Penny Blue Function Booking Sheet

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Penny Blue Function Booking Sheet

    Exclusive Venue

    Function Booking Sheet

    Penny Blue

    2 Driver Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

    03 9639 3020

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    Penny Blue Function Booking Sheet Exclusive Venue

    Function Date _____/_____/_____ Day of week ___________________

    Time of function _______Estimated Finish ________ Number of Guests _______________

    Contact Name_________________________ Contact Number _________________

    Contact Email_________________________ Occasion ______________________

Penny Blue contact: Dave Zebbie Rob _________________

     Exclusive Venue (licensed to 1am inside, 11pm outside)

     1 Sunday Thursday: $500 Venue Hire Fee & $2500 minimum spend 1 Friday: $1000 Venue Hire Fee & $8000 minimum spend 1 Saturday: $500 Venue Hire Fee & $3500 minimum spend

     Additional Options: 2 D.J. Supplied $50 Per Hour 12 BYO D.J. $50 Equipment Hire Set Fee

    D.J. playing hours: ________til ________

     BYO IPod/Mp3 Player No Charge

     Use Penny Blue’s Music No Charge

     3 Projector screen usage (outside) $100 Fee 3 $345 Fee

     4 Door Host $25 Per Hour 4 Security Guard $40 Per Hour

     Door host hours: ________ till ___________

     Additional Details:

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Drinks Packages:

Type 1: Price Per Hour Package (Minimum 3hrs)

     Option A: Bar Service. $16 Per Guest Per Hour

     Bottled beers included (example): Cascade Green, Mildura Brewery Light Beer, 3 Ravens

     Blond, Beez Neez Honey Wheat Beer, Coldstream Pilsner, Leather Jacket Lager, 5 Otway Estate Ale, Mountain Goat Hightail Ale, Red Angus Pilsner.

    Wines Included: White: Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Leo Buring Riesling, St Huberts


     Red: Riscal 1860 Tempranillo, Maglieri Cabernet Sauvignon, T’Gallant 5 Pinot Noir

     Sparkling: Valformossa Cava

    Spirits Included: Wild Turkey Bourbon, Wyborowa Single Estate Vodka, Chivas Regal

    Scotch, Tanqueray Gin, Havana Club Reserva Dark Rum, Havana Club 5Anejo Blanco Rum.

     Also Included: Juice, Soft drink, Still Water, Sparkling Mineral Water.

     Option B: Waiter Service: $17 Per Guest Per Hour

    Drinks will be carried around on trays by waiters/waitresses

    Includes two beers and three wines of your selection from the list in option A above.

    Chosen Beers: ______________________ and _________________________

    Chosen Wines: __________________and _________________ and _________________

Type 2: Bar Tab on Consumption

     Allowed on Tab:

      $8 Bottled Beer $8.5 Bottled Beer All Bottled Beer

      $9 Wines by the glass All wines by the glass

     Wine by the bottle. (Please indicate your selection from

      $8 Spirits All spirits and liqueurs

      $16 Cocktails All Cocktails

      Open Bar Tab Other (please specify in Additional Details)

     Option A: Set Time.

    Drinks ordered by guests during an allocated time will be charged to the function tab. After the

    selected time has finished guests can pay as they go or the time can be extended.

    Time of Bar Tab ___________ till ______________

     Option B: Set Amount.

    Drinks ordered by guests will be charged to the function tab until the tab reaches a determined

    dollar value. After the Tab amount has been reached, guests can pay as they go or the tab amount

    can be increased.

    Drinks Tab Limit $______________

     Type 3: Guests pay as they go. No drinks are charged to function tab, however the function organizer is

    responsible for paying the difference if the minimum spend is not reached.

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$35.00 pp

    Select 7 items

$45.00 pp

    Select 10 items

$55.00 pp

    Select 14 items


    Bloody Mary oyster shots

    Cucumber cups with Thai beef salad

    Seared tuna w wasabi mayonnaise

    Prawn wrapped in Kafaifi

    Sesame crumbed chicken fillet w/ lemon aioli Roast tomato, basil and goats cheese bruschetta Grilled polenta, lamb fillet and roast capsicum and olive tapenade

    Arancini with harissa mayonnaise

    Herbed artichoke and parmesan filo rolls w/ lemon aioli Soy marinated chicken drumettes

    Spiced Lamb Cutlets

    Smoked salmon blini

    Peking duck roll

    Zucchini flowers w goats cheese & honey (seasonal)

More Substantial

    Add extra $5.00 per item

    Fish and chips

    Harrisa marinated chicken and roast zucchini risotto Traditional Italian meatballs with Napoli sauce Cumin dusted calamari, rocket and sun dried tomato salad

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Potato gnocchi with gorgonzola, walnuts and spinach


    Add Extra $5.00 per item

    Individual lemon curd tarts

    Mini canolli w/ lemon crème patisserie

    Valhrona Chocolate brownie

    * (Subject to seasonal changes)


    A $50 platter consists of our chefs selection of approx 4 items from our Bar Grazing Menu (see below). Enough grazing for approx. 4people.

