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Content_Partner_Quick_Tourdoc - Identify an instructional need in

    Content Partner Web Site Tour

    Take a Quick Tour of the Verizon Thinkfinity Content Partner Web Sites

Below you will find a series of challenges to help you discover what is available at each of the Content Partner

    Web sites. Begin by going to the Verizon Thinkfinity Web site and choosing Content Partners from the About Us

    link. Then click on the title of one of the Content Partners. Complete the challenges listed within the table below

    for that Content Partner. Take notes so you can recall this information in the future.

    Partner Site Challenge Notes

    Click on Lessons and notice the

    three filters. How many lessons are

    available for middle school students

    in the visual arts?

     Scroll to the bottom of the ARTSEDGE

    page to locate “Arts Days,” the

    calendar of activities, multimedia

    links and lessons associated with a

    given day. Select tomorrow’s date

    and describe the results.

     To learn more about the latest

    economics news and information,

    click on the Current Events link at

    EconEdLink. Select one of the

    featured events and review one of

    the related lesson plans. What is the

    difference between the teacher and

    student versions” of the lesson?

    From the EconEdLink homepage,

    describe how you would locate a

    lesson on “money for grades 3-5.

    The subject catalog is organized into

    four subject areas. When you click

    on any one of these, the subject

    navigator allows you to further

    search by what two criteria?

     Visit the EDSITEment calendar.

    Review the legend for types of

    resources you will find on the

    calendar. List one activity with its

    designated resource type and

    describe how you might use it. Copyright ? 2010 Verizon Foundation. All Rights Reserved. This document may be reproduced and distributed solely for uses that are both (a) educational and (b) non-commercial. Any reproduction or distribution of this document for any other purpose, including commercial gain, is strictly prohibited. Revised - 11/8/10

    Content Partner Web Site Tour

Illuminations offers over 100 online

    activities. Click on the Activities link,

    check one of the grade level boxes and then click on “Search.” Select

    one and explore its features. Does

    the activity list an associated lesson


    Under Standards you will not only find the actual standards for Mathematics, but Electronic

    Examples and Video Reflections. How can the Video Reflections help teachers?

     There are many student interactives available on ReadWriteThink.