Library Science Evolution and Reconstruction System_2957

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Library Science Evolution and Reconstruction System_2957

Library Science Evolution and Reconstruction System

     Summary article discusses the system of library science library science concepts and content, and formation conditions of the system, recalling the 19th century, nearly 200 years since the system of library science formation and development of changes in the overall evaluation of them; discuss library science Reconstruction of the need to reconstruct the basis and principles of reconstruction of a new system of library science.

     Abstract theory of vertical and horizontal title

     Key words System of Library Science / History and Present / Review and Evaluation / re-build / fundamental research

     1985, "Hubei University Library," No. 1 issued a clumsy, "On the architecture of Library Science," a text, after 1988 I was in Wuhan University Press book "Introduction to Library Science," a book written a "System of Library Science structures "chapter. These has been 10 years. Writing this article today, there are two motives: First, in the past on a system of Library Science Formation and Development of a lack of systematic exposition of the process of change and evaluation, is deeply inadequate; two libraries of today, great changes have taken place, in order to meet the

    information digitized and network needs of the times, the architecture of library science there is a need to conduct in-

    depth study and, where appropriate to make to adjust. This paper is divided into two parts, one library science system, the formation, development and evaluation, and second, reconstruction of library science system.

     The formation of a system of Library Science, Development and Evaluation of

     1.1 What is library science system and the system of formation conditions of

     Library science system is aimed at the content of library science classification, arrangement, composition and formation of an interconnected whole of mutual restraint. That is, by the interrelated and mutually conditioned library science in various categories, branches, low-level discipline, knowledge

    modules, knowledge elements constitute a whole, is a theory (theory) and applications (technology) combination. Knowledge element is the formation of library science system, the premise and foundation. Not have the knowledge element would not constitute a knowledge unit, but there will be no branch of disciplines, of course, there will be no library science system. Any one independent disciplines, including theory and application of the two aspects of library science also do so.

     Science is systematized knowledge, library science is a systematic knowledge of the library. Library of Knowledge is an individual or group of libraries working practices over a long period of gradual accumulation of experience, and then

    through people's systems thinking, draw conclusions, abstract, rose to the library of knowledge, concepts, theories; then the knowledge, concepts, theory, systematic, the result knowledge of library science unit or a part of library science, a branch

    of scientific disciplines; will be interrelated and mutually constraining some parts or some branches of science through the collation, arrangement constituted some of library science disciplines, Principles such as libraries, library science

    applied technology, etc.; a number of disciplines of Library Science was formed in library science as a whole, that is, library science system. Therefore, the library science system is based on certain scientific principles finishing out of the sum of knowledge, the library is a library of knowledge scientific, systematic, standardized, orderly, holistic. Library system is the state level, the sub-levels. It consists

    of disciplines, branches, low-level discipline, knowledge

    modules, knowledge elements of composition, is also a library

    science theory and technology, or library science theory and application, abstract and concrete integration of the product.

     The formation of library science system depends on the following conditions: First, the development of library

    practice. The development of practice learning for the library

    system and changes in the formation of accumulated experience and knowledge to explore the law of the proposal to examine the problems and issues, generate demand for library science

    theories. Second, people's understanding of the depth and breadth of the library. Along with the deepening understanding of people's libraries and the expansion of Library Science was created the need to have experience in the sublimation of the library, only the emergence of the theory of library science and library science knowledge in a systematic start. Third, the establishment of library science study. The establishment of library science study the formation of the library system, the basic premise, there is no clear object of study, it would not learn the contents of the library system. Subjects of a content system always reflects the overall object of study, or part of, the level is targeted at a particular object of study is an analysis of people's object of study and analysis of

    generalization and abstraction. The past 200 years, despite people's object of study of library science gained a better understanding, from local to all the outside to the inside, but the study of library science has never left the library,

    always around the library to study this object, which is today only Library Science content system. Some people recognize the content of library science system, and does not recognize the library as an object of study, that the library is an

