Cars Television Commercial

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Cars Television Commercial


     Television Commercial

    About Cars


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    Television Commercial About Cars

    Abstract: Sometimes advertising is a force for good, not evil. there are so many cars television commercial in our daily life. But there are still many different aspects in the cars television commercial. We can choose our cars depending on different cars television commercial.

     Television commercial is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization that conveys a message, typically one intended to market a product. And I would like to focus on cars television commercial.

     Creatives are finding ever more novel ways to burrow into the parts of our minds that love cars, and ever more expensive ways of spending manufacturer?s advertising budgets.

     Motor advertising, perhaps more than any other product youre being

    flogged, is often the most nebulous, baffling, witty and simply jaw-dropping commercial form out there today.

    1.Merceds-Benz vs Volvo

     For example, the advertisement of Merceds-Benz. In the latest advertisement of Merceds-Benz, a famous Hollywood actor George Clooney acted in the advertisement. He acted a man who was very successful and rich. He drove the car with a beautiful lady and got into a very luxurious restaurant. In addition, in the advertisement of Volvo, there were some dummies in the car. Then those dummies got a badly car crash. But because the car had very good

    quality of air bag. They didn't get hurt at all. They used different ways in their television commercial. Merceds-Benz use the famous people to get more attention. Contrast with the Volvo, in order to show the high safety of the car, the carmakers use specific example to tell the user how safety the cars have. It can tell us the cars have high quality in cars safety directly and vivid.

    After watching the TV commercial of Mercedes-Benz, people may think that own a Mercedes-Benz can show the personal social status. As we all know, Mercedes-Benz had maintained a reputation for its luxurious and durability. The Mercedes-Benz regards to those users who want to the higher quality and durability.

    Moreover, the manufacturers of Volvo, they focus on the safety more than any other tings. Through the TV commercial customers can know that the Volvo has a very good quality of air bag. In this way, those customers who want to drive in a safety way would like to buy those cars.

    2.Ford vs Golf

    What an astonishing piece of film. In the advertisement of Golf, Everyone?

    s favourite sodden dancer, Gene Kelly, bodypops his way through a scene we all remember, to a track that takes your head off. As if the plot in the 60s' film. Contrast with the advertisement of Golf, the carmakers of Ford directly put their commercial into the movie Transformer. In the movie all the cars are

    made in Ford. The movie gets a lot of fans from all over the world. They all use

    the film in their television commercial so that they can get more attention and be known all over the world.

     But there are still difference between the two kinds of cars. In the advertisement of Golf, the streamlined shape of a car is one of its talking points. In this way they want to attract the customers who want to buy car with a streamlined external. On the contrary, the Ford company want to get more attention from the young people through the movie.

    3.Mini Cooper vs Smart

     The famous NBA player Kobe Bryant acted in the advertisement of Mini Cooper. Kobe Bryant, a two meters high basketball player, could drive the car easily. It show that the car has enough space and not mini at all. In addition, Smart is also a small car. But in the TV commercial of Smart, it show that the car can get parking place easily where parking spaces was particularly tense.

    Through the two cars television commercial customers may not think the car is too small to drive. They will believe that the car has not only beautiful bodyshell but also enough spaces. Both of the carmakers of Mini Cooper and Smart believe that its space-saving front-wheel-drive layout influenced customers. The automotive industry had ignored a sector of potential customers who wanted a small and stylish city car. However they use different style in their commercial to attract the same group of customers. 4.Audi RS4 Spider vs Land Rover

    It?s an Audi advertisement. It?s a beautifully shot. The car looks stunning.

    Audi drivers will love it, partly because the car looks stunning. But mostly because it will make them feel slightly superior. They make the car like a spider to attract drivers attention. Moreover, the manufacturers of Land Rover make the car run with a large number of tigers to show the strong power of the car. They all use the animal to get drivers attention.

     The Audi RS4 Spider use the spider to tell us they have the most beautiful bodyshell, the best drive layout, and the highest technology of the cars. Furthermore, they want to draw those drivers who want to get the best performance of vehicle attention. Using this way, the moment they see the spider, they will think of the Audi. The Land Rover has the strongest engine performance. Use the image of tigers can make people indelible impression. They will think that the Land Rover has the same power as the tiger. Can be drove on the jungle or plain safety and easily. Those drivers who like the strong engine will buy the car through this television commercial.

     All in all, Sometimes advertising is a force for good, not evil. We wait to see which carmaker will come out with a new model, and look forward to getting a glimpse of it on the television. For years television commercials have fueled our desires and kept us looking forward to seeing the latest model on the street. Carmakers pay millions of dollars to produce the commercials that will help shape the way we think about new cars as they come out. Often the TV commercial that come out become news items

    themselves, and in certain cases make more of an impression on us than the cars themselves.

    We can get a lot of information from the television commercial. Even though they use different kinds of styles. Even though they get different kinds of effect. Even though they attract different kinds of customers.

    We hope that the carmaker can make more and more interesting and attractive cars television commercial. Only in this way can we buy cars easily and suitable.

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