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    Documentaries and educational films at Lederman Law Library

    -As of February 20, 2009-

ABC News 20/20 : give me a break

    2004 13 min. VHS KF300.Z9 A33 2004

    ABC News Productions

    In segment of the television program 20/20, John Stossel examines how trial lawyers are profiting from personal injury lawsuits and how the medical profession works with the fear of these potential lawsuits. Stossel looks at the career of Senator John Edwards, a former trial lawyer and interviews Richard Scruggs, one of America’s richest trial lawyers.

Abortion and the law

    2003 57 min. DVD HQ767.5.U5 A236 2003

    Films for the Humanities & Sciences

    A documentary which focuses on the legal, moral, social, and psychological aspects of abortion in the United States. Presents clergymen, lawyers, and physicians who hold diametrically opposed views and tells of specific cases of abortion.

After the apprehension : an analysis of the showcause.

    1992 59 min. VHS KEO213 .A48

    Instructional Development, University of Windsor

    Videotape features mock child custody hearing with Judge Douglas W. Phillips, Ruth J. Raphael, Sharman Sharkey Bondy and Malcolm Kirsch as barristers.

The Amendments to the Constitution : Bill of Rights and beyond

    2003 190 min. DVD KF4557 .A534 2003

    Cambridge Educational

    "Explores each amendment, its origins, its real-world applications, its history of interpretation in the nation’s courts, and its implications for the future. Combining computer graphics, original live-action video,

    historical artwork, and archival footage with narration and interviews ..."--Container.

American government

    2004 231 min. DVD JK421 .A59 2004t DVD

    Cerebellum Corp.

    Looks at the American federal government system, covering the civil rights, civil liberties, executive branch, Congress, and the judiciary etc.

Anatomy of a hostile takeover

    1989 60 min. VHS HD2746.5 .A53


    A panel of prominent Americans in the fields of business, law, and economics discuss ethics as they relate to corporate takeovers. They consider what responsibility is owed to shareholders, investors, employees, consumers, and the public, and whether there should be a sense of fairness in the corporate world.

And that’s how a bill becomes a law

    2004 23 min DVD KF3605 A95 2004

    ABC News, Films for the Humanities & Sciences

    "When the president signed the Medicare bill into law in December 2003 it was thought to be a victory that could be savoured all the way through the election. But Richard Foster--chief actuary of the Medicare program--didn’t think so: he knew the estimated price of the legislation was $130 billion more

    than what had been claimed. When Foster made this estimate public a month later, people of both parties on Capitol Hill were furious; accusations of bribery, lying, intimidation, and political shenanigans ensued.

    More important, it seemed to push public outrage with the congressional process to an emotional peak. This ABC News program captures the moods of citizens and the thoughts on what could have been a landmark achievement for America."--Container.

The art & science of cross examination : a video

    1994 59 min. VHS KE8427 .A78

    Canada Law Book Inc.


    1998 78 min. DVD HV640.4.C2 A88 1998

    National Film Board of Canada

    Examines the Canadian refugee process by following three people (Marnush Chowdhury, Cristian Ghitescu, Tatiana & Artem Linco) from their arrival in Canada to the final decision of the refugee board.

Attorneys for the unpopular

    2005 28 min. DVD KF298 .A77 2005

    Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

    "This specially adapted Phil Donahue program presents some of the most controversial men ever to have passed the bar exam: William Kunstler ... Barry Slotnick ... Richard Essen ... Richard ’Racehorse’ Haynes ... These outspoken and radical attorneys explain the tactics they’ve used in their successful

    defences of some very unpopular clients"--Container.

    The ballad of Willie & Lucille : disappointed expectations of contract law and the legal system 2007 29 min. DVD KF801.A7 B353 2007

    University of Oklahoma, Faculty of Law

    Documentary film about the infamous Oklahoma Supreme Court contracts case, Peevyhouse vs. Garland Coal Co., 382 P.2d 109 (Okla. 1962), involving the rule of damages for breach of explicit remedial provisions in a stripmining lease.

Bill Moyers reports : trading democracy

    2003 57 min. DVD HF1756 .B55 2003

    Films for the Humanities & Sciences

     “While the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement are still being argued … corporate investors are using the obscure NAFTA provision to challenge laws designed to protect the public health, environmental regulations and even jury verdicts… This program details a system of private justice that is enabling companies to obtain what they have failed to achieve publicly in America’s legislatures or courts”—Publisher’s website.

The Bill of rights : bill of responsibilities

    2004 26 min. DVD KF4749 .B52 2004

    Cambridge Educational

    Examines the historical and modern implications of the Bill of Rights and the responsibilities accompanying those rights. Beginning with a brief overview of the U.S. Constitution, Maher focuses demonstrates history as an evolving process and the Bill of Rights as a living document. Encourages students to relate contemporary events to the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and others.

Birth control and the law

    2004 55 min. DVD HQ766.5.U5 B57 2004

    Films for the Humanities & Sciences

    Includes interviews with different religious and health officials and discusses the differences in moral attitudes towards birth control of Catholics and non-Catholics.

Black coffee : a glimpse into the dark side of the brew

    2006 174 min. DVD HD9199.A2 B49 2006

    Mongrel Media

    "Black coffee is a remarkable three part documentary that chronicles coffee’s origins in Ethiopia and its triumphant spread over five continents, sparking revolution, controversy, creativity, business and slavery all along the way."--Container.

