The World Is Getting Smaller and Smaller

By Catherine Jordan,2014-07-05 01:23
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The World Is Getting Smaller and Smaller

    The World Is Getting Smaller and Smaller


    The world is getting smaller and smaller.You will say”oh,the small world”the moment you run into on the street and you meet one of the old friend,you will be surprised.In this world ,there are full of thousands and thousanda of different kinds of plants and animals.However, the wrld forests are getting smaller and smaller that the animals lost their homes,so we can say”oh,the small world”

    Why is the world getting smaller and smaller?One hand,the transport have greatly faster and faster in the modren city.You can choose all kinds of transport went to the place if you want.For example,an air journey from Beijing to American only takes several hours.That is reduced distance between the two countries.On the other hand,the modoern society creats more opprtunities for people to visit each other.We can talk to each other on the Internet,so we will find the world is small.

    Finally, the small world was not suppositional in our world.It is realistic.

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