Audio-visual media - junior high school English teaching is a good helper_38

By Ricky Evans,2014-10-30 10:44
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Audio-visual media - junior high school English teaching is a good helper_38

    Audio-visual media - junior high school English teaching is a good helper

     Abstract In this paper, the content of teaching practice, to explore the teaching of English in junior high school audio-visual media to optimize the use of classroom teaching

    and how to use various types of audio-visual media, to

    effectively improve students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. I adhere to the people-oriented, teach him to

    fish the teaching philosophy, student-centered, focusing on

    students of communication ideas and cultural awareness, and in the process of teaching and learning everywhere reflect the true characteristics of communication, so that students use the language produce genuine knowledge really. Multi-level

    activities, settings, a full range of language training, through Western history and culture, a comprehensive understanding of the language up to the true sense of the exchanges, so that English "live" together.

     Key words audio-visual media, the teaching of English

    proficiency of students of English cultural qualities of

     Information is the world's economic and social development trend of network technology and multimedia technology as the core of information technology has become a creative tool for developing human capacity. In recent years, audio-visual media

    in the classroom teaching by teachers in more and more attention. Audio-visual media, image, intuitive, high-capacity

    characteristics make classroom teaching to become a lively, colorful, fully mobilize the students interest in learning, increased enthusiasm for study, and effectively improve the educational quality of teaching.

     1, English-visual teaching media technology development and application of

     China's English-visual instruction from the start has been 10

    years teaching middle school English Electric introduced the early hour, but the relatively simple tools and equipment, has been committed to tape as the main media. True in the modern sense of the audio-visual equipment and teaching methods in

    use and popularity in our country in terms began in the late eighties, in the mid-nineties into the rapid development


     Person's cognitive processes is from perceptual to the rational, and then from rational to practice the process of teaching of English power in full compliance with the laws of this recognition. One of the important functions of audio-

    visual means is to visualize the abstract material, the use of sound, color, shape, King to strengthen the brain, central nervous system, and to establish information links, and induce a rapid response to the brain to enhance memory processes, improve memory efficiency, to reduce teaching time, increasing the capacity of the purpose of teaching information. Thus electrochemical process of teaching English, that is, under

    the guidance of the teaching methods, teaching media give full play to its own functions and features. Advantage of the capabilities of the device into the process of teaching advantages. English language teaching in the basic laws of

    electricity that the audio-visual media and the teaching of

    English in the interaction, constantly running-in can be

    consolidated and perfected, and raising the level of English language teaching to inject new vitality.

     English-visual teaching every step of the development are

    inseparable from the teaching media updates. A new teaching method is often to create and promote a new teaching form of the direct driving force. Thus, upgrading of technical equipment will radically enhance the development of the

    electric intensity of teaching and promoting it to a deeper level. Technology continued to shorten the development cycle,

    English audio-visual tools and technologies to promote the development of increasingly accelerated pace. From the development of instructional media can be seen in less than a hundred years of evolution, from the radio, slide projectors, film, tape recorders, television, video discs, computer, multimedia technology to the information highway, audio-visual

    media, has developed into a single information form Set in one of the holographic optical sound patterns. The development of this ever-changing electronic teaching of English has brought new challenges and opportunities, but also to make this lack of awareness and preparation of secondary school English

    teaching in a power behind the passive being. Therefore, to understand and master the audio-visual media and the intrinsic

    link between the teaching of English for the promotion of our depth of education reform and promote the development of

    visual teaching becomes essential.

     Based on the teaching of English law, combined with nine years of compulsory English syllabus on the teaching objectives of the provisions of secondary school students learning English from a cognitive psychological

    characteristics of starting the process can be divided into four classes of English Lesson typical type, namely the integrated the new classes, reading training sessions, review the consolidation of classes, communication classes to use. English teaching, including knowledge of language structure, teaching, language teaching and communicative competence skills development the formation of the teaching of three parts. In a "teacher-led learning as the main body, Jing Jiang multi-practice" principle, under the guidance of junior high school English teaching to reflect the fundamental purpose is to train students to use English in communication with an initial capacity of this feature in the actual teaching process, we should The new instruction will be integrated

    placed first, will read the training courses and refresher courses placed on the consolidation of which will be subsequently placed in communicative use of classes to reflect the laws of language learning. Namely: the old knowledge review, Horizon presents mechanical imitation ? ? ?

    communicative use of intensive training. These four classes-

    type or steps are interrelated and interdependent relationship is a step by step from knowledge to ability. Nine years of compulsory teaching of the design layout requirements English

    language teaching focuses on English communication abilities, so in actual teaching should not be more than imparting knowledge as English classroom teaching purposes, and make the cultivation of language skills and communication abilities on

    the prominent position. So, English teachers have to rely on audio-visual media, the creation of a variety of contexts, to provide students with as much as possible and the real opportunity to imitate, practice and use of language, in order

    to achieve the scenario for language learning, in practice, have mastered the language and to strengthen the impression that gradually knowledge into skills in English learning goals.

     Second, the use of audio-visual media-optimized platform for

    junior high school English teaching

     The teaching of English in their daily frequently used in audio-visual media are: tape recorders, DVD players, videos, language lab, slide projectors, overhead projectors, television sets, computers. These audio-visual equipment for

    the teaching of English provides a broad analog and imagination, so that students can within the limited 45 minutes, acquire more knowledge, so that students from a passive acceptance to take the initiative to strive for, and thus faster and more efficient completion of teaching tasks, and comprehensively improve the educational quality of teaching.

     1, diligence and use audio-visual media, and root out the

    happiness factor, a strong interest in learning English

     Cognitive psychology, the students, "learning" the decision is a direct factor in learning outcomes, teaching materials, media and all other external conditions, though important, but they were only indirect factors that affect their learning. Interested in is the best teacher, according to students and

    ask questions, curiosity, love to do the characteristics of the game and root out the materials in the "happiness factor" in close connection with materials knowledge points, and to improve interest in learning English. Such as the Junior

Oxford English 8B Unit4 A charity show - Reading in, He gave

    the money to the Project of Hope. Described in the fund-

    raising activities for the Hope Project. Project Hope can be related to the data projector to enable students through pictures, to deeply feel there are many people who need help, we have to cherish the present conditions, a good effort to study. This is also in unconsciously use a second language, to enable students to feel and is very close to their own lives around, can be said to have used what they have learned. If by listening to radio programs that: There is a girl who got leukemia, the need to fund-raising, you can learn according to the text, do a fund-raising plan, the proposed text, as some students engage in long-distance run fund-raising, and some

    students thought of someone else to use after-school private

    tuition to fund-raising, and some students thought the use of the school radio station, live recording, said that extracts of her case to launch fund-raising, even though this is only

    simulated, but the enthusiasm of students has increased greatly.

     2, Using audio-visual media, to create a learning environment to develop self-learning ability

     A good learning environment that promotes people's learning; adverse learning environment is not conducive to education, teaching the role and impact. In the mother tongue learning environment, surrounded by English as a symbol system, but appear dull, or even the experience because it does not give the appropriate information has become abstract. Many

    students, after a period of time in school do not like to learn, because it is difficult for the reality is not easy to