tiger mother

By Jennifer Miller,2014-07-05 09:21
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Dear mummy:

    I really have to tell you something.

    Mummy, I know you love me so much, and I love you, too. But your love sometimes makes me hard to breath. I beg you must have a plan before my born. You have choose what I should be without me. You pick all the life for me, which school to go, what job to take, when to married and so on. I understand your love, but I can’t stand your control any more.

    Mummy, the world is so beautiful just because we are all different. You just want to make me another you. Absolutely, you are very successful, but it does not mean I should become just like you. I mean, I have my own way to go. I believe there is my destiny somewhere and I should go to find it. The meaning of my life can only be found by myself. It can not be taught.

    Mummy, actually I do not care scores much, I work so hard to get great scores just because I know they will make you happy. Mummy, you always warn me that if I just live as others, I will never get a good spot. But mummy, you should know me. I dont care about

    the big house, the sports car, a good job and so on. These things can not make me feel real happy. A life can never call perfect before you finally find what you love. Mummy, think about your childhood, do you have some dreams? Maybe you wanted to be a poet , a artist a singer or even just a clown. There is no difference between college professor and clown. Mummy, give me a chance, I promise you I will work hard, but must do what I want, not what you ask. I am an adult now, let me live as my wish. I will be responsible to myself.

     Yours daughter

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