and any other areas of

    financial overlap

    5. Development

    5.1. To work closely with the Head of Development, supporting them in their role of leading the Development

    team and raising both prayer and financial support in order that the Fellowship meet’s its ministry


    6. Other

    6.1. To attend Staff Training Conference and, if required, Forum.


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