By Sam Hart,2014-06-26 14:49
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    I intensely disagree with Zhu Fan on his radical opinions about his university education. Although some matters he mentions indeed reflect the problems existing in our high education system. However, it is unreasonable and incorrect to fasten the responsibility on university entirely. Instead, Zhu Fan should seek problems from himself.

    I think the letter reflects Zhus many problems. Firstly, he is too critical of his teachers. Since no one is perfect, teachers also will make mistakes. I dont think this can be the

    excuse for his unsatisfactory English, on the contrary, he can try to improve his English through correcting teachers mistakes. Secondly, he excessively relies on his

    university and he cant realize the difference between his high school and university. Teachers guide students in high school while in university students should depend on themselves to a great extent. As university calls for students self-study competence so

    he shouldnt expect his teachers to teach him everything, instead, he should learn to master appropriate study method and be accustomed to practising English on his own. Last but not least, I think his major problem is the negative and immature mentality. Admittedly, due to the demerits of the university education system, some teachers are just like Zhus statements, however, he shouldnt be influenced by them since study is

    his own matter. As he keeps treating his university education negatively with complaints about everything around him, finally he absolutely will lose interest in his study. Moreover, his suggestion of stopping a university undergraduate English program just shows his immaturity. As a grown-up, he should think over things multifacetedly and be more optimistic. His thought of never learning anything in the four years university study proves that he really needs a self-examination.

    To sum up, although we can't deny that there are problems existing in our high education system, Zhu Fan’s opinions are too extreme and radical. I truly can't agree with him on any point.

     Yours sincerely,


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