Astragalus root rock days of the Determination of Trace Elements in_468

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Astragalus root rock days of the Determination of Trace Elements in_468

    Astragalus root rock days of the Determination of Trace Elements in

     Author: Han Jia Haili Qian Ma Mahmut Wang Feng

     Abstract Objective To rational development and

    utilization of plant resources Hedysarum provide a reference.

    Methods inductively coupled plasma - atomic emission

    spectrometry rock days Astragalus root trace elements were determined. Astragalus root contains the results of days of Rock barium, copper, manganese, strontium, iron, titanium and other 18 kinds of trace elements, which, iron, strontium and manganese content in the highest. Conclusion days Astragalus rock rich in essential trace elements in the human body has a high medicinal value.

     Key Words days rock Astragalus; trace elements;

    Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo provide reference for rational exploiting and utilizing the plant of Hedysarum Linn. MethodsThe contents of trace elements of Hedysarum semenovii

    Regelet Herd root were determined by ICP-AES. ResultsThe

    results showed that Hedysarum semenovii Regelet Herd contained 18 necessary trace elements, and was rich in Ba, Mn, Sr, Fe and Ti. ConclusionThe contents of trace elements of Hedysarum

    semenovii Regelet Herd abundant. Hedysarum Semenovii Regelet Herd has high medical value.

     Key words: Hedysarum semenovii Regelet Herd; Trace element; Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission


     Chinese Herbal Medicine and its clinical efficacy is not only with organic ingredients, but also to trace elements they contain the type and the amount of content is closely related to [1]. The physiological activity of traditional Chinese medicine is one of some trace elements and a variety of

    organic acids, glycosides, steroids, sugars, alkaloids, amino acids, protein, vitamins and other ingredients of mutual synergy results.

     Days rock Astragalus Leguminosae Hedysarum semenovii Regelet Herd of (Leguminosea) Hedysarum (Hedysarum Linn)

    plant, located in Urumqi, Xinjiang, Ili, Altay, Tacheng and other regions [2]. Astragalus is commonly used in tonics. Days may be qi Astragalus rock-solid table, diuretic care drugs,

    removing the abscess, gather sore myogenic; for Qi weakness,

    in the air subsidence, Jiuxie prolapse, uterine bleeding blood in the stool, table virtual spontaneous perspiration, Qi edema, blood deficiency chlorosis, Heat and Diabetes, and diabetes. In order to understand the root of Astragalus days

    rock trace elements, so as to further study of efficacy and provide a scientific basis, the author using inductively coupled plasma - atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) on the

    days of trace elements in rock Astragalus root content of determined.

     1 Materials and methods

     1.1 days rock Astragalus medicines purchased from

Dongshan District, Urumqi, Xinjiang, medicinal herbs through

    the net after the election, grinding to 100 mesh, at 80 ? for

    drying 2 h, standby.

     1.2 Reagent and instrument nitric acid, sulfuric acid and perchloric acid were analytically pure, deionized water, hydrochloric acid solution (1:1 dissolved).

     U.S. Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer (ICP Jarrell-Ash-96-965 type), with PDP8A computer.

     ICP operating conditions: incident power of 1 kW, argon gas mass flow rate 16 L / min, oxygen plasma gas, carrier gas

    flow rate 0.4 L / min, atomizing air pressure 213.59 × 103

    Pa, increase the amount of 3 ml / min, integration time 11 s .

     1.3 days rock astragalus root, said precision determination of trace elements in samples obtained dry powder

    0.200 0 g in 50 ml crucible, using a small amount of deionized water infiltration, followed by adding nitric acid 2 ml, sulfuric acid 2 ml, perchlorate 2 drops, at EAF slowly charring to full black. Moved into muffle furnace heated 6 h to 540 ? no black carbon residue, remove the cooling. Residue with 2 ml hydrochloric acid solution (1:1) dissolved, transferred to a 5 ml flask in constant volume deionized water obtained solution measured directly on the machine.

     2 Results

     In accordance with experimental conditions and methods of determination of the days of trace elements in rock astragalus root. The results shown in Table 1.

     Table 1 days rock Astragalus root of the trace element contents (abbreviated)

     3 Discussion

     With modern medicine and the development of analytical techniques, as well as the active ingredient of herbal knowledge and comprehensive in-depth study, trace elements of

    the clinical effect of Chinese herbal medicine has drawn increasing attention.

