January 2009 Topics - TOWER CITY TOPICS

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January 2009 Topics - TOWER CITY TOPICS ...


    January 2009

    The February 2009 City Council February 2009 City Council Meeting meeting is scheduled for Monday,

    February 2nd at 7:00 PM. Please

    contact Scott Salberg, Mayor, at 749-2679, or Jenni Richman, City Auditor, at 749-2343, if you would

    like to add an item to the agenda.

    To the citizens of Tower City . . . .

    December brought a huge amount of snow fall to Tower City with more snow sure to fall this winter.

    We would appreciate your patience after a snow fall as we try to get the streets cleaned off. The city’s

    snow removal contractor has experienced equipment break downs so snow removal hasn't been

    completed as quickly as normal. Thank you for your patience.

At the January Council meeting the first reading of the Tree Ordinance was heard. We are excited that

    Tower City will have an official Tree Board to maintain, plant and remove trees and shrubs in our

    community. Please plan to hear the second reading of the ordinance at the Monday, February 2nd,


The Council has discussed the issue of junk vehicles over the past several months at the monthly city

    Council meetings with no progress with the issue of removing the vehicles. It was decided by the

    Council at the January meeting that two Council members will visit with the owners of junk vehicles

    on their properties to find out what the plans are for the vehicles before we proceed with an attorney.

    We would like to work through this issue in a peaceful manner and not have to have an attorney

    represent the city to resolve this issue. Please take a few minutes to visit with the Council members

    when they visit your home.

The city currently has one open position available on the City Council. We ask that you take a moment

    to consider filling this term that will end in June 2010. Being on the Council is a lot like working with

    co-workers who all have different personalities and opinions, but are all working towards one goal. In

    our case, it is towards making Tower City a safe, clean, and enjoyable place to live. If you would like

    to see what happens at our Council meetings, please plan to attend the next meeting on February 2nd at

    7:00 PM at the Community Hall.

As always, we appreciate your opinions and suggestions! Please feel free to contact me or one of the

    other Council Members if you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed.

Scott Salberg



     stWater rates will be increasing as of January 1, 2009. Due to st Effective January 1an increase from Cass Rural Water Users, the City Council

    approved a .25 cent rate increase on water usage rates Water Rates Will steffective January 1, 2009. The current rate of $4.60 per

    one thousand gallons will increase to $4.85 per one Increase

    thousand gallons. If you have any questions, please

     contact a City Council member or City Auditor.

    Scott Salberg, Mayor 749-2679

    Ken Wobbema 749-5155

    Contact Jon Unger 749-2741

    Theresa Tallackson 749-2503


    *There is a drop box available on the South side of the Community Hall for water payments.

    *City webpage at

    *City email address is:

    Business Owners Get Your Company Noticed by

    Visitors to Tower City!

    The city is proposing an idea to ALL local business owners! Yes, that’s means all business owner’s whether you run your business from your home or shop! The city would like to purchase a 3’x2’ sign

    for local businesses to put their names on that will be installed near the café. A minimal fee of $10 per

    business would be requested to have your name on this sign. The idea is to make sure visitors to our

    community know about all the businesses that are established in Tower City.

This is a great way to advertise your business! If you are interested, please contact Jenni Richman at

    749-2343 (city office) or email:

    Snow Removal Questions or Complaints

    Please direct ALL city snow removal questions or complaints to Scott Salberg, Mayor, or a City

    Council member. The City Council will notify the snow removal operators of any issues. We

    appreciate your cooperation!

    The City Council is requesting that residents planning a building project in the near

    future please contact a Council member at least ONE MONTH prior to beginning

    work to give residents and the Council an adequate amount of time to inspect

    and/or approve the permit. Thank you for your cooperation!


    Tower City Ordinance 15-0307

    Junk, Junk Automobiles, Building Materials Storage or Accumulation Contrary To

    Public Health and Welfare. It is hereby determined that the storage or accumulation of trash, rubbish, junk, junk automobiles, abandoned

    vehicles, building materials, upon any private property within the City of Tower City, tends to result in blighted

    and deteriorated neighborhoods, the increase in criminal activity, the spread of vermin and disease, and is

    contrary to the public peace, health, and safety and general welfare of the community.

