Personnel and Finance Committee

By Alicia Griffin,2014-08-08 06:04
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Personnel and Finance Committee

    Personnel and Finance Committee

    April 13, 2010

    6:00 p.m.

    Present: Steve Engberg, Terry McWilliams, Stan Curtis, Mayor Steven K. Brimhall, Brent Schleisman, Florence Olomon, Terry Sammons, Bob Kephart,

Absent: None

    Bob reviewed quotes for a new packer truck. The committee recommended Bob take firm bids and if within the escrow amount purchase a new truck.

    The committee recommended renewing the city’s health care insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    The committee recommended applying for housing assistance grant for a duplex to be built on East Madison. Southeast Iowa Development Company will pay the administrative fee to Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission. There is no expense to the city.

    The committee recommended the council approve the TIF Assistance Grant for Biomedical Synergies for $36,000.

    The committee discussed the electrical inspector’s contract. The committee directed Barb to gather information on what other communities are doing.

Meeting adjourned.

    Personnel and Finance Committee

    February 1, 2010

    6:00 p.m.

    Present: Steve Engberg, Deb Savage, Terry McWilliams, Mike McKim, Mayor Steven K. Brimhall, Brent Schleisman, Florence Olomon, Terry Sammons, Erik Owomoyela, Gayle Trede, Ed Kropa

Absent: Stan Curtis

    Members of the Library Board were present to discuss their budget request with the committee.

    The committee recommended increasing solid waste base rate by $.25 and increasing the sticker fee by $.25.

    The committee recommended budgeting $1,000,000 for road construction projects and $10,000 towards the sidewalk program.

    The committee approved decreasing debt levy by $.80 and roll that $.80 into employee benefit levy in general fund.

    The committee recommended increasing the library contribution to $261,000.

    The committee approved the fire department purchase of air bottles for $2,700 in this year’s budget.

Meeting adjourned.

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