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Baicalin extraction process of extracting solvent_807

Baicalin extraction process of extracting solvent

     Abstract Objective To investigate the baicalin baicalin extraction solvent extraction process. Methods using high performance liquid chromatography to measure different types

    of extraction solvents and solvents with different concentrations of baicalin Scutellaria production rates. The results with 30% ethanol extract of baicalin Scutellaria yield is high. Conclusion The study can be produced in time for the development of rational processes to provide experimental basis, the production has a certain significance.

     Key words baicalin extraction solvent extraction process

     Study on the Solvents in Extraction of Flavonoids from Scutellaria baicalensis

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo discuss the solvents in extraction of flavonoids from Scutellaria baicalensis.MethodsTo determine the effect on the content of the flavonoids from the different types of extracting solvents and the solvents with different concentrations by HPLC.ResultsThe content of flavonoid was more abundant extracted by 30 % ethanol.ConclusionThe study may provide experimental foundation for the production and it is significant to the production.

     Key words: Scutellaria baicalensis; Flavonoids;

    Extraction; Solvent

     Skullcap commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for the [1], widely used, mainly for Hyperactivity, hemoptysis, enteritis, dysentery, jaundice, high blood pressure disease and pyogenic infection embolism. Scutellaria The main active

    ingredients flavonoids, including anti-bacterial active

    ingredients to the main baicalin. In the actual production, the extraction process skullcap commonly used acid-water

    extraction method [2] or alkaline extraction and acid precipitation method [3,4]. In order to make better use of baicalin, baicalin In this experiment, as the indexes, using different extraction solvent, extraction solvent at different concentrations of its extraction process were optimized.

     1 Equipment

     1.1 medicinal herbs skullcap (Hebeianguo drugs purchased in city), was identified as plant Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Labiatae dry root. The determination, baicalin content to meet the 2000 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" (?

    Department) under the requirements skullcap.

     1.2 Reagent baicalin standard (110715-200212, China's

    pharmaceutical and biological products); methanol (HPLC pure, Beijing Chemical Plant); ethanol (AR, Beijing Chemical Plant); phosphoric acid (AR, Tianjin Chemical Reagent 3 Factory);

    medical alcohol.

     1.3 Instrument Agilent 1100 Series high-performance

    liquid chromatography (Agilent Technologies); N-1000V-W Rotary

    Evaporator (Japan EYELA companies).

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 The choice of extraction solvent Scutellaria

    Scutellaria right to inspect the type of extraction solvent. Weigh each medicinal Scutellaria about 50 g, a total of six copies, one for each of two groups, Group 1 1% NaOH extraction, water extraction Group 2, Group 3 30% ethanol extraction, extracted three times each. Each 10-fold the

    amount of solvent, extraction time 1 h. After extraction filtration, combined filtrate, constant volume under test. Was determined using 2.3 extract the content of baicalin.

     2.2 The concentration of baicalin extraction solvent

    through the above selection experiments, we can see the best extraction solvent is ethanol. Weigh skullcap herbs four copies, each of about 50 g, divided into two groups, Group 1 with 70% ethanol extract in group 2 with 95% ethanol extraction, extracted three times each. 10 times for each solvent, extraction time 1 h, extracted filtration, combined filtrate, constant volume under test. Was determined using 2.3 extract the content of baicalin. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2.3 Determination of baicalin

     2.3.1 Sample preparation solution and reference substance solution to take skullcap herbs 100 g, crushed, over 60 mesh sieve. 0.3 g precision that will skullcap powder, methanol 40 ml, heat reflux extraction, the still hot leaching, washing containers and residues, placed in 100 ml flask with a constant volume of methanol to 100 ml. Re-precision drawing 1

    ml to 10 ml flask with a constant volume of methanol, shake, as a solution for the test items.

     An alternative drying to constant weight baicalin standard products, said precision fixed 1.86 mg, plus 10 ml methanol scheduled to be tolerated by the Liang Ping, the made of the concentration of 1.86 mg / ml of reference substance solution, shake, spare.

     2.3.2 Chromatographic conditions refer to 2005 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" right baicalin content of HPLC detection methods, the mobile phase was methanol: water: phosphoric acid (47:53:0.2); detection wavelength of 280 nm [5]; column temperature 20 ?.

     Column: Capcell Pak C18, (4.6 mm × 150 mm, 5 μm) Type


     2.3.3 Standard curve of baicalin production of precision drawing reference substance solution 2,5,6,8,10,20 μl,

    according to chromatographic conditions for determination of

    peak area to peak area (Y) the amount of baicalin (X) linear regression equation Y = 3 336.7X-23.199 (r = 1.000 0).

     2.4 The results were precise drawing reference substance solution and test products for the solution of the 10 μl,

    into the liquid chromatograph to measure the results shown in Table 1 ~ 2. Table 1 baicalin extraction solvent type of selection results (slightly) Table 2, the concentration of baicalin extraction solvent selection (abbreviated)

     3 Discussion

     We can see from Table 1, extract the best results is 30% ethanol, so choose ethanol as extraction solvent, and further investigation of different concentrations of ethanol extraction. Table 2 Comparison of different concentrations of ethanol extract of the results, we can see the effect of 70% ethanol extract of the best, but lower than the results of 30% ethanol or less. Take into account the cost of production, select the 30% ethanol as extraction solvent.


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    Pharmacopoeia, ? Department of [S]. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, 2005:211. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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