Asarum and verapamil Experimental Study of Analgesic synergy_604

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Asarum and verapamil Experimental Study of Analgesic synergy_604

Asarum and verapamil Experimental Study of Analgesic synergy

     Abstract Objective To study the analgesic Asarum and verapamil synergies, in order to provide a theoretical basis for clinical combination therapy. Methods The mouse

    acetic acid writhing test and hot-plate-induced pain and

    analgesic effect of experimental observation of experimental drugs, and use neural boxes, multimedia, MS-302 system,

    observe the effect of toad sciatic nerve action potential impact. Results Asarum and AV compound on acetic acid induced abdominal pain, hot plate-induced pain in mice have shown

    adequate analgesic effect and can inhibit the conduction of action potentials of toad sciatic nerve. Verapamil a weak analgesic effect, no effect of sciatic nerve action potential

    block. AV compound preparation of the analgesic and inhibit nerve action potential conduction is greater than both component Asarum and verapamil. Conclusion Asarum and verapamil have analgesic synergy.

     Key words Asarum; verapamil; analgesic effect

     Research of Analgesia Synergism of Asarum and Verapami

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo research synergetic analgesic effect of Asarum and Verapamil, in order to apply theoretical evidence for clinical administration.MethodsAdopt acetic acid

    turning body experiment and hot board method inducing pain experiment to observe their synergetic effect, and the influence of action potential of toad sciatic nerve by nerve chamber, multi-media MS-302 system.ResultsAsarum and AV

    compound have remarkable analgesic effect of the pain of mice

induced by acetic acid turning body and the hot-plate test.

    Both can inhibit action potential transmission of toad sciatic nerve. Verpamil has faint analgesic effect but can not inhibit action potential transmission of toad sciatic nerve. AV

    compound has greater effect of analgesia and inhabiting nerve action potential transmission than its components Asarum and Verapamil.Conclusion Asarum and Verapamil have analgesia synergism.

     Key words: Asarum; Verapamil; Analgesia effect

     Asarum (Asarum), also known as Xiao Xin, Xi Cao, Liao Asarum, for Aristolochiaceae plants. Of Weixin, Wen. With expelling wind and cold-dispelling, Tongqiao pain, temperature and pulmonary effects of drink. The main component containing

    volatile oil, oil containing eugenol ether, possessing excellent fennel ketone Eucarvone, rhubarb camphor ether Safrole, β-pinene. Asarone Asaricin, Asarum one Asaryl-

    Ketone. The other containing N-iso-butyl-4-ene-amine, and

    carbon-12-DL Higenamine so. Modern TCM Pharmacology manual records [1], Asarum volatile oil by intraperitoneal injection significantly central inhibition and fine-octanol infusion of

    frog sciatic nerve plexus, nerve endings in guinea pig skin and human tongue mucosa have local anesthesia. Data reported in recent years, calcium antagonists have a synergistic effect on the analgesic [2]. Therefore, the author studied the Asarum and calcium channel blocker verapamil (verapamil) analgesic synergy, in order to provide a theoretical basis for clinical

    combination therapy.

     1 Materials

     1.1 Drugs and reagents Asarum (purchased at People's Hospital in Yichang, central pharmacies); Verapamil (Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, pharmaceutical production); sodium sulfide (chemical Chupin Xiantao first); acetic acid (Shenyang Reagent Factory Chupin).

     1.2 Animals Kunming mice; toad.

     1.3 Instrument Super thermostat, Chongqing factory test equipment manufacturers; YSD-4 pharmacological, physiological,

    experimental multi-purpose instrument, Bengbu Radio Factory manufacturing.

     2 Methods

     2.1 acetic acid-induced writhing reaction by writhing

    method [3,4]: Kunming mice 18 ~ 22 g, of either sex, first with 0.6% acetic acid in mice by intraperitoneal injection,

    and recorded 15 min within the writhing number, to the writhing number of times as the pain threshold, and thus the selection of qualified mice, where the writhing times within 15 min more than 60 times or 10 times less than those who abandoned. Mouse button on the standard body followed by the number of how many numbers, and then the pain threshold per six mice similar compatibility as a group, were randomly assigned to four different experimental groups: the control group, Asarum -- Verapamil (Asarum-Verapamil, AV) compound

    group, 4% Asarum group, Verapamil group, so that each experimental group were 10 mice, a total of 40. A week later, began to experiment, the day before the experiment, with 0.8% sodium sulfide for all mice of the abdominal hair removal,

    ranging from 2 cm × 2cm. This is a topical applicator

    position. Experiment will be a certain amount of liquid (about 0.1 ml) Apply to the abdominal wall in mice. 40 min respectively after the intraperitoneal injection of 0.6% acetic acid 0.2 ml / only, while recording there writhing in mice the incubation period and the writhing number of times within 15 min. Statistical processing, a comparison between the different experimental groups to first conduct a test of homogeneity of variance, homogeneity of variance were

    conducted analysis of variance F test, P = "0.05, further pairwise comparison. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Toad 2.2 toad sciatic nerve action potentials, were killed, the abdominal organs removed and exposed both sides of the sciatic nerve lumbar plexus nerves to the legs of blunt isolated and immediately placed in Ringer solution in the back. Record nerve action potentials: The case of nerves into nerve shielded box through the nervous system, MS-302 and

    multi-media connection, from the experimental module to enter and record nerve action potentials. Waves are set to 3. Measurement of action potential wave amplitude APA and the pulse width APD. Then the nerves (between the stimulation side

    and recording-side) plus the drug put cotton balls (cotton balls as far as possible the same size), the added liquid is about 0.05 ml. At 1,5,10 min after dosing to observe and record the waveform changes and action potential wave disappearance time. Statistical processing, in order to match test was administered in each group before and after the action potential amplitude changes; to single-factor analysis

    of variance between groups to determine the administration time of the disappearance of action potentials.

     2.3 hot-plate-induced pain and analgesic effect of hot-

    plate test [5]: Kunming female mice, 18 ~ 22 g. Super thermostat with the CS501, adjust the water temperature of water bath (55 ? 0.5) ?. The mice were placed in thermostat Tietong bath, records from the mice were placed in Tie Tong to lick hind time (s), as a pain threshold. Xian qualified pre-

    pain threshold in mice, that is, pain threshold of 10 ~ 30 s in mice, the failure of those who abandoned. The pain threshold according to the size of the order number, the pain threshold similar to 6 mice, as a compatibility group, were randomly assigned to four experimental groups (ie control group, 4% AV group, 4% Asarum Group, Victoria La Pami group). Each experimental group, 11 mice, a total of 44. 24 h after

    the experiment, each group before administration of test once again the pain threshold, this pain threshold with the mice selected when the pain threshold to take the average to average as the previous administration to normal mice pain threshold. Then each group by intraperitoneal injection of different drugs, administered volume of 0.1 ml/10 g. 15,30,60,90 min after administration, respectively, were

measured pain threshold.

     3 Results

     3.1 acetic acid-induced writhing of the results in Table 1.

     Table 1 acetic acid-induced writhing response effects (abbreviated)

     Compared with control group, * P

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