    ; Marinated Sant’ Agostino olives

    ; Live Tasmanian Oysters served natural

    ; House spiced nuts

    ; Dutch cream potatoes with oregano and parmesan

    ; Swiss Brown mushroom and herb risotto balls with garlic aioli

    ; Grilled Goats cheese with pickled green pepper salsa and crusty bread

    ; Cumin dusted Whitebait w/ taramasalata

    ; Coriander cured Salmon with buttered new potatoes and coriander dressing

    ; Marinated Lamb cutlets, spinach, radicchio, chat potatoes and Tzatziki

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    ; Salt and pepper dusted Calamari with lemon mayonnaise

    Please indicate the time you would like the Canapés to be presented: __________ till _________

    If you would not like food to come out during speeches please indicate time of speeches.__________till_________

     7 Number of guests to be catered for: _________________

Terms and Conditions:

     1 Minimum spend includes any drinks or food purchased through packages or by guests paying as they go. If the

    minimum spend is not reached, the function organizer is responsible to pay the remaining difference. Hire fee, wines or spirits purchased from our reserve list and any additions options are not included in the minimum spend.

    2 DJ Supplied option has a minimum charge of 2.5 hours. DJ’s will be one of our resident DJ’s who play at Penny Blue

    on Friday nights ($50p/hr)

     3 A DVD, or CD with JPEG files, should be provided by the function organizer, preferably prior to the event to ensure

    the media is compatible. Interior projectors are hired by Penny Blue upon request, and are charged at a non profit rate.

     4 Door host option has a minimum charge of 2.5 hours. Door host can greet guests, advice regular customers of private

    function, present arrival drinks (charged to function tab) etc. Security Guard has a minimum charge of 4 hours.

     5 Drinks list is a guide, and subject to change. If a certain product listed is unavailable. A beverage of equal quality shall

    be substituted. For a customized list at a different price per hour, please contact Penny Blue 10 days prior to function.

     6 Dietary requirements must be specified at time of booking.

     7 Numbers to be confirmed 7 days prior to function. The food component will be charged according to these confirmed


     8 Payment by Diners will incur a 3% surcharge, Payments by American Express will incur a 2% surcharge

     9 No BYO is permitted

     10 Cakeage is charged at $3.50 per person

     11 Menu subject to change due to produce availability

     12 DJ Equipment provided by Penny Blue is as follows: 4 channel mixer with no audio manipulation (high/low only)

     Technics turntables

     Vinyl only- CDJ’s have to be supplied by DJ.

     13 Clients are financially responsible for any damage sustained to the venue and its contents and property prior to, during

    or after the function by the client, guest or contractors engaged by the client.

     14 The venue management will take all necessary care but does not accept responsibility for the damage or loss of goods,

    property or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during or after an event.

     15 The client shall at all times indemnify Penny Blue. It’s directors and employees in respect of any liability, claim or

    proceeding arising in respect of personal injury to or the death of any person, or arising in respect of any loss of use of

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    property in any way relating to the function or relating to the persons attending the function except to the contribution

    of any negligence act or omission of Penny Blue.

    As the function organizer I agree to all of the above, and understand the function date is not confirmed exclusive until

    a non-refundable deposit of $500 is paid.

    The remaining total is due on the night of the function, payable by credit card or cash. Cheque and direct debit

    payments must be paid prior to the function.





Penny Blue

    2 Driver Lane

    Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9639 3020

    Function Quote

Function Date: Recipient:

     Penny Blue Lounge Bar

    Customer: 2 Driver Lane

     Melbourne VIC 3000

    Phone: (03) 9639 3020

    Liquor Licence # 32275677

    ABN # 32 106 546 936


    Item Details Price $

    Venue Hire

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    Beverage Package

Canape / Platters Package


    Total Amount Due

    GST included in total

    Due by:

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