    institution can not be the object of study, it is illogical. What is the object of study? Object of study is the object of awareness, that is, people think about and research as a target things. Library is an objective existence of things, is the object of knowledge of library science researchers, is thinking and research goals. If it is not the library as a natural object of study is not Library Science. The fourth is to deepen the study of library science, and only to deepen the study, the content of library science will continue to enrich only to make the experience into theory and methods, the contents do not constitute a simple system. Fifth, the launching of library science education. Library Science Education in the emergence of on the one hand depends on the

    wealth of knowledge of library science, library science system, the initial formation; the other hand, the development of education of library science, library science has also promoted the development and improvement of the system.

     1.2 Library system and the formation and development

     Library system began in the formation of the early 19th century and has less than 200 years of history, which in comparison with many of the emerging discipline system, nature seemed more ancient, are traditional discipline system, but also a more mature system of academic disciplines. It reflects the library and library science research and development of and changes, particularly in information technology, digital and network era, more energetic, is much more fresh, but also

    further expanded and improved.

     1.2.1 The 19th century is the period of the formation of Library Science System

     During this period the library learning system is not perfect, is not mature in the embryonic period. The main

    contents of the technical methods of library science, library science is the application of part of the theory so much as most of his theory is also included in the technology or applications. Library Science system first appeared in Europe,

    especially Germany, the biggest contribution of libraries and scholars, the results up. Germany is the 19th-century system

    of Library Science Research Center.

     In 1807, the German Martin Shi Lai Tingge (Martin Schret tinger ,1772-1851) first proposed a "library science" was the

    term. Shi Lai Tingge again in 1808, "library science textbook trial Filmography" a book for the first time consciously envisage the creation of library science system. He identified the object of study of library science as a "library order"

    and its main content is the library's equipment and the preparation of the directory. He is to start building the library technology, library science as the central system, from the surface to reflect the basic content of the library. 1834. In his new book, "Overview of Library Science," a book also reiterated more than 20 years ago created its own theoretical system of library science. Shi Lai Tingge proposed system of library science, though relatively simple, rough, only the technology, not theory, but after all he is the first to propose the system of library science who contributed.

     In 1821, the German Ferry Delibua Adolf Ebert (Friedrish Adolf Ebert ,1791-1834) in an anonymous article criticized Shi Lai Tingge the theme of "Finishing the library" to study the

    content areas of library science system is too narrow and

    should include library management, library science is the book that the library management and finishing. He also early as a year before the 1820 publication of the "Librarian Education,"

    a book, in this book, Albert put forward their own system of library science. In his view, the library collection covering all subject areas, to deal with these collections librarians must also have a profound knowledge, in-depth information on

    the bibliography, literature, history, ancient instruments, writing this, foreign languages knowledge, which constitute Albert Library the various branches of learning systems. His system, that is, "Libraries in the performance of library tasks required the sum of all knowledge and skills." Albert's Library System and Shi Lai Tingge a comparison of library science should be said that great progress has been rich in content, number, scope wider, more comprehensive structure, but the work of Albert the library staff the knowledge needed to and skill mix and library science system as a whole is wrong, the two are different, and not the same thing. Librarian Library of the tasks required for the implementation of the knowledge, that is, the curriculum of library science

    education system or education system should be higher than the contents of a broader system of Library Science wider, including not only the library of professional knowledge and technology, but also with the scientific and cultural knowledge and language. Library system is limited to the contents of the object of study of library science, which is commonly known as library science expertise, which includes theory and application of library science or library science principles and technical methods.

     Albert's of library science system has been the Danish Moerbeixi (Christian Moltbetch ,1783-1857) support, and in

    1829 published "On the Public Library," a book, Albert systematic architecture of Library Science This is later referred to the West library science historian Albert -

    Moerbeixi Library system. This system after Zoller (E. Zoller ,1822-1902) The inheritance, in his 1846 book, "Summary of Library Science," a book so that this structure tend to perfection.