     TCM theory holds that the clinical types of "card" and the lack or excess of certain elements, such as that of Qi serum Cu, Zn at a low level, Yin, Yang and permits the patient Zn, Mn lower than normal [3 ]; some of the antipyretic effect

    of Chinese medicine is not only the organic ingredients contained therein by promoting sweating, anti-bacterial anti-

    inflammatory, anti-virus role in promoting the temperature drops, but also through its participation in the metabolism of trace elements contained in the completion of the [4]. Trace elements with ionic bond, with bond and other forms and organic ingredients to form a variety of salts, complexes, complex, embedded objects, etc., and thus many biological molecules (such as proteins, enzymes, hormones, etc.) activity

    plays a key role in regulating [5]. Can be seen, trace elements, is owned by traditional Chinese medicine and herbs are an important part of the material basis, appropriate clothing is rich in trace elements in traditional Chinese

    medicine into the benefits "certificate" recovery, while the determination of trace elements in Chinese herbal medicine has

    an important significance, may reveal the pathogenesis of complex diseases. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Astragalus is a legume Hedysarum species, species more, the world there are about 150 species, distributed in the northern temperate zone, China has more than 40 species, mainly distributed in the southwest to the northeast. So far,

    at home and abroad Hedysarum plants chemical constituents and pharmacological aspects of the role of a great deal of research, such as astragalus has been a major component isolated a number of carbohydrates, saponins, proteins, flavonoids, coumarin , organic acids and other organic

    compounds, inorganic ingredients are K, Ca, Na, Mg, Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Se and several 10 kinds of elements [6], with the protection of myocardial function, enhance immunity, anti-

    inflammatory, anti - aging and other pharmacological effects

    [7]. Astragalus have been carried out on the days rock pharmacological activity and chemical composition of the study [2], but have not yet seen on the days rock trace element contents of Astragalus research reports.

     Astragalus plant trace elements due to many kinds of content is low, therefore, the determination of their trace elements, we must consider the sensitivity and selectivity. Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry

    (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry),

    referred to as ICP-AES as a metallic element, one of the main analytical tools with a low detection limit, high precision, matrix effect is small, the linear range wide and multi-

    element simultaneous determination of the advantages of the

    analysis has been widely used in Chinese herbal medicine.

     The determination of the results of this experiment can be seen days rock Astragalus root is rich in trace elements, including Mn, Ti, Ba, Fe, Sr, Zn, Cu content of the higher its

    content in decreasing order of Fe> Sr> Mn> Ti, Ba> Zn> Cu. Compared with other varieties of Astragalus, Astragalus days rock Fe, Mn, Sr, Ba were higher than that of Mongolia Astragalus [8], Fe, Mn content is higher than shuttle fruit Astragalus, gold wing Astragalus, Astragalus cultivation in Yunnan Province [9].

     Trace elements have important physiological functions, such as the Fe is not only involved in the delivery and organization of the human body of oxygen breathing, as well as the maintenance of normal hematopoietic function and the maintenance of normal immune function, anti-lipid

    peroxidation, promote liver detoxification, etc.; Sr distributed in the bones, teeth, bones can promote normal growth and development, to maintain normal physiological

    function, prevention of age-related osteoporosis, but also to

    prevent high blood pressure, heart disease is conducive to longevity. Mn is a component of a variety of enzymes or activator of carbohydrate, lipid metabolism and protein synthesis plays an important role, we can maintain the normal development of bones. The lack of reproductive function disorders can sperm decreased libido; Zn is more than 100 kinds of enzymes in the human body composition, and many enzymes as a catalyst, for nucleic acid and protein synthesis, cell division and proliferation, as well as have a direct role in metabolism, is also involved in the immune processes, can enhance the defense capabilities to accelerate the growth and development, to enhance wound tissue regeneration capacity,

    lack of time can affect the taste and appetite, or even pica; Cu is a special kind of catalyst for the human body to participate in the kinds of physiological and metabolic processes, can promote bone, blood vessels and skin health and

    safeguard the integrity of the central nervous system, the

    lack of will affect hair color, deep and shallow, and the distribution of dense and sparse hair, Quetong is the leading cause of anemia one, affecting iron absorption and utilization; Cr is the in vivo glucose tolerance factor

    (glucose tolerance factor, GTF) an important component, can enhance the role of insulin to promote glucose utilization and to make glucose into fat. Can be seen that astragalus root days rock rich in trace elements contained in solid form with

    Qi to shore up toxic granulation, Lee water swelling, the effect of qi Sun might have some relevance.

     In this study, inductively coupled plasma - atomic

    emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) on the days Astragalus roots

    rock made a quantitative analysis of trace elements in the results show that rock days Astragalus root is rich in essential trace elements in the human body, with a high medicinal value.


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