Life returned to the children that give moral education to return to life_1403

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Life returned to the children that give moral education to return to life_1403

    Life returned to the children that give moral education to return to life

     Abstract 『』: intellectual life, moral education is the soul. Primary school children, a crucial period for the formation of moral character. At present mainly based on

    teaching materials for preaching, indoctrination of moral education mode, neglect of students in the collision with the real-life ethical practice and moral experience, has been unable to meet the new changes in social life today, so that moral education into inefficient or embarrassing situations. Practice has proved that, so that moral back to life, back to life a child is an out of the current predicament of moral education is one effective way.

     Key words return to moral life, the life back to a child, is

    one out of the current plight of moral education in an effective way.

     As we all know, in school education and teaching activities, intellectual life, moral education is the soul. This is because education is not only carrying forward the promotion

    of the free development of students to understand, but also carries the promotion of student feelings, attitudes, values, freedom to develop the dual task. In recent years, dependent on the overall environmental impact of social morality, moral

    education in primary school students there have been many new situations and new problems, so that our elementary educators also had a lot of loss and confusion, we need to make a new way of thinking and choice.

     Quality education and examination-oriented education to a

    large extent the focus of the collision are embodied in the utilitarian nature of examination and quality of education on the return of human nature. Teaching, while we strive with teaching materials and root out these elements of moral

    education, consistently give students a series of moral education, it is often customary to give material rigidly Luantie some "political labels", random amplification of Moral Education educational effectiveness. Students in learning materials, the atmosphere of teaching and learning environment by specific infections, most of them can be emotional and ideological education, accept and agree with the correct code of ethics, but it has not been really into reality within the norms of rational behavior, in life there is often a lot of

    moral misconduct phenomenon, showing a clear dual personality.

     The classroom, the students at the division under the guidance of those who can enjoy expressing their right to protect the environment better feelings in life they can still

    throw litter, throw their garbage ... ... completion of "Treasure Time" a lesson, students can understand the importance of time, and can recite many poems to cherish the time and make its own time to plan, and in concrete action, but it is always a passive lazy, showing inconsistencies in words and deeds; Si-Pin teaching, the moral dilemmas of those conclusions, almost 100% of the students were able to make accurate choices of right and wrong, but in real life, it is difficult to place in the moral dilemma around them to make

    reasonable judgments, often sliding to the wrong side; class service work, often make mistakes in the education of students, they often can tell if their committed "mistakes" and correct the gap between acts, but also know that "yes" or

    "no" boundaries, can be "Error" is still frequently staged feel so helpless; class teams at the theme, we are often organized students to simulate scenes of life around a certain theme, the theme of moral education on students, the students can actively participate in fun-filled, accept the ideological

    and moral education, but once in life "to restore original shape", the ethical performance of their often unsatisfactory, and seem at a loss.

     Why do at school, in the classroom the students are non-

    concepts are entirely different in real life, but Panruoliangren it?

     Crux of the problem are many reasons for the formation of an integrated, but one should not be overlooked problem is that long-term school of moral education and a variety of social

    life the link between the lack of proper, resulting in poor

    withered wisdom of student life, so that moral education in schools education mainly remain in the examination of the "intellectual" with a particular "moral scenario" level, the neglect of students in the collision with the real-life

    ethical practice and moral experience, and social life of the new changes out of step, so that our moral education not open into a pot of burning a "warm water" into inefficient or embarrassing situations.

     Primary school children, a crucial period for the formation of moral character. Seize and make good use of this critical period, the right to impose an open primary and secondary students a comprehensive moral education of students in primary schools as well as the quality of life, moral

    formation of inestimable importance. "Character and Life curriculum standards" clearly states: "Children are in the real life world of feelings, experience, comprehend and get all aspects of development. Attention to children and life

    world of the link that will enable courses to become meaningful for children, which will They really help to build their own knowledge and ability to internalize the formation of the moral quality. " So let's return to moral life, the life back to a child, is one out of the current predicament of moral education is one effective way.

     In recent years, language teaching and class teacher work, I have done the following about exploring receive better results.

     1, labor experience. Diligent and thrifty, and simple style

    of the Chinese nation's traditional virtues. I teach classes of students, most of the city only one child, enjoying a "clothing to hand out rice to mouth" and worry-free life,

    parents in their children lies in the cultivation of knowledge

    and talent, "Succeed, Wang Cheng-feng Women "anxious, but

    relatively neglected concept of child labor, hard-working

    areas such as training and education of thrift. Most of the students usually come with 10-20 yuan pocket money, spending

    money extravagantly, as long as there is a consumer

    motivation, almost never do not think that spending should not be. Time, to investigate the students pocket money situation, I was suddenly very anxious to his students, said: Today, teachers have very critical things to do, to forget that money

