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Application Package


ASIAN Cross-Cultural Exploration Programme


    Application Package




    Background and Program Information:

    Asian Cross-Cultural Exploration (ACCE) Programme is a project between the ASEAN University Network and Multicultural Education and Research Institute (MERI), Yeungnam University. The programme intends to promote the exchanges and mutual understanding of ASEAN-Korean youths, and establish an on-line cultural community. This programme is composed of 3 sub-programmes. The first sub-programme is what can be called the ASEAN-Korean youths’ Asian

    Cross-Cultural Exploration (ACCE) Programme. This programme invites youths of ASEAN countries to the Republic of Korea (ROK), giving them an opportunity to exchange and reciprocate with youths of Korea. They will have the opportunity to explore the culture of Asia (music and food culture), to experience cultural diversity in this region, and to search for the possibility of creative harmony of Asian culture.

    The second sub-programme intends to manufacture a documentary film out of these exchange activities of ASEAN-Korean youths and distribute the digitized cultural contents for the cultural education of young people and general citizens of both ASEAN member countries and the ROK.


    Thirdly, the programme also includes a sub-programme which attempts to establish an on-line ASEAN-Korean cultural community by making the best use of youths who participate in the ACCE Programme.

    Thus, it is expected that this programme will contribute in its own way to the creation of East Asian community, particularly the socio-cultural pillar of the community, by enhancing the mutual understanding and awareness among the young peoples of ASEAN countries and Korea of each other’s culture.

    Asian Cross-Cultural Exploration (ACCE) programme

    ; Overall theme: “The Sound and Taste of Asia”

    ; Programme type: A youth camp to promote the communication and cooperation among

    the participating youths of ASEAN and Korea and to encourage mutual understanding

    among them of their music and food cultures

    ; Date: 20 February 1 March 2011

    ; Venue: City of Daegu and its vicinity in Korea

    ; Participants: 60 persons (50 from ASEAN and 10 from Korea)

    - 50 persons from 10 ASEAN countries (5 youths from each country): The

    recruitment will be conducted by the AUN.

    - 10 persons from Korea (8 youths and 2 guidance teachers): The recruitment

    will be conducted by the MERI.

    - The participating students are expected to specialize in music or food/cooking

    majors. Or they should have a talent for or a special interest in either music or


    - They are also expected to have a certain level of fluency in English.

; Programme components:

    - Special lectures of invited professional experts (in the areas of music and food)

    or visits to local professional institutions specialized in music and food

    - Team activities and team workshops

    - Joint teamwork projects: The results will be presented in the form of a joint

    concert or instrumental performance and a food exhibition

    Category The Sound of Asia The Taste of Asia

    1. Beat of Asia 1. Noodle of Asia

    ; To design & manufacture ; Noodle is the type of food

    original percussion that is spread most widely

    instruments across East Asia.

    Cross-Cultural ; To participate in a musical ; We will have a chance to

    Communication communication by compare and experience

    learning traditional beats the similarities and

    and rhythms of each differences between

    country diverse types of food with

     noodles in East Asia.


2. Harmony of Asia 2. Colourful Food and Cocktail

    ; To perform an ensemble of ; The participants are

    drums, traditional divided into several

    instruments and invented different groupings and

    instruments with a group each team is asked to

    of local professional choose its own team

    musicians colour.

    ; To experience a harmony ; Each team will prepare a

    and unity across different thematic food using

    cultures through music ingredients that are in

    harmony with its team


    1. Team Creative Workshop

    ; Each team of participants are required to develop and produce a

    cooperative and collaborative as well as creative team project

    with music and food as the theme.

    ; To prepare team presentations to be held on the final day of the

    Cross-Cultural programme

    Creation 2. Recreational Activities

    ; To participate in several recreational activities to enhance the

    intimacy and communications among team members

    ; Eg., Kite-making (with the national symbols, traditional colours

    and patterns, and personal messages drawn/written on the

    kites) and a kite-flying contest

    1. Thematic Tour

    ; Touring the city of Daegu and its vicinity to experience local

    music and foodold and new

    ; Touring either Gyeongju city or Andong city, both of which

    provide bountiful resources for Korea’s traditional music and

    food Cross-Cultural 2.