how to chase a girl

By Michael Harris,2014-09-13 02:34
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how to chase a girl

How to chase a girl?

    Stage1. Figure out the girls mind

    1. passive: most girls are shy and will not go after boys actively

    2. complex: when a girl is been chased, what she thinks is complicate. She may feel both happy and nervous at the same time for she is afraid of been hurt.


    Stage2. Make a first impression

    When you meet for the first, there are things you need to pay attention to : 1. show motivation

    A mans charm comes from success. Now, it is too early to talk about success, so you should show the girl that you are a man with self-motivation. You are confident in your future and have a long term plan.

    2. be confident and have responsibility

    Do not act like a child. Girls hope to find someone whom they can depend on and feel safe, so you have to show your confidence and responsibility to make understand that she can rely on you.

    3. be humorous but not be casual

    You should be humorous and know when to tell a joke. That helps you avoid acting like a stiff man. But remember do not be free in your behavior.

    4. be mature

    You must keep calm and take everything in control when face with difficulties. Girls are easily attracted by you for their feeling of safety.

    Stage3 further contact

    In this stage, you must keep one thing in mind that is you should be patient. In most cases,

    it is impossible to fall in love with you or hate you at the first sight. Good impression needs to be increased as her understanding grows. So the key point is you should try to get a second chance.

    1. start from friend

    First, take your relationship as ordinary friends, then good friends, and last the best

    friend. You never tell her your love .it helps to reduce her pressure so that you are able to stay in touch naturally.

    2. be patient

    You should be patient and know when it is the right time to date with her. Avoid disturbing her life. Because if she is fed up with you, your name will be on the black list. Create opportunities to get close to her. Such as invite her to watch a film.

    3. avoid giving gift too much

    Some person often likes giving gift. In fact, it is a way to give girls pressure. They may feel that they owe you, so they would find a way to give it back. Otherwise, they may try to avoid going out with you. Giving a gift at appropriate time will help, but you must avoid sending too much presents.

    4. find out her thoughts

    Last but not the least, you should make it clear whether she has a feeling for you. That is the most important thing. If not, there is a big chance that you will be refused. Stage4 vindicate love

     Profession is actually a form to speak out your love. All you need to do is to tell her. Some

    prefer methods learn from soap opera. However, in most cases, girls may feel weird, especially when she is not into you. So youd better chose a more private way.

In conclude:

    Patience humor sincerity perseverance

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