    with me, and ask students Jie Jie ... ... less than 10 minutes

    of my speech table to assemble a class of more than 50 students to pay up to 600 yuan that moment I was stunned. A class two students birthday, inviting students to participate

    in a private birthday party, but it must be fundraising. So the five of them took out their pocket money, plus stolen from their parents money, each scrape together nearly 60 yuan to take "Youfutongxiang" approach, common access to supermarkets

    and collective consumption. They bought the most expensive soft drinks, to the best food stalls and then, each bought a pair of craft bracelet ... ... After the incident, triggered my food for thought: As a fourth-grade students who are

    completely aware of this in the classroom kinds of behavior is immoral, will tell the truth to correct something, why are they in life is a total act out? It seems that criticism, preaching is a blank, the key is the money the students do not experience the hard work of parents, labor in exchange, the

    exchange value of the currency equal no personal experience. To this end, I organized a class of students carried out around the "a dollar's worth" to experience a series of activities: Students are required within three days to earn a

    dollar each independently, about the dollar earned by their own origins, and to earn their own How do I spending money for this element to make the arrangement, and then talk about their feelings and stories pass on to you. Student's speech and the resulting feelings of essays written between teacher and student is very enlightening. It seems that only the students themselves have a personal experience, only the teachers and parents on their requests into a deep within the self-education will save money conscious, meaningful way to

    spend money and cherish the fruits of labor of parents. In order to further the education in depth, I ask the students to approach through domestic labor at home every day to earn their pocket money paid to the activities of the parents,

    everyone has learned a life skill every week ... ... the kids at home and excitedly rush labor, mopping, washing dishes, cooking, close old, selling scrap, some of them to the cafeteria for "work" for vegetables, picking selling honeysuckle ... ... not only appreciate the work fun, earn their own pocket money, but also learn a lot of life skills, living skills training has also been strengthened, and happy parents, the child keeps complimenting more sensible, more competent. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Second, social practice. The carrier of social life is moral. The moral formation of students is not independent of outside life, despite their age, are still small, but it is also independent social person. An early age in life to foster

    their sense of social responsibility, so that they can actively participate in social life and practice of moral education work over the years proven successful experience. In order to extend the language classroom teaching, I have

    organized students to fully understand the connotation of teaching moral education at the same time, many neighboring county to lead students to investigate changes in river runoff in recent years, and vegetation protection, discussed forest conservation and the link between water conservation, enhanced students in the implementation of the natural forest protection project in our county importance and urgency of understanding, but also improves their planting flowers and enthusiasm and initiative. Completion of "Only One Earth," an

    after-school, I organized students to go to Victoria Peak Park Shi Jian "white trash" so that students can find themselves in life which are often discarded garbage, and sanitation workers to clean up the pool with the hands-spam, Internet to find

    information about "white trash" destructive pollution of the Earth, and the consequent social problems. Through several activities, such as public welfare social practice, I have classes in environmental ethics and environmental awareness

    was clearly enhanced, in the family or group outing to go out when the child often reminded the parents back to the garbage, to refrain from littering the many examples, Children gradually develop the non-throw peel, paper, packaging bags

    good hygiene practices. When they are this good behavior of adults around them constantly praise praise, they experienced the joy of success and do an environmental quality of the citizen's pride. A long time, the students a good environment for morality imperceptibly affect the environmental behavior of adult parents, for a "small pull big hands" gratifying phenomenon, which no doubt form a healthy and civilized society play a certain role in promoting the wind.

     Third, investigation and research. Educator Tao Xingzhi said:

    to become a kind of moral capacity, only to get practice in their lives, in the "learning by doing." Combination of language teaching, I venture to guide the students to the

    context of social life around the life of the "Focus", "hot spots" to undertake investigation and research, expanding the breadth and depth of moral education, but also played well with the everyday life of the language Contact the instrumental role, have a multiplier effect. I have classes for real, I have organized a "Survey of urban environmental

    pollution", "Survey of parents are working", "Survey of primary school extra-curricular reading," "approached the

    college entrance examination coverage," "county tourism resources Color" and other special investigations. In the

    survey, students with special children's eyesight and delicate observation of the feelings expressed their anxiety about environmental conditions in our county, to read good books at the desire of parents to re-work the work of understanding the

    highly competitive college entrance examination insights for the pride of our county tourism resources. They are naive and real critique of the investigation report, I am more aware of the language learning and moral education in combination with social practice in the importance of, it makes the potential of students have been developed, ideas and understanding to sublimation, not only increased knowledge, but also exercise of competence, but also cultivate their spirit of cooperation and scientific attitude, internalization of the ideology and

    morality, the effect obvious effect.

