Lithospermum burn spray Preparation and pharmacodynamics_3106

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Lithospermum burn spray Preparation and pharmacodynamics_3106

Lithospermum burn spray Preparation and pharmacodynamics

     Abstract Objective To develop Lithospermum burn spray and preliminary pharmacodynamics experiments. Method of selecting the optimal preparation of Lithospermum burn spray process,

    its active ingredient L shikonin for qualitative identification and quantitative determination of a quality control study using experimental burn model of the therapeutic effect of aerosol sprays. The results process is reasonable, quality of preparation and stability, quality control methods; animal experiments show that its anti-inflammatory role in the

    promotion of wound healing and shorten the burn healing time significantly increased. Conclusion Lithospermum burn spray process is reasonable, quality control, has a therapeutic

    effect on the burns.

     Key words Lithospermum; burn spray; Pharmacodynamic

     Boraginaceae Lithospermum plant for Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia Lithospermum Lithospermum or dry roots, spring and autumn quarter of dredging to remove sediment surface drying the Xinjiang Lithospermum (soft Lithospermum) Arnebia euchroma Royle primary produced in Xinjiang, Tibet and other areas; Lithospermum ( Hard Lithospermum) Main produced in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Hunan, Guangxi and other

    provinces; produced in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Lithospermum master. Lithospermum is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine in China, sweet, salty, cold, in the final heart, the liver. With a cooling blood, promoting blood circulation, detoxification, etc. Touzhen effect. "Compendium of Materia Medica," reads: Lithospermum "treatment spotted. Plaques drugs, blood circulation cooling blood, Lee stool."

Studies have shown that Lithospermum also has anti-

    inflammatory, anti-allergic effects and impact of immune

    function [1], the main component of red pigment from Lithospermum or five kinds of natural red pigment in the best of a kind, "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" collection contained species of Xinjiang, Mongolia Lithospermum Lithospermum or dry

    root [2]. Xinjiang Lithospermum naphthoquinone pigment compounds containing 4.40% ~ 6.99%, the main features are: cooling blood, promoting blood circulation, detoxification Touzhen for the blood of heat-toxin-shing, Zihei rash, measles

    can not figure, sores, eczema, water and fire burns [2].

     Is now widely used in clinical Lithospermum burn ointment is the theory of Chinese medicine under the guidance of TCM into full play the advantages of the treatment of burns wounds and ulcers, applied to the treatment of burns wounds and

    ulcers, due to the use of ointments inconvenience this issue on the basis of the traditional prescriptions through the optimization , re-group parties, to change the formulation to form a new dosage form of Lithospermum burn spray. Provide a

    new treatment for burns or dosage forms.

     1 Equipment

     1.1 Instrument

     WS70 fast infrared dryer (Shanghai Jinping Instrument Co., Ltd. Tongzhou Branch), GZX DH 40X45 Electric Ovens

    (Shanghai Yuejin Medical Instrument Plant), constant temperature water bath pot (Yuyao Yaxing Instrument Co., Ltd.) , rotary evaporator (Shanghai Nobuo Technology Co.,

    Ltd.), Shimadzu UV2401PC UV - visible spectrophotometer

    (Shimadzu), TGL 16G high-speed centrifuge (Shanghai


     1.2 Materials and reagents

     Lithospermum, dandelion, cork, borneol, ethyl ether, Tween 80, beeswax, ethanol, silica gel G, CMC Na,

    soybean oil.

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 Preparation of [3]

     2.1.1 prescribing the composition of Lithospermum, dandelion, Treats, borneol and so on.

     2.1.2 System Act

     Take sesame oil heating; has joined the crush off

    dandelion, Lithospermum, filtration. Phellodendron powder with ethanol reflux, evaporation, leaching, adjusting pH, leaching has been added to the post-melting wax, fully mixing the

    resulting post-added to the front of Lithospermum oil, take

    borneol, dissolved in ether, the mixing uniformity can be.

     2.2 Quality Standards [4,5]

     2.2.1 Determination of L-shikonin

     Preparation of reference substance solution: Precision Weigh-L shikonin standard 5.0 g, placed in 100 ml of the

    flask, by adding ethanol fixed volume, that is to be the solution concentration of 0.05 mg / ml standard solution reference standards, labeling placed on standby .

     Preparation for the test products: Precision capacity to take samples of liquid 0.5 ml, placed in 50 ml flask, the constant volume, after shaking for the test materials were solution label placed on standby.

     Determination of Wavelength Selection: reference [4] to ethanol as a blank control, the preparation of test items for

    a certain concentration of standard solution and the reference substance solution at a wavelength of 400 ~ 600 nm within the scanning, the results for the standard reference substance solution and test products fluid were occurring at the 516 nm

    maximum absorption peak, the measured wavelength chosen as 516 nm.

     Preparation of standard curve: precision drawing 0.05 mg / ml of L-shikonin reference substance standard solution 1,2,3,4,5 ml, were placed in 10 ml flask in ethanol fixed volume; to make ethanol, a blank control, In the measured absorbance at 516 nm to absorbance of the vertical axis, L

    shikonin concentration standard reference substance for the horizontal coordinate regression, regression equation: A = 18.771C 0.006 2, r = 0.999 9, (r = 5), L-Lithospermum in 5 ~

    25 μg / ml concentration range a good linear relationship.

