Music Is Power

By Sheila Johnson,2014-07-12 21:23
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Music Is Power

    Music Is Power

    ?. Background Information

    Students: 50 senior high school students, class 2, grade 1 Material: textbook of senior high school

    Type of class: reading class

    Lesson duration: 40 minutes

?. Contents:

    1. Vocabulary: hatred, excellent, wonder, strike, vivid, cabin, pause, tune, sweat

    2. Grammar: relative pronouns and relative clause

    3. Reading: A Violin and the Law

?. Objectives:

    1. Knowledge Objectives:

    To master some new words

    Grammar study: learn to use relative clauses with relative prnouns 2. Ability Objectives:

    To improve students reading skill---skimming, scanning, predicting and retelling To enable students to talk about different music 3. Emotional Objectives:

    To get the students to know the importance and function of music To make students to learn to cooperate with others

?. Focus Points:

    1. Vocabulary

    2. Grammar: relative pronouns and relative clause

?. Difficult Points:

    1. Grammar: relative pronouns and relative clause

    2. To understand the implied meaning of the story

?. Procedures and Allotment:

Stage1: Lead-in

    step1: greeting

    step2: ask students some questions: What kind of music do you like best? Why?

Stage2: While-reading

    step1: to listen to the tape

    step2: to scan the text and get the main idea

    step3: to find some new or difficult words and guess their meaning in groups step4: to explain the difficult words and sentences

    step5: to give some key words and let students to retell the story

Stage3: Post-reading

    step1: to predict what would happen next at the police station step2: to assign home work (Complete the table on page 35-36: exercise 2 and 3) 1.

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