RFx Process Checklist - Identify the need

By Alexander Andrews,2014-11-26 13:34
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RFx Process Checklist - Identify the need


    Pre Kick-Off

     Pre-identify the needmeaning that you are in front of your customer enough

    time-wise to give you the time needed to conduct this RFx Process.

Create a subdirectory under ―Supplier Selection‖.

    ; Name the subdirectory ―[Project Name] YYYY‖.

    ; In the subdirectory, include the following directories:

     Agendas [meeting agendas and minutes]

     Archive [source materials used to develop the RFx or other


     Evaluation Materials [Evaluation Matrix, individual and collective


     Proposals [proposals, amendments, and BAFOs]

     RFx Materials [RFx, revisions / clarifications, contract template,

    associated materials, and RFx Tracking Log]

     Vendor Correspondence [Q&As and vendor-specific


     Create a directory in Outlook to store all project-specific e-mails.

     Pre-select Selection Committee by identifying stakeholders.

     Send e-mail to Selection Committee advising them of the upcoming competitive

    bid and that you are including them in the Selection Committee.

Develop preliminary time table and draft agenda for ―kick-off‖ meeting (see

    example agenda).

Schedule kick-off meeting for Selection Committee.

     Include agenda with meeting notice; solicit input on the agenda.

     Objective: Every document created by any party in the RFx Process should be in

    an e-format and able to ―fit‖ in an e-mail. Don’t accept hardcopy proposals.

    At Kick-Off

Review agenda at kick-off meeting.

     Discuss background and history.

     Discuss and adjust timetable.

     Determine need for vendor conferences.

     Determine need for RFx NDA.


Obtain input on prospective vendors.

Determine RFx format:

     RFI for vague requirements.

     RFP for detailed requirements.

     RFQ for commodity items where specifications and quantities known.

Verify the right members for the Selection Committee.

     Are there others who should be on the Selection Committee?

    Immediately Following Kick-Off

     Schedule all conferences and evaluation sessions immediately following the kick-

    off meeting.

     Block-out calendars with tentative dates and times for post-proposal


     Don’t wait to schedule the meetings. If you wait, you’ll run into

    scheduling conflicts.

     Use or develop a contract template for inclusion with the RFx (as an imbedded

    icon in RFx).

     Avoid ever sending out an RFx without a contract template.

     Send draft RFx to Selection Committee, indicating areas of responsibility within

    body of the RFx.

     Include deadlines for requirements to be submitted.

     Emphasize to the Selection Committee that timely, high-quality

    requirements are necessary to ensure a smooth RFx process.

     Develop Evaluation Matrix with weighting (see example) as RFx is being


     Solicit input from the Selection Committee for evaluation criteria and

    weighting. This may be done via e-mail, but, depending on complexity, a

    meeting may be necessary.

     The Evaluation Matrix should almost exactly match the format of the

    requirements. Otherwise, you’ll be doing a lot of cutting, pasting, and


Develop an RFx Tracking Log (see example).

     Consider developing a separate e-mail distribution list for the vendors and

    the Selection Committee.

    Sending Out the RFx

     Refine RFx using RFx Finishing Checklist (see ―How to Write Great RFX



     If necessary, first send an NDA and request executed copies before RFx is


     Send e-mail to self and BCC prospective vendors.

     BCC Selection Committee.

     Advise prospective vendors that they will not receive the RFx if you do

    not receive their executed NDA.

Send RFx electronically.

     Send e-mail to self and BCC prospective vendors.

     Use form language for e-mail

     BCC Selection Committee.

     Revise RFx Tracking Log based on any e-mail kick-backs or re-directs from


    Monitoring ITBs

Revise RFx Tracking Log based on ITBs

     If ITBs not received, send out individual e-mails to non-responsive vendors

    confirming that they don’t intend to bid.

    Vendor Questions

     Maintain list of vendor questions received and assign (as appropriate) to Selection

    Committee members for response.

     Provide members with ―need by‖ date for their responses.

     If a question requires an immediate answer and is relevant to all vendors,

    send out an e-mail to self with the response and BCC all vendors. Don’t

    identify the vendor that asked the question.

    Facilitating Pre-bid Conference

     Develop pre-bid conference agenda (see example) and send to respondents (via

    BCC using form language) and Selection Committee (via BCC).

     Send a reminder e-mail to Selection Committee to attend the pre-bid conference.

     Ask for a representative to be sent if Selection Committee member cannot


Verify conference room is clean and set-up properly before conference.

Greet vendors in lobby.

     Introduce Selection Committee and remind vendors of communication protocol.


     Discuss vendor questions and responses; ask for verbal questions.

     Distribute hardcopies of the Q&A document.

     Record, and later report on (to the Selection Committee), any action items

    resulting from the pre-bid conference.

    Proposal Evaluation

     Just prior to proposal receipt, finalize and e-mail Evaluation Matrix to the

    Selection Committee.

     Name the Evaluation Matrix file ―[Name of RFX] – Vendor Proposal

    Evaluation Matrix Your Name Here.xls‖ The ―Your Name Here‖ is so

    that you won’t get the Selection Committee evaluations confused.

     Based on the complexity of the project and the Evaluation Matrix, a

    meeting with the Selection Committee may be necessary to review the


     Send proposals to the Selection Committee as you receive them.

     Remind Selection Committee of when individual evaluations are due.

     Revise RFx Tracking Log

Re-schedule post-proposal conferences (meaning ―refine‖ the meeting dates /

    times you previously blocked out).

     Solicit questions from the Selection Committee for discussion at the post-

    proposal conferences.

     Remind Selection Committee of the conferences and the importance of

    attending them.

     Similar to pre-propos