     Stability of the experiment: lessons for the precise amount of liquid test product, respectively, repeated in the 0,0.5,1,2,3,4 h measured absorbance obtained RSD was 1.8%,

    indicating that the goods in the 4 h for the test to stabilize.

     Precision study: Take the tested product solution, measured by HPLC under 5 were, RSD 0.93%.

     The average recovery experiment: precision drawing 1.5 ml for the test product fluid, placed in 10 ml flask, by adding proper amount of 0.062 mg / ml of L-Determination of shikonin

    content determined later. Calculate the recovery rate, the results in Table 1. Table 1 The average recovery experiment (omitted)

     Determination of Sample: Precision drawn for test solution 0.5 ml, constant volume by adding ethanol to 50 ml, ethanol did blank control at 516 nm wavelength was measured by absorption, into the standard curve equation, calculation of content, measured for the test product Lithospermum average

    concentration of L-C = 15.3%.

     2.2.2 TLC identification test to take appropriate samples 0.5 ml, plus 95% ethanol, 5 ml, shaking was placed after the sample solution; an alternative negative reference substance 0.5 ml, plus 95% ethanol, 5 ml, shaking liquid placed on a blank after that. To L-purple pigment as a standard reference substance, add ethanol into the preparation of 0.5 mg per ml of standard solution. Points from each of 10 μl in the silica

    gel thin-layer plate in order to toluene: ethyl acetate:

    formic acid (5:1:0.1) as mobile phase up to start drying Purchase 518 nm UV lamp observation, the sample solution and the control goods in the corresponding position on the remarkable purple spots. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for

    free download http://

     2.3 irritation test

     Be Lithospermum spray hair spray in the shaved skin of rabbits (5.0 ml), 24 h after the stimulation phenomenon observed no swelling.

     2.4 Pharmacodynamic experiment [6]

     2.4.1 animal burn model

     Selected mice 30, clean-level, closed group, weighing 18

    ~ 22 g or so, male and female informal. First coated with barium sulfide paste, 5 min after the glass rod gently scrape off hair removal agent, and then washed with water to dry

    areas can be hair removal. Flooded with 70 ? hot hot hair

    removal zone 15 s up to superficial ? degree burn, 80 ? hot

    hot 15 s up to the flooding deep ? degree burn.

     2.4.2 healing drugs on mice

     The 30 rats were randomly divided into six groups of

    five, namely, shallow and deep ? ? degree-degree scald burn

    in Lithospermum spray group, Jing Wan Hong treatment group and blank control group. 0.3% of all animals with intraperitoneal injection of sodium pentobarbital anesthesia, drug delivery

    formulations administered in accordance with each group, Lithospermum spray in the treatment group, Jing Wan Hong treatment group and blank control group, administered twice a day to observe the animals healing time and healing space. The results in Table 2. Table 2 drugs on burn healing in mice

    (abbreviated) Table 3 drugs on the superficial ? degree burn

    treatment in mice (abbreviated)

     Rate = off scab scab off the wound area of the initial area × 100%

     An area of wound healing in healing rate = initial area

    × 100%

     Signs of performance: administration 1 week, the blank control group rats were loss of appetite, weight loss, significant weight loss, the other groups and normal appetite, activity freely, a slight increase in body weight, no deaths.


     Lithospermum sprays Group: medication after 3 d, 3 groups of rats significantly reduced the wound, 7 d after the granulation tissue is generated, 20 d after the majority of rat wound-based weaving generation; healing the wound with mouse hair grow.

     Blank control group: wound pus are more infected with heavier, more non-granulation group, 7 d after the granulation tissue is generated, 20 d after the wound base weave generates the majority of rats, 20 d after the not yet healed, or a small strip scar. 25 d after the execution of all animals, and record experimental data and phenomena.

     Experimental results show that: Lithospermum spray group and blank control group, compared to the rapid formation of

    drug scab, so that edema subsided significantly promote wound healing, the efficacy and Jing Wan Hong fairly.

     3 Discussion

     Lithospermum oil in the preparation process should pay close attention to temperature control of soybean oil, in the

    thin-layer chromatography experiments, using 95% ethanol as extraction solvent is best, if the use of methanol, 75% ethanol and anhydrous ethanol, the effect of are secondary to 95% ethanol; taking into account the ether, chloroform, petroleum ether and other organic solvents, but taking into account the commencement of the process of Vaseline in the solubility of these three kinds of solvents, affecting the measurement results, choosing the 95% ethanol as extraction solvent.

     Lithospermum burn spray group and blank control group, compared to drug scab can form fast, so that the rapid swelling subsided, and obviously promote wound healing, Lithospermum burn spray group and the control group, Jing Wan Hong drugs compared with 2 Group healing time similar, but the

    scab off two different times, Lithospermum shorter burn spray group. Lithospermum spray jet in the fresh wound up after 3 ~ 5 min to form a layer of transparent film with, and then re-

    spray 2 to 3 times thicker film with will not be broken, can

    contribute to drug scab formed and intact. Drugs can block the formation of crust contamination, bacterial infections and external stimulation. Has obvious therapeutic effect on the

burn with a very good medical values.


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     [2] Ge Feng, Wang Xiaodong, WANG Yu-chun. Pharmaceutical

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