     4, engaged in activities. Students are fresh and unique personal quality of life, and in the schools in this small community, big stage, the experience the joy of a successful failure of the bitter, sharing the joy and the growing hardships. Encourage students to actively participate in school, the Young Pioneers organization's various activities in the activity of healthy personality, is a good way of moral education. In recent years, where there are Young Pioneers

    "brigade, the election committee," a message marking the major events and major festivals cultural performances, story painting and calligraphy competitions, sports competition, several Austrian essay contests and other internal and

    external activities, I always encourage students to actively participate and guide training for them, good pre-race

    preparation, so that a group of students stood out as a class, the school won the honor, and training of students "not be conceited, defeat is not hungry," the will of quality and affordable psychological setbacks, but also cultivate their sense of competition and the competitive skills to enable

    students to benefit. Since each student a different family background, living environment, differences in personality

    traits of the difference between high and low level of education has created more than 50 students in my class of individuals vary. Therefore, the attempt to create a standard model of the same students will be trained to the same

    students with different talents can only be a kind of idealized educational standards, do not meet modern educational laws. Therefore, allow the creation of different personalities, different characteristics of students to participate in development activities suitable for them to

    take proactive opportunity to develop personality traits of students, improve the formation of personality is of great significance. That as long as the good grades on a good 100 good evaluation method should be abandoned and reform.

     5, build a platform. Modern pedagogy that "children are not a need to fill the container, but rather wait for a lighted torch," "education, art, lies not in passing knowledge, but to be awakened, inspired." So, be good at discovering the children's bright spot, and the amplification, the students will be the moral encouragement, his inner successful, progressive experience on the road ahead will become a "catalyst" to promote their success from one to another successful journey of life will be sprinkled self-confidence

    of the sun. From the class to carry out a number of long-term

    adherence to showcase talents of individual students a series of activities, I am pleased to goods, slightly to the inner world of the students live. In the "can do" arts and crafts

    exhibition, you will be reminding us of scenes into the perfect combination of modern and classical arts and crafts shops, wonderful for students of art sensibility and creativity of the gasp in admiration; in the monthly issue of "hand-written newspaper ", you will not only enjoy from the illustrations in the creation of happiness, but also gain a lot & Products Qushi;" big scientific and technological knowledge ring "before, let me, as is often the highest award of the right to become teachers who know little, 1:00 actually

    I do not know who is wrong; autumn "leaves sticker" naturally gorgeous, the walls of the classroom dressed as An Autumn's Tale Garden, to arouse people fall aesthetic reverie; "ring Poetry Competition", the cadence, one climax after another; "

    Ke Benju "performance, and fair immigration, exciting;" press conference "witty remarks, it is refreshing to ... ... All

    these activities, it is not difficult as long as we note attention is paid to give the students an idea, a request, an

    opportunity to a little encouragement, would put the students in their daily lives accumulation of emotional experiences could be completely released, burst out the amazing creativity and vigor. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     6, interest activities. Children and adults, but also has its own happiness, anger, sadness and joy, and interests. Community for adults interested in a variety of venues, but the activities of Heaven and Earth for the children room is extremely small, limiting the normal development of their

    hobbies. Especially in the backward mountain counties like ours, for students interested in further development and improvement hobby sites and resources are more limited. Thus, in organizing students to actively participate in school

    activities of the various interest groups, I still class the formation of interest groups, and guide students in nature, interest in life to carry out activities to satisfy both the diversity of students interested in developing the urgent

    need, but also potential students to be multi-channel

    development, conducive to their mental health development. Such as "biological group" in the classroom set up bio-corner,

    sericulture, tadpoles, rabbit, sterile flower planting to observe the course of life, and write a small diary of

    biological; "Technology Group" in schools outside the regular exchange of scientific and technological knowledge, reports Popular Science dynamic, small-production of science and

    technology; "art production team," beautifying the classroom

    in time for the teachers to encourage students to the fine "prize"; "reading group" is more like avid reader "fans" each other rental extra-curricular books (5 minutes each day

    money), are called "non-rent can not read the book also";

    "Small Peas" computer workshops to help teachers become proficient in computer operation to solve many of the failures appeared to give the teacher a simple courseware production, retrieval of teaching the resources required. Life is colorful, the potential of students is varied, the key is to look at how we go to dig, how to activate these valuable "mineral deposits."

     Suhomlinski said: "Our belief that education should be to: develop a real person! So that every one of our own culture out of the hands of people who were happy to spend his entire life." If our education system and evaluation tools can be completely from the "examination-oriented education" out of an

    early departure from the chains; if each of us a moral worker can put aside their impetuous "Education utilitarian"

    thinking, to develop "sound moral character of the people, love life, children" as a their own educational ideals; if we all sectors of society for the ideological and moral construction of young people to build a caring environment,

    then today, we give students is the ray of sunlight; Tomorrow, we will reap countless brilliant sun!

     Return the child to life! Let Moral return to life! Your child's eyes filled with spirituality!

     Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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