Affirmative Action is Unnecessary in China

By Jamie Carter,2014-06-26 14:49
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Affirmative Action is Unnecessary in China

Affirmative Action is Unnecessary in China

    Affirmative Action is a term which refers to measures intended to prevent discrimination against employees or applicants for employment on the basis of race, region, gender and so forth. Recently, there is a heat discussion about whether Chinese need Affirmative Action. Some people think Affirmative Action is necessary since it can contribute to social equality, the other hold the opinion that Chinese dont need Affirmative Action as it doesnt fit in Chinese basical situation

    and will bring negative effects. As far as I am concerned, I support the latter.

    According to our basical country situation, Affirmative Action is unnecessary since race, region and gender discrimination in China are not as much intense as those in some other regions. In China, white and black people hardly suffer racial prejudice . Racial discrimination scarcely exists as Chinese are friendly towards other races who absolutely have equal opportunities for employment as us Chinese. Some people argue that Affirmative Action is necessary since there are some problems such as discrimination against women in the recruitment of civil servants and unfair employment opportunities of the disabled. I just think that those people are not clear about our governments policies. The recruitment of servants is divided into two parts: written examination and interview. Anyone who successfully pass the two parts can become civil servants. Gender discrimination can hardy happen under the situation that examinees genders wont be

    shown on exam papers and more than one interviewer keeps the fairness. Besides ,the disabled are given preference in job hunting as the government will distribute suitable jobs to them.

    Furthermore, in the long term Affirmative Action will bring negative effects. If we adopt Affirmative Action in our constitution, then we do make discrimination since people will be actually judged by their skin color, region, gender or social background from which we can decide whether they can have preference. Whats more, some positions do not fit for the disabled or

    women. If Affirmative Action carries out, a more qualified applicant may be neglect for a position and the position may be taken by someone who may not be qualified which is definitely unbeneficial to sociey. In fact, Affirmative Action encourages individuals to identify themselves as disadvantaged, even if they are not. Some people will utilize Affirmative Action to get some benefit by pretending that they are disabled or fake their religion.

    To sum up, we dont need Affirmative Action in China due to its potential negative effects and its unnecessity according to our basical country situation. What we need to do now is to perfect our constitution instead of blindly adopting other bills which are dispensable and imperfect.

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