unit2 wahr should I do

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unit2 wahr should I do

    Lesson Plan Presentation of Unit 2( Grade 8)

    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’m

    Zhangyanyan. I graduated from Jiangxi Agriculture University Nanchang Business College. It’s my pleasure

    to present my lesson: Unit 2 Book 8B Go for it! What should I do? The lesson plan I am going to talk about consists of four parts.

    I Understanding of teaching material and my


    II Teaching methods and learning strategies.

    III Teaching procedure.

    IV Blackboard notes.

    I Understanding of teaching material and the students.

    (1) This lesson is the fourth lesson in this unit. In

    the past three lessons, students have learned the

    mood verbs ”should” and “ could”, and they have

    learned some sentence structures, like: what should

    I do? Why don’t you/Why not…? How/What

    about…? In this lesson, students will learn to use

    all these language points to practice speaking and

    writing. Although students are familiar with this

    topic, it will still be a little difficult for them to

    compose a passage.

    (2) Teaching and learning focus: Complain about

    something politely and give out advice.

    (3) Anticipated difficulty :The differences between

    could and should; Use the following phrases to talk

    about problems and give out suggestions: tell sb.

    (not) to do, find out that…, you should/could…

    According to the above analysis, I set the following

    teaching objectives.

1. Knowledge objectives:

    (1) By the end of the class, most students will be able

    to read and recite the following words and phrases:

    have a problem, find out that, invite sb., everyone

    else except sb., lose one’s way, come across a


    (2)By the end of the class, most students will be able

    to retell the main idea of lonely kids’ problems:

    they can tell what happened to these kids and their


    2. Ability objectives:

    (1) By the end of the class, students’ oral English will

    be improved. Most students will be able to talk

    about their problems.

    (2) Students will be able to learn to get information

    by scanning and skimming.

    (3) Most students will be able to write a letter

    expressing their problems.

    3. Moral objectives:

    (1) Students will cooperate well in groups and in


    (2) Students will be interested in communicating in


    (3) Students will learn to speak out their problems and

    think out soutions.

     II Teaching methods and learning


    I adopt task-based approach. During the lesson , I will use these activities like listening to a song, guessing game, group work, pair work, role playing, survey and interview.

    III Teaching procedure.


Step 1 Warming up and revision

    1. Play a song “Happy Birthday to You”. Ask

    students to sing after it.

    Purpose:It is very useful to use a flash and an English

    song to activate our students. They will

    quickly pay attention to this class while they

    are absorbed in the flash and the English

    song. The class can be taught in a relaxing


    2. Make a survey of your partner about his/her last

    birthday party.

    Use the questions like: how was your last birthday

    party? Did all your friends come? Why didn’t he/she

    come? What did you do then?.

    Purpose: Students are usually interested in talking

    about their own daily life. This activity can

    help develop students’ background

    knowledge and also arouse students’ interest

    in reading the text.

    Step 2 Presentation

    Present the new words and expressions

    Leadin: Question: when I was at college, my good

    friends hold a birthday party for me, and we enjoyed

    a good night:

     CAI shows many pictures of my birthday party. Talk freely about the games, the activities. Present : tell all of my friends to come; find out that one of my friends did not come; I was upset, gave him a call to invite her.. Purpose: In this step, my purpose is to arouse the

    students’ interests and present the new

    phrases in a real-life situation. Meanwhile to

    help students get some necessary



Step3 Reading

    1. Show a picture of Bob , a lonely kid. Question:

    what’s happened to Bob. Let students read the

    passage quickly and find the answer.

    Purpose:Training students’ reading strategies is one

    important task for English teachers. This

    kind of activity will help fostering students’

    skimming skill.

    2. Read again and find out Bob’s problems and

    translate them into Chinese.

    3. Read the passage again and tell following

    sentences true or false

     1. __ The author is popular at school.

     2. __ The author’s friends were planning a birthday

    party for his best friend.

     3. __ Everyone in the class was invited.

     4. __ The author exactly know where the problem


     5. __ The author felt unhappy.

    Purpose:This is a kind of detailed reading, an

    important reading skill. Students are expected

    to go into deeper level comprehension. It’s a

    good example to develop students’

    close-reading skills.

    4.Role play: Make an interview : Student A acts as a reporter, Student B C D E act as those who lose their way. Use these sentences: When did you go out? Where did you go at first? How did you find that you had lost your way? What did you do when you lost your way? What should we do for fear of losing our way? Purpose: This offers students a good opportunity to

    practise their oral English , so reading and

    speaking skills are naturally integrated. After-reading

Step4 Writing

    1. T: Imagine you come across a beggar on your

    way back home, what should you do?

    Show the pictures under this situation. And let

    students guess what to do.

    Purpose: This writing task aims to enhance students’ writing skill. In this way, the four language skills are naturally integrated

    Step5 Homework

    1.Interview your parent about the problems caused

    by yourselves and write letter as if you were your

    parent, and then write back a letter about what

    you should do to solve these problems for them. Purpose: Homework is important for students to go

    on practicing students’ speaking and writing

    skills after class. The reason of my putting

    groupwork here as homework is that this

    task is repeated and easy for students to


    IV Blackboard notes.

     Unit 2

     What should I do?

     have a problem

     Find out that

     Invite sb.

    Everyone else except

    What I did wrong

     what to do

     lose one’s way

     come across

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