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    -Angles-Saxon Poetry-began:ag settlement in England; poems, songs -Beowulf,

    地位the national epic of the english people,the only surviving full-length heroic epic in Old

    Eng,over3000lines,composed orally at the end of 6thC,written down around 10thC 故事-Beowulf, Hrothgar,Grendel怪物,mother monster,fire dragon

    --a legend of the warrior and the chieftain,a reflection of the ancient tribal society, mankinds

    struggle against nature

    --特点use of alliteration,metaphors,understatements

Artistic features of Old English Poetry

    1with no rhyme-repetition in the rhyming words of the vowels

    2structural alliteration

    3the use of vivid poetic diction and parallel expressions and metaphor:swan-road, whale path, sea-wood,wave-floater,ship

    The class nature of the Romance-the most prevailing kind of literature in feudal E The theme of loyalty to king and lord was repeatedly emphasized in romances. They were composed for the noble, of the noble,and in most cases by the poets patromzed by the noble.

Malorys Le Morte DArthur

    The death of King Arthur, is a collection of stories about KA,translated from French by Sir Thomas Malory

Chauser-a courtier,soldier,diplomat,social servant,&a poet(第一个现实主义作家;英国诗歌之父

    the founder of english poetry;英语语言大师;人文主义思想家;现实主义文学的奠基人)

    Aliterary Career&Major Works

    a-the French period1360s-1372

    Romaunt of the Rose,a translation;The Book of theDuchess,hisfirst important poem b-The Italian period1372-1385-86early Renaissance

    Dante,petrarch,Boccaccio:Troilus and Criseyde:Cs longest complete poem,an outstanding verse narrative in the english language(his greatest artistic achievement) C-the english p1386-1400,p of maturity,free from any dominant foreign influence The canterbury tales

    Chaucers masterpiece and one of the monumental works in english literature Original plan:124stories,22&a General Prologue finished, 2 in fragments Framing:fictitious pilgrimage, pilgrims ranging in status from a Knight to a Plowman Sources of the tales:folklore,italian, the Bible

    Types of tales:religious stories,legends,fables,fairy tales, country romances,etc. 5General Prologue,The Knights Tale,TheNuns PriestsTale,The PardonersTale

    Artistic Features

    -Best representation of all major varieties of medieval story

    -Interaction between tales and framing story

    -Enormous sense of humor

    -Realism:a whole ganery of vivid characters, a microcosm of the contemporary English society -Humanism: not religious, not dream vision; his belief(Wife of BathsTale)in the right to pursue

    early happiness;his good nature and detachment as author

    -Poetic language: heroic couple with ease and charm


    -Father of english poetry:heroic couplet,

    -founder of the realism tradition in english literature

    -master of the english language:the first great poet to write in current english,extended the range

    of its poetic vocabulary and meters, and established english as a literary language,contributing to the development of modern English

    -Messenger of humanism:among the first to venture into the secular,opposing asceticism,praising mans energy,intellect,quick wit,love of life,anticipating a new era to come-the Renaissance

    William Langland<Piers the Plowman>,long poem,7000 lines,picture of feudal england

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