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    句子;1.It is said that Ken Livingstone,the Mayor of London ,is planning to make taxi drivers negotiate their fares with customers before they take a ride .

    2,He would gently administer a shot.

    3.sites of pleasant memories that were revived with each visit.

    4.The tulip is associated with the Netherlands.

    5,The government is all too aware of the financial burden on the economy.

    6,She scanned the menu outside the restaurant ,but decided it looked too expensive. 7.Many of Singnapore is four million residents have been sacked or are living in constant fear of losing their jobs.

    8,He lived with the expectation that he would win the championship someday. 9.As a reporter , I was paid to intrude on personal relationship.

    10.When the news of her husband is death was broken to her, the poor woman was overcome with grief.

    11.He wishes to write an article that will attract public attention to the delicate matter. 12.The president arrived by helicopter to witness a scene of absolute chaos. 13.Foreign trips offer a tremendous opportunity for national leaders to develop links across frontiers and to promote their country and its interests abroad.

    14.When Ellen heard the footsteps behind ,fear crept into her mind.

    15.The escaped slave was dragged out of his hidingpalace and brought back to his master.

    16.He could live a delicate and luxurious life after he had amassed a large fortune. 17.The handle pulls so easily that a child can open the door.

    18.The company held the meeting to deal with growing competition in the market and decide on whom to promote .

    19.Doctors carrying out tests to decide the nature of her illness.

    20.To attempt a solution to the problem of finding a set of possible locations for the electricity generating plant would be extremely timeconsuming and very costly.

    21.It is good practice to skim through the book from beginning to end .

    22.Peter put down the papers he was marking and reached for his cigaretters and matches. 23.Fashion companies that sell in more than one country need to be alert to different national tastes in color.

    24.It is an utter mystery.

    25.Some of her patients swear by it.

    26.By way of illustration ,he described the loneliness and isolation experienced by the elderly in his hometown.

    27.Make sure you secure the locks on doors and windows before leaving the house. 28.Machiael continued to help his parents with their farm chores .

    29.The committees have been set up to investigate matters of public concern,check on government performance and debate economic plans and government budgets.

    30.Sometimes a young reader would define an attractive author as one with whom he or she would like to spend a day .

    31.The manager believed that all homeproduced cheese would rise in price and that the number

    of varieties would shrink .

    32.Laura closed her eyes for a moment as they continued to revolved around the dancefloor.

    33.I could see the pile of books tottered but could not reach them before they fell .

    34.Some railways in the country have reached senility ,but with the right investment and use , they wil be kept alive.

    35.And with the aid of the moonlight was able to make out the shape of the house in the woods. 36.Where people would pick up handfuls of gravel and sort out the diamonds.

    37.She eagerly embraced the offer of a trip to Europe.

    38.Sharing the happiness of the occasion with friends intensifies our joy.

    39.The strong wind last night swept the leaves into huge heaps.

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