    1. UNLAWFUL TO ACCUMULATE ABANDONED VEHICLES AND JUNK. It shall be a nuisance and offense for any person to store or permit the storage or accumulation of trash, rubbish, junk, junk automobiles, or

    abandoned vehicles on any private property in the City of Tower City except within a completely closed

    building or upon the business premises of a duly licensed junk dealer, junk buyer, dealer in used auto parts,

    dealer in secondhand goods, or junk gatherer.

    2. UNLAWFUL TO DISMANTLE AUTOMOBILE - EXCEPTION. It shall be a nuisance and offense for any person to dismantle, cut up, remove parts from, or otherwise disassemble any automobile, whether or not the

    same be a junk automobile, abandoned vehicle or otherwise, or any appliance or machinery except in a

    completely enclosed building or upon the business premises of a duly licensed junk dealer, junk buyer, dealer

    in used auto parts, dealer in secondhand goods, or junk gatherer.

    3. UNLAWFUL TO STORE BUILDING MATERIALS - EXCEPTION. It shall be a nuisance and offense for any person to store or permit the storage or accumulation of building materials on any private property, except in a

    completely enclosed building or except where such building materials are part of the stock in trade of a

    business located in said property, or except when such materials are being used in the construction of a

    structure on the property in accordance with a valid building permit issued by the City of Tower City, and

    unless said construction is completed within a reasonable period of time.

If you are interested in volunteering your

    time and energy towards our community by Vacant Council Position serving on the City Council, please contact

    Scott Salberg, Mayor, for more information.

    This is a reminder to ALL dog owners within city limits, that ALL dogs are

    Attention: required to be licensed and rabies certified with the city of Tower City.

    Beginning in September 2005, the city Council established that all dogs (6 Dog months and older) within city limits are required to be licensed and have a

    current rabies certificate. For more information about licensing your dog, Owners please contact Jenni Richman, City Auditor, at 749-2343. Thank you!


    The City of Tower City council minutes for the council meeting held Friday, thDecember , 2008 at 7:00 PM. The council meeting was initially scheduled for December 5ndTuesday, December 2, 2008, but was rescheduled due to lack of a quorum of

    2008 council members. Present: Scott Salberg, Jon Unger and Theresa Tallackson.

    Guests: Sid Hinrichs, Vicki Gabriel. Absent: Ken Wobbema. City

    Mayor Scott Salberg called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. City council reviewed the Council minutes from the November 3rd meeting. Jon Unger made a motion to approve the

    minutes as reviewed. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried. Minutes

Auditor’s Report: November financial statements and bills were reviewed. Theresa Tallackson made a

    motion to approve the November bills. Jon Unger seconded. Motion carried. Past due accounts were

    reviewed with nine accounts past due in the amount of $1215.97.

Bills paid:

    Suzette Trenda $221.64 City of Fargo $14.00

    Fargo Electric Construction $780.95 Jenni Richman $415.57

    John Blaskowski $32.32 ND One Call $1.24

    Inter-Community Telephone $235.32 Xcel Energy $71.72

    Otter Tail Power Co. $1373.50 Xcel Energy $28.63

    Barnes Rural Water $1452.00 Alltel $15.67

    Cass Rural Water $656.00 Avenet $55.00

    Sid Hinrichs $45.00 Kresse & Christl Gravel $2675.00

    Belling Tree Service $1200.00

Department Reports:

    Adopt-A-Community: Two calls were made to Tower City in November.

    Sewer: OK.

    Water: OK. A representative from North Dakota Rural Water Systems spoke with Scott regarding Tower

    City’s water loss. He felt that our water loss wasn’t too high and that some of it may be due to our older water


    Streets: OK.

    Planning & Zoning: Nothing reported.

    Forestry: Theresa will have an initial copy of the Tree Ordinance ready next week for residents to review prior thto the January 5 public meeting.

