Lindera aggregata Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of_3000

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Lindera aggregata Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of_3000

Lindera aggregata Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of

     Author: Leung Hon-ming, Xiao-Ling Guo, FENG Yi-

    Fan, Meng-ching

     Key Words Lindera aggregata;,, supercritical CO2

    extraction process;,, Lindera aggregata ether lactone

     Abstract: Objective To investigate the supercritical CO2 fluid extraction of the optimum active ingredients Lindera aggregata. Methods orthogonal experimental design, in order to obtusiloba ether lactone content of the indexes, examining

    extraction pressure, extraction temperature, pressure and analytical analysis temperature four factors. Results The optimum extraction process conditions were: extraction pressure of 20 mPa, extraction temperature 35 ?; analytic

    pressure 8 mPa, analytical temperature of 55 ?; extraction

    time 4 h; CO2 flow of 20 L / h. Conclusion CO2 supercritical fluid extraction technology for extracting the active ingredients of Lindera aggregata method is simple and suitable for industrial production.

     Keywords: Lindera aggregata; supercritical CO2 extraction process; Lindera aggregata ether lactone

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo study the optimal technology of supercritical-CO2 fluid extraction (SFE-CO2) on Combined

    Spicebush Root. MethodsContent of Linderane was used as index

    to evaluate the technologies based on orthogonal design, in which 4 factors considered were extraction temperature and pressure, separation temperature and pressure. ResultsThe optimum extraction conditions is: extraction pressure = 20MPa, temperature = 35 ?; separation pressure = 8MPa, temperature = 55 ?; extraction time = 4 hours, and CO2 flow rate = 20 L / h. ConclusionSupercritical fluids extraction method is simple for the activities of Combined Spicebush Root, and useful for

the large scale production.

     Key words: Combined Spicebush Root; SFE-CO2 technologic

    study; Linderane

     Lauraceae Lindera aggregata Lindera aggregata for Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.'s Dry roots. Lindera aggregata Weixin warm in nature, with a cis-gas and pain relief, Wenshen

    cold-dispelling effect. For the treatment of abdominal pain, gas inverse Chuan Ji, bladder virtual cold, enuresis frequent urination, hernia, dysmenorrhea and other card [1]. The main chemical constituents of Lindera aggregata as straight-chain

    fatty acids, monoterpene and sesquiterpene furan compounds [2]. In this experiment, extraction rate, ether extract of Lindera aggregata lactone content and the total extraction volume as an index, using orthogonal experimental design to

    study the best supercritical CO2 extraction process, for the further development and utilization of Lindera aggregata provide a reference.

     An apparatus and materials

     HA2315006-type supercritical extraction unit (Jiangsu Nantong Hua Industrial Co., Ltd. supercritical); WatersHPLC (Waters 515/2487); Diamonsil C18 column (200 mm × 4.6 mm, 5

    μm); TL-9900 chromatography workstation; one hundred thousandth of electronic balance (Sartorius); Lindera aggregata ether lactone reference substance (Chinese medicines

    and biological products); Lindera aggregata Origin Zhejiang, Health and Medicine Teaching and Research by the hospital was identified as Lindera aggregata Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.'s dry roots, crushed into 10 ~ 20 mesh back.

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 SFECO2 Extraction of the basic flow will be put into powder 300 g Lindera aggregata extraction kettle, the kettle

    on the extraction, analysis kettle ?, tank heating,

    respectively, when the reach the selected temperature, turn on the system, the additional CO2 gas cylinders pressure, when the reach the selected pressure, began circulating extraction,

    and to maintain constant temperature and pressure. When you

    reach the selected extraction time after discharge from the resolution's mouth kettle ? expected, too brown, semi-

    transparent, clarifying the oil-like extract of Lindera

    aggregata calculated extraction rate (extraction rate was obtained per 100 g herbs extract volume).

     2.2 Determination by "Lindera aggregata" under [1] were measured by HPLC in extracts of Lindera aggregata ether lactone content, and calculate the total extraction volume

    (total extraction volume per 100 g medicinal ether lactone extracted from Lindera aggregata amount). Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2.3 The extraction conditions of selection options orthogonal extraction pressure (A), extraction temperature

    (B), parsing the pressure (C), parsing the temperature (D) 4 major factors, each set up three levels, four factors, three-

    level orthogonal design of Experiment L9 (34), pairs of Lindera aggregata to supercritical CO2 extraction. Factors in

    Table 1, experiment result analysis in Table 2.

     Table 1 Extraction of four factors, three-level

    orthogonal experimental program and the results (omitted)

     * Are the mass fraction of

     Table 2 Orthogonal experiment analysis (omitted)

     2.4 Orthogonal experimental validation of experimental results from Table 2, after a comprehensive analysis of the optimum conditions for this experiment A1B2C2D3. Taking medicines Lindera aggregata 30 kg (n = 3) according to the best technology of amplification pilot experiments, each batch out of the oil rate was 3.88%, 3.32% and 3.73%; Lindera aggregata Lindera aggregata ether lactone in oil content were was 3.92%, 4.33% and 4.07%.

     3 Discussion

     3.1 From the orthogonal experiment results, the

    observation of different indicators have different optimal extraction process. With the increase in extraction pressure, extraction rates have increased, but the ether extract of Lindera aggregata lactone content and the total extraction

    volume would decrease, possibly as the pressure increases, supercritical CO2 fluid density increases, Uzbekistan drug solubility in the polar component of a strong increase in oil yield increased, but the increase only other impurities in the composition; from a cost perspective, effective extraction of total is the main component, and therefore determine the optimum conditions for this experiment A1B2C2D3, namely, extraction pressure 20 MPa, extraction temperature 35 ?,

    parsing the pressure 8MPa, parsing the temperature 55 ?, CO2

    flow rate 20 L / h, extraction time 4 h.

     3.2 CO2 flow rate increases have been beneficial to extract from the material to the proliferation of supercritical fluids, so that extraction rate increased, with the CO2 flow rate reached 30 L / h and above, significantly reduced the rate of extraction may be due to flow too fast, so fluid inadequate contact with the material, was not enough time in the analytical extract precipitation tank was washed back to extraction kettle in Er Shi extraction rate has

    dropped, so this experiment selected CO2 flow 20 L / h.

     3.3 Law no solvent residue, process is simple, time is short. This test of choice with the best conditions for the oil extracted from Lindera aggregata brown-yellow transparent

    oily clarification, the active ingredients are highly concentrated, is conducive to the further development and utilization of this product. 3 batch pilot products and results are basically consistent with the experimental results indicates that the extraction conditions, good stability, high reproducibility, can be applied to industrial production.


     [1] State Pharmacopoeia Commission. Chinese

    Pharmacopoeia, ? Department of [S]. Beijing: Chemical

    Industry Press, 2005:53.

     [2] Zheng Hu account, Ze Wang, She Jing. Modern traditional Chinese medicine research and application, volume 2 [M]. Beijing: Academy Press, 1997:72. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://www.hi138. com

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