Breaking ranks

    2006 56 min. DVD DS79.764.U6 B73 2006

    National Film Board of Canada

    Documentary about four U.S. soldiers seeking sanctuary in Canada as part of their resistance to the war in Iraq.

The Canadian federation

    1980 30 min. VHS JL75 .C33 1980

    National Film Board of Canada

    Overview of the politics, government and peoples of Canada. Explains the necessity of a federal system of government.

Character evidence

    2002 27 min. VHS KE8440 .C43

    Faculty of Law, Queen’s University

    Created for a conference held in Saskatoon, Sask. in July 1980, sponsored by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

Child abuse : a multi-disciplinary approach to sexual abuse

    1998 31 min. VHS HV6570.9.C36 C45

    Canada Law Book Inc.

The Constitution of the United States of America

    2004 93 min. DVD KF4541 .C66 2004

    Films for the Humanities and Sciences

    Videos using extensive period and contemporary images to illustrate the history and content of the United States Constitution and subsequent amendments.

El contrato

    2003 51 min. DVD HD1530.O6 C66 2003

    National Film Board of Canada

    Follows Teodoro Bello Martinez, a poverty-stricken father of four living in Central Mexico, and several of his countrymen as they make an annual migration to southern Ontario to pick tomatoes for conditions and wages no local will accept.

A Day in the Life of -- Law School Teaching

    ???? 33 min. VHS KF272.D39

    Institute for Law School Teaching, Gonzaga University School of Law?

Defending our Lives

    1993 30 min. VHS HV 6626.23. C36 D44

    Documents the magnitude and severity of domestic violence in the U.S. by featuring women imprisoned for killing their batterers. Each of these women tells her own story of abuse and the failure of the criminal justice system to protect her.

Disclosure : inside the interrogation room

    2003 18 min. VHS KE9265 .C356 2003

    Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

    "Why would anyone confess to a crime they didn’t commit? Disclosure takes you inside the

    interrogation room. We reveal the hidden techniques police use to wring confessions from the guilty -- and sometimes even from the innocent." -- CBC Disclosure website

Do unto others

    1989 60 min. VHS HM665 .D6


    A panel of prominent Americans explore the question: How much do we as individuals owe to other members of our communities? Panelists respond to a variety of hypothetical situations such as sounds of distress from a battered woman and child, a homeless woman living outside your apartment, and a man who is unfaithful to his wife and possibly risks exposing her to AIDS.

Does doctor know best?

    1989 60 min. VHS R727.3 .D64


    A panel of medical experts discuss the ethics of doctor-patient relationships. Using the case of a young woman who is diagnosed as having cancer and who subsequently becomes pregnant, the panelists discuss how much the patient should be told, who is in charge of selecting medical treatment, and whether doctors should allow their patients to commit suicide.

Ecce homo : the law

    2003 53 min. DVD K370 .L29 2003

    Films for the Humanities & Sciences

    The law is a set of rules found in all organized societies. In the modern world, many key aspects of human existence are governed by laws: registration of births, school attendance, traffic, taxation, business, procreation, and the pronouncement of death. This program discusses the application of law to regulate human conduct, including the subject of global human rights. But can any international law successfully influence sovereign nations that consider themselves independent of outside jurisdiction?

Eighth colloquium on the legal profession : the challenges of leadership, May 25, 2007

    2007 ?? min. DVD KEO164 .A66 2007

    "One of the core elements of the definition of professionalism is leadership. This colloquium will focus on that element. Lawyers can lead in many different ways. Lawyers will present papers about the challenges of professionalism and ethical issues involved when lawyers are performing leadership roles in various contexts. They will examine how being a lawyer impacts how they act in business, politics or other contexts. They will critically evaluate how well lawyers are providing responsible leadership."--Front cover.

Enron, the smartest guys in the room

    2005 110 min. DVD HD2741 .E5766 2005

    Magnolia Home Entertainment

    The inside story of one of history’s greatest business scandals, in which top executives of America’s

    seventh largest company walked away with over one billion dollars, while investors and employees lost everything.

    Errors & omissions : a loss prevention workshop from the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company

    1993 60 min. VHS KE335. E77

    Law Society of Upper Canada

Evolution of the Congress

    2003 23 min. DVD JK1021 .E86 2003

    Films for the Humanities & Sciences

    Examines how the legislative branch of the government has evolved, exploring the intended purpose of Congress and what challenges it faces in trying to remain an essential part of our democracy.

Executive branch of government

    2003 28 min. DVD JK501 .E84 2003

    Cambridge Educational

    Shows how the Constitution established the Executive Branch and provided for the separation of

powers. Examines the relationship of the Executive Branch to the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the

    federal and state government. Also examines the roles of the Chief Executive and how it has evolved

    since the Constitution was ratified.

Family law : lesbian and gay issues

    1989 61 min. VHS KE4399 .F36

    Queen’s Television

    Federal bomber 1982 14 min. VHS KF9625.Z9 F43

    Consists of the questioning of a person charged with possession of an unauthorized explosive device

    following a F.B.I. investigation.

    First, do no harm 2001 68 min. VHS RA1056.5 F57 2001

    Dramatically illustrates how small medical failures build on each other. It helps organizations

    foster an increased understanding about a systems approach to patient safety. Engenders discussion

    about a systems based approach to safety in health care and the ways in which small systems failures

    can combine to produce serious, adverse patient events.

From the mouths of children

    1993 ?? min. VHS KE8926 .F76

    CBC Educational Sales

    Gender equalit