Old Business:

    Beginning Again North Dakota update: Nothing to report at this time. Emergency Plan: Council will plan to meet in February with the fire department to set up an official plan.

    Junk and abandoned vehicles: Council would like advice from Brenda Rosten, Tower City Municipal Judge, on what our next step should be in cleaning up the vehicles. Auditor will contact Brenda Rosten.

    Drainage issue: Council will ask Richard Kresse to look at site with his laser level to see if it is feasible to dig

    a ditch or to fill it in.

    Veteran’s Day Breakfast: Several area Veterans attended the free breakfast at the Tower View Café. Council has plans to do it again next year.

New Business:

    Randy Mundt, Buffalo’s Renaissance Zone: Randy will be invited to attend the February 2009 meeting.

    Sid Hinrichs: Sid discussed several items with the council. The first item was his interest in renting the hall

    for a flea market/antique show/craft show during the Community Day celebration in 2009. He was interested in

    the Community Day being held in June 2009. Currently plans have not been discussed regarding next years


Community Day celebration. The next item for discussion was installing a sign near the café that would list all

    the local businesses. Sid had two estimates for the project. A 3’x2’ sign from Sign Pros cost $90.00 and the

    same sign from Cook Sign cost $200.00. Council felt this was a good idea to let visitors to Tower City know

    what local businesses are located in Tower City. Area business owners will be given the opportunity to place

    their business names on this sign for the cost of $10.00. The third item discussed was the installation of a fence

    around the air conditioning/heating unit at the hall to keep children from playing near the area. Sid had two

    estimates for this project. To build a 9’x12’ fence was $1850.00 from Dakota Fence Company and $700.00 for Sid to do the work. Council will discuss fence project at a later date.

    Richard Kresse: Bill was received from Kresse & Christl Gravel and reviewed by the council. th at 7:00 PM. First Park Board meeting: The initial Park Board meeting will be held Monday, December 8

    No council members will be able to attend the first meeting.

    Candy for sleigh ride: Jon Unger made a motion for the City Auditor to purchase candy for the December th20 Sleigh Ride. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried. thCommunity Club meeting: There will be a Community Club meeting on Wednesday, December 10 at 6:30

    PM. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Hall rental for Tae Kwon Do: Jon Unger made a motion to charge Joe Fodera, Tae Kwon Do Instructor,

    $100 per month for use of the hall beginning this month. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried.

    Schedule public meeting for rezoning issue: The public meeting to discuss the rezoning of several thcommercial lots to residential will be held on Monday, January 5 during the regularly scheduled council

    meeting. Also at that time the public meeting regarding the first reading of the Tree Ordinance will be held.

    Federal Land Grant “Telecommunications Cable” Railroad Corridor Class AT&T Settlement: Theresa

    Tallackson made a motion to sign and return the AT&T Settlement forms for the city of Tower City to receive

    $1156.80 from the case. Jon Unger seconded. Motion carried. The lawsuit states that AT&T installed more

    than 8 miles of fiber optic or other telecommunication cable in North Dakota in land that is or once was subject

    to a right-of-way for railroad purposes. The lawsuit states that AT&T negotiated and entered into contracts with

    the railroads for the right to install its fiber optic cable in the railroad corridors and generally did not negotiate

    with owners of adjoining property.

    Empty council position: Jon Unger made the motion to appoint John Blaskowski for the remainder of Scott

    Salberg’s council term. The term will end in June 2010. Theresa Tallackson seconded. Motion carried. Auditor will contact North Dakota League of Cities regarding any potential conflicts of interest with John

    currently being the city water meter reader.

    Frost plates: Council agreed to purchase six frost plates for the water meters.

    County Commission appointment: None of the council members expressed interest in the extraterritorial position on the Cass County Planning & Zoning Board.

    Recycling: Theresa will write a letter to the Cass County Commission expressing her interest in seeing a

    county wide recycling facility.

    Open Studio: Theresa Tallackson made a motion to establish an Open Studio on Sunday’s beginning in

    January 2009 from 1:00-3:00 PM for individuals interested in pursuing art related projects. If any

    individuals/groups are interested in using the hall on Sunday’s during this time they will have precedence

    over the Open Studio time. Jon Unger seconded. Motion carried.

    Adjourn: Theresa Tallackson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 PM. Jon Unger seconded.

    Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Jenni Richman Scott Salberg

    City Auditor Mayor


    The minutes from the Park Board meeting held on Monday,

    December 2008 December 8th, 2008 at 7:00 PM at the Community Hall. Present:

    Scott Tichy, Kathy Walburn, Dawn Schnase, Travis Besette and Park Board Minutes Beth Wobbema.

This meeting is the initial meeting of the Park Board elected during the November General Election.

Dawn Schnase made a motion to nominate Scott Tichy President of the Park Board. Travis Besette seconded.

    Motion carried.

Scott Tichy made a motion to nominate Dawn Schnase Vice President of the Park Board. Kathy Walburn

    seconded. Motion carried.

Scott Tichy made a motion to nominate Jenni Richman, City Auditor, acting Secretary/Treasurer of the Park

    Board. Travis Besette seconded. Motion carried.

At a later date the board will decide which members will hold the 3 two year terms and which members will

    hold the 2 four year terms.

The board agreed that it would be beneficial for them to purchase a book for beginning Park Boards from the

    North Dakota Parks & Recreation Association as well as becoming a yearly member. The board members will

    discuss with the Community Club about donating the funds to purchase the book.

Monthly minutes will be printed in the monthly "Tower City Topics".

Monthly meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of each month.

This being the first meeting of the board, many questions were asked and many ideas were suggested.

Ideas suggested:

    Skating rink. The northeast corner of the park has potential to become a skating rink in the winter and a soccer

    field in the summer.

    Snow hill. A hill could be made at the park for children to play on in the summer and in the winter children

    can sled down the hill.

    Skateboard Park.

    •Community Garden. The board felt that this could be accomplished next spring if enough people express interest and approval is granted from the city council.

    Movies in the park.

    Tennis court/basketball court. Pour another slab so there could be two separate courts for each activity.

    Playground equipment updates: The tire swing and baby rope swing are the only items not in compliance with

    playground equipment safety codes. Several older pieces of equipment need to be removed and replaced with

    new steel structures (ex: slide). Wood needs restaining.

    Winter swimming lessons.

    Roller skating. Contact Buffalo to see if they would be interested in working together to host roller skating in their facility or allowing us to use their facilities.

    Establishing a Tae Kwon Do scholarship.

    Winter Ski trip.

    Walking path/bike path with fitness stops in the park.

    Gazebo. Potential use could be weddings, concerts or a general meeting area.

    Gaming Tournament. PlayStation 2, Wii or Xbox360 tournaments for children and adults.


One idea that will be actively pursued will be a Winter Day in February to raise funds for the Park Board. The

    board will contact the school to see if they have a winter dance scheduled that could coincide with the Winter

    Day. Other fun activities such as sleigh ride, dog sled ride, snowball fight, snowshoe race, fort building, snow

    sculpture contest or a community winter Olympics were suggested. The board will discuss further at the

    January meeting.

Questions Raised:

    Who will maintain park restrooms and flower beds? Currently there are several residents who generously volunteer their time to keep the park and flower beds maintained. This will most likely not change, unless the

    individuals would like to give the responsibilities to the Park Board.

    Is the Park Board separate from the Summer Rec? At this time it will remain a separate entity. What is the Park Board's liability for activities such as ice skating? Jenni will research. Are there any local businesses interested in donating funds towards park improvements? The board felt that

    there could possibly be several local businesses that will help fund park improvements.

    What are other local Park Boards doing to raise funds? Someone will contact a Buffalo Park Board member to discuss their fundraising ideas.

Next meeting: Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 at 7:00 PM. Agenda: Set and prioritize future goals.

Beth Wobbema made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 PM. Travis Besette seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Jenni Richman Scott Tichy

    City Auditor President, Park Board

    Secretary/Treasurer, Park Board


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